Wednesday, October 2, 2013

remembering to forget you

I gave myself 14 days to forget you.

on the first day, my pillow was soaked with tears.

on the second day, i allowed myself to start forgetting.

on the third day, you called to see how much of my heart you still had. i was a fool for picking up.

on the fourth day, i thought of you a million times.

on the fifth day, you called to extend the olive branch. i took it. i was a fool.

on the sixth day, i went partying. i was reminded of you at every turn. i let myself be romanced by a fast talking boy who wanted to love me in a language my grand mother would approve of.

on the seventh day, i drank till i fell asleep.

on the eight day, i deleted your number. and your messages. i deleted your messages without reading them.

on the ninth day, you called, i didn't pick up. my heart is not the wave to your sea, i refuse to let it be pulled back and forth.

on the tenth day, i let my fast talking boy cook for me.

on the eleventh day, i let myself smile.

on the twelfth day, i couldn't remember what it felt like to be loved by you. i don't think i ever really knew. i think i imagined all of it.

on the thirteenth day, i sat under the shower for 45 minutes. i still couldn't get you off my skin.

on the fourteenth day, i let my tongue wander into another.

i no longer remember what you sound like.

maybe it never really happened.

i may have imagined it all.

i hope i did.

you were a small fire i loved watching burn.


p.s: sometimes when i go on my blog, i can't see my comment box. if that's happening to you too, many use another browser other than google chrome?


Anonymous said...

I had to fgot to explorer cuz firefox dint show the comment box

how are you my darling, how is school and all????

what is this pot about

did you start dating *gasps

Doll (im not signed in with this browser)

Beautiful said...

Leggy is this about you? Give us details joh!

Eniola Prentice said...

i like the concept of the poem. good job.

Fragilelooks said...

nice.... very nice

Leona Heart said...

this is some erotic shit though! Leggy ke a dikwa so hot!
ive started blogging o! just some personal
pls visit my blog girl...