Saturday, February 26, 2011


you know what motivated me to blog?
some one texted me to let me know that some nigerian was asking him about my blog and how i post stuff about him here. pause.
i said:"i really dont care what the african community talks about".
so i was like...'mehn, i should blog!!'.lol
i think tumblr is the website taking me away from blogville, i even contemplated shutting down my blog.
anyway, school is awesome. made a ton of new friends and i actually have a life this year.
- i might be going to disney world this year for spring break!!! my friends invited me but i'm thinking about it because i really want to go visit my friend in south carolina. decisions, decisions.
meanwhile, i have tons of test this week and then it will be mardi gras week!!!

- my fiction class is so hard. its much harder to write fiction than i thought, poetry is much better cos you can be so flexible with punctuation and grammar. sigh. it's fun though, my teacher is really awesome.

- i'm currently looking for an apartment and i think i found one. i don't want to move out but i'm thinking of trying to live alone. my roommates are awesome and everything and they want me to renew with them but i really want to live alone. so i might or might not be moving next year. ahhh, decisions, decisions!!

- a guyfriend of mine took me to walmart and he was pushing the cart and i was putting things in it and people were giving us these little smiles like 'yeah, we've really come a long way, a white boy and a black girl couple'.lol. and we are just friends. and it reminded me of myself, everytime i see interracial couples i just stare at them! i've never ever paused to think: they could be just friends you know. all i see is hope for a no-color world in the future.

- i do not like my blackberry. *dodges bullet*.lol. i swear i would return it to the person who got it for me if my sister didnt just get a blackberry. i dont like the tiny keys, i guess i've really gotten used to typing on my iphone.

- life has been really good!! uhhhh, i started watching this korea drama called 'dream high' that is so freaking awesome, it's like glee but better!!
also, i discovered wong fu productions on youtube. you guys should check them out, they are pretty legit plus they are the cutest asian guys you'd ever see. i kid, i kid. but they will give you the yellow fever. definitely. they are so dorky and geeky and cute. i am so in love with them.

- i think that if i enter my room in some 'dirtiest room competition' it would win hands down. i had some one over recently and my roommates and i showed him around but skipped my room. he kept asking why they skipped my room and my roommates were cracking up!!

- i liked naeto C's album-'super C season' but i still do not think it was better than MI's album.

- some of my friends just got engaged, ofcourse they are not my age!! i was so excited when they told me!!they are graduating this may and are getting married right after that.

- my friend participated in a marathon and lost a ton of weight. pretty legit huh?

- i hate it when guys called girl virgins 'innocent'. just cos i haven't had sex doesn't make me innocent. i stole a candy stick from walmart last week. thats pretty criminal stuff don't you think?

- i love the webseries going on on i've been 'ahh-ing' all over the place.

- i cried recently during a movie and my friends started screaming--'oh my God, she has emotions!!! she has a heart!! breaking news: she has emotions'.lmao. i think people just have the wrong impressions about me. i just think that people who are too emotional are crazy.

- i'm starting to realise that being the only black person in my group of friends has a lot of perks!!!

i said on twitter that i am going to be buying an album a week from itunes and i need your input. what album should i buy this week? i want something really good, an album that i can actually play from beginning to end without skipping any songs.
try to be unique, less mainstream, think more mellow.
put your suggestions in the comment box,
been talking to a lot of bloggers on bb, pretty amazing people. send me your pins if you want to talk
i'm really typing this fast cos a friend got me a gift card to the nails salon shop next to my house that is expiring today so i need to go get a manicure and pedicure today, no time to proofread!! have an awesome weekend guys.i'm going to be here studying all weekend.


black panther said...

leggy, yes, you're back!!!!
missed u....

well, i suggest the new album from Cee Lo Green "Lady Killer". it's mellow, kinda upbeat....

anyhoo, nice weekend.

black panther said...

oh, have you heard about Asa? she's nigerian... just gave out a new album. it's nice too.

Just...Toluwa said...

i wish i cld go sumwhere for spring break! bleh!

lol@ am not innocent, i stole at!

welcome back!

kitkat said...

wow..u blog like once a month!,lol
u srole a candy from walmart? smh
i also stare at inter-racial couples, i never stop to thik they may jst be friends..its cute to see black n' white couples(even if they arent romantic partners) :p
send me ur blackberry if u dt like it, i'll 'preciate it :) lol
i luv naeto c and MI, i dnt think MI's new album is as good as his original one though.
PS: wat wld it take for u to blog more often?

Blessing said...

Yay! Welcome back...hmmm....some1 seems 2 be enjoying life! na wah ooo

Lara said...

Missed this spot.

I also do not like my blackberry, I think is over-rated jor, thinking of switching over to iPhone.

pearl said...

Bruno Mars - Doowops and Hooligans

kema said...

Adele's 21.
I have a feeling u'd love it.

and with the blackberry, it's a constant love-hate relationship but i hate to think about giving up my bbm so i shall be sticking with it :D

and i'd really love to live alone too but sometimes i think i might go mad when it's just my thoughts and i ... :s my housemates are most of the time a safe distraction.

and wow, your chemical engineering degree must be real flexible aey? They let you take poetry and fiction classes? niiiice!!
mine is soo rigid and there's barely time for additional courses :(

chinua said...

Yeeah! I was all ova ♏γ̲̣̣̥ bb, and was absolutely KRAIIIZY over d bbm ish
When I first got it! But after a week, d love turned sour! Its a total on and off love ish goin down wiv d bb tho'
Anyways, I really nid new peeps on ♏γ̲̣̣̥ bbm so add ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ up 24A5CC4D(but I must warn ‎​​ ‎​ ‎U̶̲̥̅̊ , I can crase oooh, buh dats sometyms sha)lol

Ms Roach said...

u r one crazy lady..add me on 2559829E..

Myne Whitman said...

Leggy, you can be so cute sometimes, lol...All the best with school and all...

Get Monae if you haven't or Kina

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

yay...welcome back
disney would definitely be fun for spring break matter of fact anyplace but away from book for a week :)
hehe i def. do the same with interacial couples without even considering if they are just friends too

Fragilelooks said...

what if u were caught, it'll be just cuz of candy. lolllllllllllll.

Iwalewa (Beauty is in the character) said...

I think that the whole idea that since I'm a virgin, I'm innocent is pretty stupid if you ask me...just gave my blackberry to my bestfriend and for some weird reason, I don't miss it yet....I think you should get ASA's album like blackpanther sound really cute btw :)

Tisha said...

"...and i was putting things in it and people were giving us these little smiles like 'yeah, we've really come a long way, a white boy and a black girl couple'..."

This is like totally cool!

Teboy said...

Woow, Leggy u are a cool person. Well about the Album, I think u should buy Chris Brown's new album, dont knw if u like him though. And bout the BB thing, its sure overrated and I dont have one, I have skebby, its a texting app which I enjoy alot. Have a nice day.

Mislyns said...

what's your tumblr url pls :)

Toinlicious said...
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