Monday, September 29, 2014


I turn 23 in approximately 6 hours.

when i turned 21, i literally thought time would freeze and i'd be 21 forever but apparently not.
time has flown by so quickly.
i hope this will be a good year for me.
my twenties have not at all turned out how i thought and hoped it would.
it's been a very shitty last few years for me.
like really shitty.
i've cried more in my twenties than in my entire life put together.
i've made shitty choices.
i've had really shitty people come into my life just to fuck me up over and over again.
i've never been farther away from God.

So, here's to 23.
please, please, be kind to me.



DiDi said...

Happy Birthday Dear. Keep Calm & Smile,Better Days Ahead. :*

TheRustGeek said...

Happy birthday 'kiddo'... Here's to wishing 23's a fab one!

Shanah Fication said...

I think the crying is a 20s things. I've cried more in my 20s as well than I can remember. At one point I thought, 'if I am crying endlessly in my twenties what will happen in my 30s?' I guess it all has to comeback to the emotional growth and awareness of who we really are and the people we surround ourselves with.
Regardless, Happy 23rd and may some of your dreams come true. x

Nkaytchee said...

happy birthday Leggy

Summer said...

I feel like i'm reading something written about my life.
I turned 22 in June and theolder i get i realise that life as an adult isn't all its hyped to be. it forever seems like the crap out weighs the good.
Be ok, you're not alone.
Happy Birthday. xxx

Fragilelooks said...

happy birthday Leggy. Everything gets better

Kehny said...

Happy Birthday Leggy!!! Own 23..Just own it and you'll be fine.

Ruqkayah said...

Happy belated birthday, I'm 20 and I can relate to the crying thing.

Duru Adolphus Jnr. said...

Hmmmnn! 20's oh 20's!! The years of discovery (both good and bad). **Deep Sigh.