Tuesday, July 19, 2011

music,school, 'like' and life in general.

i haven't left my house in 3 days..no kidding. i've been reading novels, sleeping, watching Korean dramas and reading research papers for my professors....and this is the happiest i've ever been. don't get me wrong. i LOVE my friends, they are the most awesome people on the surface of the earth but i'm happiest when i'm by myself.

it was my very good friend's birthday on saturday and we all went clubbing. it was awesome. i love dancing. i might blog about that day some more on a later date cos a lot of things happened.

so music, decided to share my top 5 played songs on my itunes:
Guardian angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Is it true? - YOHANNA
Peaches - New heights
Raindrops - Bei maejor
1+1 - Beyonce..this tied with Lotus Flower - Radiohead.

So, i've mentioned on twitter and sometimes here, that i have a massive crush on one of my guy friends and it's been a very long time since i've had a crush. all the guys who have been interested in me, i've never really been into and i really don't want to admit this but i've been using a ton of them to pass time.
i've wondered what makes dude different.

i realised today that i might like dude because dude isn't a 'nice guy'. now, i do want a nice guy, i really do but what i don't want is a pushover. i do want a guy to disagree with me, i like a guy who has his own opinions and doesn't revolve their entire life around me. i like dude because dude doesn't text me everyday or try to talk to me everyday, it gives me a chance to miss him. i like him because he's funny and gives me funny, stupid gifts. i don't always want everything to revolve around romance, maybe it's just me but i'm not a romantic kind of girl...AT ALL. i hate good morning texts, they stifle the life out of me. i do not want to wake up to your stamp of approval on my new day, i know this is an effed up feeling but it's just me.
i like a guy who knows when to call me on my BS. i especially like this guy because no matter what i do he defends me in public and then lays it on me thick in private. have my back, don't call me out in public.
i like this guy because he is oblivious to how hot he is..he has one of the fittest bodies i've ever seen and he is taller than me. i'm 5'10", 5'11"...and dude is taller than me. that is a huge IN with me.
all my friends have commented on how hot dude is..
my friend told me how she once texted dude and asked him:'do you know that you're super hot?!'
dude:"i'm actually not, i'm kinda cold right now'.
girl:'want me to come over and warm you up?'
dude:'i actually just put on the heater but thanks'.

i'm not even kidding.
i like that he keeps everything between us. i can't stand people who tell my business. no one knows that we are 'talking'(which is why my friends keep telling me how 'they'd do him'.) well except for his bestfriends who are also his roommates, this is also another reason i like dude, dude's friends are AMAZING!! i've never felt so comfortable with any guys how i feel with them.

so yeah fingers crossed on this guy.

yeah school, so i was thinking of retaking an engineering course i made a C in last year..thermo between, this is the first time ever i'm making a C. i have never made a C, plus i worked so hard to make an A but i completely failed my finals. like no joke, do you know how you have to fail a final to go from an A to a C? yes, that bad.
i got the letter today from the chancellor permitting me to retake the class(if you made anything better than a D you need clearance from the chancellor to retake that class) but i'm still scared, what if i don't do better?
most courses that people find hard in my department i think is freaking interesting, i made an A in fluids and even the so called heat and mass, i thought i was going to fail last semester i made a B in.
i talked to my dad and he wants me to retake the C class since i'm extending my graduation date anyway. i just read ms. sting's blog and my resolve to retake the class is getting really strong. i've been staring at my 'schedule request' all day trying to decide if to schedule the class or not. if i retake this class and don't make an A i'm going to cry my butt off.

life has been freaking good. been emailing back and forth with my very good friend who is in Canada for the summer and in our minds we are freaking hilarious. moving into my new apartment for the next 2 years this weekend..i'm tired of moving. i move every damn year.
you know what i don't like? someone(who i'm not really good friends with) telling me that someone else is talking crap about me. i do not care. i don't think people realise the level of Fs i no longer give. all the nigerian drama in my school just flies over my head, i do not talk about it and i do not want to hear about it. the peace of mind i have had this past 1 year since i've made the conscious decision to change the people i surround myself with has been fulfilling. i'm not going back to that crap. i enjoy talking to nigerians, it's like home away from home but i do not want drama in my life. i've been there, done that. i will talk to anyone who is even remotely friendly to me as long as what we are talking about is about US, the two people present. i do not want to be dragged into stories of relationships i do not care about or all of your recycled dramas, that life is not for me. i do not care what people are saying about me, i just care what the people who i consider friends think of me.

definitely going to be blogging more often. might even join in the 30 day thingy going around blogville. sounds like fun.

beginning soundtrack: 3 Rounds and a Sound by Blind Pilot
middle soundtrack: Creep by Radiohead
ending soundtrack: Animal by Neon Trees.

my itunes is on shuffle btw.

love and peace,


Mimi B said...

*singing* Ooohh Leggy has a crush.... LOL

I definitely think you should retake that class, just go for it. It's more likely than not that you'll do better the second time around : )

black panther said...

ooh, i miss having a crush too. had one on my neighbour. but he left....

i would retake the C too...rather have B's than C's.

dosh said...

Hmmmm... I have a HOT crush right now so i know exactly what u'r talking about, good luck to u,lol

I'm also with you about changing the group of people you hang with esp if their lifestyle is different from your's. No one needs all that drama and it gives you time to focus on the things and people that really matter

I love Animal by Neon Trees btw, the line "i won't be denied by you the animal inside of u" always cracks me up

AliceDCL said...

awww he sounds amazing

Nigerians and their drama
like i just decided to steer clear of them too
i really cant anymore

Myne said...

I so abhor drama. *shivers*

On your C, I think it is manageable if you only have A and Bs in the other courses. If you studied hard and still made that grade, maybe that's it. I would only retake if I were you when I know that there were things I could've done better.

Good luck with your crush. I also like guys who give one space, but make sure he's not a bad boy who'll break your heart and stomp on it, no hard feelings. Ouch!

Etoile Oye said...

Crosses fingers and toes for you on 'guy'. All the best with the re-take. One of my greatest regrets of my undergraduate life was not re-taking a certain paper, so go for it. Just make up your mind you're getting an A and nothing else. You've got a good head on your shoulders so with that resolve and barring any extenuating circumstances, i look forward to an A testimony.

Mwajim Al said...

awwww reminds me of undergrad days (which was just 2 months ago). Retake that class - relearned material always gives u a better edge. You'll get an A by God's Grace! And i concur with Naija drama - arm's length is where it is at.

LusciousRon said...

All the best! The crush looks good on you. Go for it?

kitkat said...

Tall boy's are always hot(well to me haha). LMAO at his reply to the text.

rethots said...

Hey, 'lover girl' a long while....

Unknown said...

Oh Leggy, i've always known about your crush. One word T :)
Haha 'actually kinda cold right now' I like