Tuesday, January 18, 2011

happy new year

this year started right....spent my whole christmas in nigeria..just got back yesterday.
i extended my graduation date to dec. 2012 or 2013 may. not sure yet. i might extend it to 2013 just because i need to enter grad school in september not january..according to the so-called 'really good schools' that sent me their newsletters to apply for grad school.

i'm starting to enjoy my chE classes.. especially the fluids class i took last semester..i'm actually looking forward to my heat transfer classes this semester.

what else?
of course, nigeria was a whole load of fun. families, friends, boys-who-spend-money-on-girls, posing, gists. it was just plain awesome. i did the whole tour...abuja, lagos, aba, awka, owerri. it was so therapeutic for me. i'm back and recharged enough to start school.

i'll soon get back to regular blogging as soon as i put my life back together and get some order around here. i have so many bills to pay and what not.

someone sent me a blackberry curve as a 'forgive-me/merry christmas' gift. everything is in his name, even the line..therefore, he is in charge of the bills and all. me, i still love my iphone and will be upgrading to the iphone4 in march. the bb sha gets here in 3 to 4 days, according to the shipping schedule he sent me, i dont know what to do with it. like seriously.
my friends are already sending me their bb pins (thats what its called right?) like crazy. na so craze dey start oh.
when i get it and you want to talk, since its not a phone number or facebook and is still totally anon(right?), you can send me your pins or something through out this week.

new year revolution? i had none this year, i just want to be happy and to get back to my chancellor's list status. i need all that i can to secure a place in grad school cos i really want to go to upenn.

life has been good really. great friends, families and acquaintances.

i took a creative writing class last semester. i was going to post my poems here but i changed my mind cos my teacher wants me to send it in to newspapers and poetry journals to get them published and i can't do that if its somewhere on the web..sorry.

been listening to M.I's new album so much, i know a lot of people feel like its not up to par with his first album but i love it all the same. my favourite songs are number one ft. flavour (igbo kwenu!!), one naira ft waje, imperfect me and God bless you. i still love the whole album though.

this post is really just housekeeping. now off to do my blog rounds.

i hope you had a good holiday and you are having a great new year.

p.s: sorry if there is any grammatical errors, didn't feel like proofreading. i'll try to update every week this semester.

love and peace.


Yinkuslolo said...

It's good that you have your eye on the prize girl. I know that the chancellor's list is not beans too.

Personally, I think Upenn is the best Uni on the whole in the States. This is my opinion and I'm glad you considering the school for grad.

All the best.
PS: I want to apply to grad school for Sept 2012 and I'm not set for the GREs this summer yet oh.

lani said...

iphone over BB any day ooo
MI's album is ill ...
Have a great 2011

Myne Whitman said...

happy New Year and welcome back. I wish you luck with the poems and publishing, that should be great. All the best too with study plans and grad school.

BSNC said...

It seems like you had a swell time. Isn't that sweet a bb curve, lucky you.

Welcome back babe and happy New year to you too : )

doll said...

happy new year. Yay!!!!the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

Dante said...

Oh you came eh??? Kai!
BB over iphone jooor
I am happy you had fun in Nigeria.
All the best in your study.. Upenn is a very good school.
Happy New Year, Nwanne!!

Blessing said...

Welcome back!!!!
Sounds like you had a great time in 9ja!

Yay at the BB!!! Trust me it's addictive! And it's not really anonymous because you can see the owner's picture on their profile.

Good luck with school this semester!

And I looooovvvveeeeee M.I.'s album also!

black panther said...

you're tagged! please answer the following questions in my recent post "60 seconds with Black PAnther"

thnx and glad 2 have u back.

Gee said...

Happy new year! Long time no see on my TL! Did u even tweet atall in Naij? Good to know Im not the as late as I thot with posting my "happy new yr" post on the 19th day into the year! heheheh!
Lol @doll with the blacker the berry the sweeter tyhe juice--LOL

Fragilelooks said...

happy new yr leggs. all the best with school