Monday, April 5, 2010

finally!!!a boyfriend!!! - golddigger alert!!

did you actually rush to my blog thinking leggy finally got a boyfriend?
did you think..'wow, so she really isnt gay?'
wow, im so disappointed.
anyway, my friend and i have been talking about boyfriends a lot.
berry is my sweet, dearest friend and im chilling at her place in maryland for spring break.we are both single so we are determined to find each other a boyfriend.
i decided to show you guys the list i made her,i mean seriously, i said i wanted everything on here from a-z.
now before i actually write it down, no azazel, you are not allowed to tell me that ill never find such a man, leave your pessimism once you enter this
okay, here goes:
- i want some one who has a car.i mean seriously, i need a car in my life.i need someone who will be driving me from point A-Z.let the gold digger taunts come on. im just tired of getting into my leggedes benz every morning.

- if your surname is a street in some faraway country, the merrier.if you stand to inherit a lot of stuff, the better. if you are from a country, far, far, far away from nigeria. just keep getting better.if you've got your face on some currency...i have no words!!!

- if you like throwing away money and spending a lot to prove to me that your father is some rich baron where you are from, my guest.just make sure the money gets thrown my way. if you boasts a lot and talk a lot..not a problem, ill get a lot of ear plugs and just stare at the currencies while you talk your mind off. don't worry, it will be very much worth it.

- if your aunty or your mum works for a shoe place that comes with a label and if they get samples and free stuff which they have no space for in their closet and then proceeds to send you free stuffs for your girlfriend.uhm, yeah, i want those shoes too!!!

- if you somehow in all your awesomeness are impotent. wow, i love you already. impotent and rich?where do i find such a guy?

when my friend finished reading this, she hissed and asked me to be serious for once..seriously?be serious? why is it when i say this people think im kidding?what if im actually really, really serious?
i mean what if i want some rich old irish guy who is about to die and who will leave me all his wealth?why must i be joking?
i started making that list and decided to write the grossest stuff on there and by the time i was finished i wondered where all that came from and seriously, i think there is some kind of golddigger gene embedded deep down within all of us.
so im begging you guys to unleash your imagination and tell me the most golddigger-ish thing that you have ever thought of or dreamt of?i would really really like to know.and i want to hear the most outrageous stuff..if its really really outrageous and makes me laugh, ill write a post on absolutely anything you want me to.

best fb status: she is bringing sexy back? honey you're the reason sexy left in the first place!

p.s:that k'nan is real drool material.i love old is he?
im so glad maryland is sunny now, cos i really hate the cold, if God intended us to be cold then He would have given us furs.


F and M said...

LOL! He really would have given us fur, wouldn't he?

Most gold-diggerish thing... Hmmm... Money na money so no stipulations there. Who no like better thing? The "impotent" point cracked me up sha. I never thought of that. Best of both worlds- security and your figure! The better you can keep the man sef once you can fight off those pounds that those lovely children bestow upon you...

WOW... And this post started off trying to avoid pessimism, right? What happened to the love???!!! LOL

BBB said...

you are not serious oh,
gold digger thot ehn?
haventt really ever had any serious!!!

as in who doesnt want a rich man
i know i do
a very rich one at thta
so that we would live our lifes and fufill all lifes pleasures to d greatest extent together
but i dont think i will sacrifice all that for love.
so i my gold digging thot woul dbe
a stinkingly rich man that adores me totally
and who i love possibly even more

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

lol@golddigger gene embedded deep down within all of us.

Looking for that man who is rich and is going to pay me a big fat salary for bearing his kids.

gwynne said... ur post.
eh so,...... money money,lots of it and a man who doesnt care how i spend his money or what i do.
least i forget i dont want new money, i want old money...... money that has been and will always be,generational money....*wink*

Juanita said...

lool, hilarious post!
I want a rich OLD man, let him die early(probably on the wedding night) then everything comes to me. But before he's signed the will of course. hehe

doll said...

LOL.. thought you actually got a bf...

my most vivid gold digger fantasy is a man...who of course while loving me to death and all that ish..

but who have so much money, i will never need to work for money ever again and i can finally pursue my passion (which i haven't discovered by the way)

Fragilelooks said...

lol. leggy u r seriously nt serious. but erm erm who go spit out sugar for bitterkola. Abeg o. Oh well, since i renamed meslf OGBENYEABIALANSO,IVE SEEN NO REASN WATSOEVA HANGING WIF A DUDE WITOUT A FAT BNK ACCT. YES SUE ME FOR DIS,CUZ DERE AINT NO LOVE WITOUT CASH MONIES. LOL

Bee said...

hahah i love this post
totally hilarous

~Sirius~ said...


Gold digging traits embedded in us....LMAO!!!

I'll get me a Man would pay me enough to wake up when I ever I please!!!!..and of course the payment covers all the things money can buy to make a girl happy :-)

I hate the fact I have to wake up to go to work!

~Sirius~ said...


Gold digging traits embedded in us....LMAO!!!

I'll get me a Man would pay me enough to wake up when I ever I please!!!!..and of course the payment covers all the things money can buy to make a girl happy :-)

I hate the fact I have to wake up to go to work!

Bubbles said...

I def not have a gold digging gene in me. My Ex was not balling like that.
I like to work for my money and spend it like crazy.

I like K'naan as well
listen to 'Um ricka'

shorty said...

LMAO!!! Leggy you are not serious.

I like K'naan too.

Nice Anon said...

lol! throwing money my way is a great thing! I won't say no that's for sure.

neefemi said...


Harry-Rami Itie said...

now this is interesting

Fabulo-la said...

Serious jokes leggy.

lahlah said...

chineke uve killed me today,lmfao leggy me and u were together till u started talking about impotent, golddiggers need lil golddigger clones at some point :P

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, I don miss you small sha...with your funny self. Girl, abeg I no go mind that list (minus the impotent sha). Haha.

Rene said...


Suru said...

Excuse me actually I rushed over here because of K'naan. Sadly he's married with children. But if he wasn't you would still have to back off because he would be mine. okay? lol I love K'naan if you can't tell.

sweetness said...

lol K'naan hes cute huh?
his real name is Abdi, hes somalian, he lives on Toronto and hes coming to my school next week, ok am joking about the last part

Lol i rushed over here cos dats what i always do, and that was a hilarious post. Leggy get serious!

lol x
(wow i counted n realised i have 3 LOLs in this short comment)

Mwajim Al said...

lol @ if God intended us to be cold then He would have given us furs. hehehhe, enjoy MD weather at its finest. If u r still around the area, u shld check out the cherry bloosm festival in D.C on sat. Have fun :)

~B~ said...

rofl @ d fb status, dts one mean person ryt ther!

Yes yes, K'naan is d ultimate dream boat, he's 31 sha, gonna b 32 this may *yes i'm dt much of a stalker :P *

Gold digger thots...hmmm...someone t pay me handsomely 4 all this schoolin that I'm doin?? that wuld b splendid!

2cute4u said...

Most of your listings made my criteria and my friends too ask me if I've finally lost it..
Jare, I don't even need stress.
But not the impotent part oh..Well, It don't matter anyway since I abstain.Lol

sosexy said...

I no send any person message oh..If you no get money..CARRY GO!
I didn't come to this world to suffer.I can't dream with any guy
Nice place.First time here..Be back..
Hope you don't mind my following you..

gidiasianbabe said...

i love k naan too,love your blog,am a new female blogger,check me out,thanks

Tisha said...

a man who can get me a new car every month and all the clothes and bags and shoes, a house with all i want, get my hair done and all that.

what if i get bored with the globe trotting and whatnot

yeah yeah, i think its more important to live your life for something that's worth it. comfort and luxury is great though!

Repressed One said...

LMAO!!! U're one unserious person...i sure have missed those status

..Moyo said...

i don't have gold digger genes.

Myne Whitman said...

My dad says that if his daughters find a rich man that likes them, it is not a bad thing, lol.

So have you found the rich guy with his face on currency?

Azazel said...

Lmao hahaha I was carrying my bucket of pessimism when i entered ur blog, I had to leave it @ the gate..
But @ least u have realistic expectations..

NBB said...

leggy! ur post are always interesting. Does it mean that guys dont have any golddigger tots? I can only see ladies tots here.
Ok do I have a gold digger tot? hmmmm...
lol at If God wanted us to be cold He would give us furs

TayneMent said...

Nothing outrageous. Just wanted a rich enough man when i can decide whether I want to work or not. I'm with you excluding the impotent and old man dying part.

The experiences of an achiever....... said...

lol Leggy!!! On the golddigger stuvs..can I please be a trophy wife?? lol.

histreasure said...

lol..u really cracked me up some..u really made me lmfao..

but really, what thou foindest, thou shall get -lol

histreasure said...

lol..u really cracked me up some..u really made me lmfao..

but really, what thou foindest, thou shall get -lol

Miss Natural said...

leggy leggy leggy lol how many times did i call you lol. haha. this was funny, there is a gold digger in all of us, just to varying degrees lol. I did run to the post expecting to read leggy has a boyf. and no I do not think you're gay lol. haha you know, if God did intend us to be cold he wudnt have given us the kind of thin skin we have lol :)

Diamond said...

LOL wat a post!!i take all except impotent..

Geebee said...

Even though going for an impotent and dying stupendously rich man may be a little overboard, it's still understandable to an extent. At least there's something to benefit in the long (i mean short) run. The man would die sooner than later afterall).

I agree with most. One way or the other, everyone of us is a gold digger. Afterall, we all do the things we do in order to get something - people's appreciation, love, praises, attention and what have you? So who's not a golddigger? Let him/her cast the first stone.

Miss Awesome said...

the impotent part is really genius,am totally with u on that one.i want a guy who is so rich and part of the things he does to prove to me that he loves me is get me my own private jet,i think i have gone beyond car level(lol).a man who buys me coach hand bags and dresss from Guess by marciano.