Monday, August 22, 2011

just had the most infuriating argument on facebook about rape.

click on the pictures if you can't read them.
so, if you check out the first picture you get the scenario, now i'm by no means saying that the girl was right in going to the man's house that she does not know. you can't just pull up and go to see some man you have never met before without certain precautions. but does this justify rape?!

everyone was blaming her and ignoring the fact that said man RAPED a girl, what happened to chasing her out of your house?! if all you wanted was sex and she refused what happened to asking her to leave?!

if you look at the second picture, some person called nkem said 'it takes two'. huh?! how does rape take two? do i have a different dictionary?! don't even get me started on that stupid tina on the last picture.
this whole discussion just totally ruined my day.i was mad that i was the only person who seemed to have read the fact that the man RAPED her. it's irks me that majority of the people saying this are fellow women. the last woman excluded.

i'm sorry but i don't think anything in the entire world can ever justify rape. if a woman says 'no', respect her no. get permission. and this is what i personally will teach my sons if ever i get blessed with any.

tell me people, am i mad in thinking this?!

i'm so mad that this is what finally brought me out of my hiatus. school started today. retaking my thermo class. finally decided even though friends(even till today) tried talking me out of it. good luck to everyone that started today too.

it's 11pm and i'm in school typing this and ordering my books because my internet sucks and my roommate does not want to get another one. i mean seriously? what is the point of being in America if i can not have fast internet?! like warridis?

anyone who follows me on twitter knows how obsessed i am about korean dramas. i LOVE them.

soundtrack to this blog: songs by reckless kelly on my spotify.

peace and love.


Toinlicious said...

i totally agree with you. No doubt she was stupid for going to a stranger's house but that is in no way a justification for rape. rape is rape is rape and animalistic. The guy is an animal #shikena

kitkat said...

Even though she shouldnt have gone to see a stranger in is house, it obviously doesnt justify being raped. It takes two?? why do some people insist on being dumb!
My suite mate loves Korean drama', not so much lol

kitkat said...


N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

You have to understand that a lot of girls have low self-esteem so they don't understand why a woman should even say NO to a man

Such women are likely to spread their legs as soon as their boyffirnd/ husband asks for sex - because they feel it is their 'duty'

Some ignorant people are best ignored.

My people say 'if you argue with craze man, nobody go know which of una dey craze'
(Meaning - If you enter into an argument with a mentally ill person, it is likely everyone will think both of you are mentally ill)

Myne said...

The way some people reason can be so completely biased, and ignorant. Oh well, maybe they've learnt by chatting with you so your effort and time is not wasted.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten so mad about this issue so many times, I refuse to spit bile once again. Instead, I choose to laugh my ass off at that Tina in the last screen shot... I guess she would have no problem coming in contact with a similarly aggressive little man between the legs... After all, the men themselves are innocent. It's the little men that are fucking militants.

Etoile Oye said...

Being on tumblr yourself, you've probably seen this.

It's sad, but true. Society screams 'don't get raped' at us instead of 'don't rape' at the perpetrators.

What's even sadder is the fact that most of these 'comments' are from girls...

Bubbles said...

This is so sad
I don't care if she met him on the streets and she went to his house, if she said No and he had sex with her then he deserves to be shot. What happened before the rape does not matter. Nigerians can be so fucking idiotic.

Ginger said...

So these other girls have put a price on sex right? let me get this right...what these girls are saying is 'if he takes you out and pays the bill then his reward is sex?' na wa o,no wonder Nigerian men feel entitled. #rape culture

Shanah said...

It doesn't matter if she went there looking for sex or not! Fact is a woman deserves her right to say NO when she doesn't want. RAPE IS RAPE no matter what!
I always ask my friends meet Facebook guys in public places to avoid such circumstances. I'm going to share this in fact.

CerebrallyBusy said...

In this day an age, there are beasts all over the internet. This girl shouldn't even have considered sleeping over at all. I don't know how I feel, i know rape is inexcusable of course, but women should also try to avoid it when possible. Really.

That Tina's comment is the daftest comment i have seen in a few years.

Spesh said...

NOTHING justifies rape!!!
I don't even see how anyone in their right mind will argue this.

I totally agree with your points.

Nenyenwa said...

you are very right- it is so true that many still blame rape on the victim. It is something beyond my understanding and this is why victims don't come out for fear of being raped.

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Eddie Steeze said...

Wow... Sucks. I can only empathize with her.

I totally love your blog! Please check out my blog and follow back if you like and i'll be sure to return to favour. I'm a newbie on here so i'm still tweaking it.

Carol Lee said...

It is unwise proving or defending yourself at Facebook because the people there are miles way back with the kind of thinking that you have, they are not in your wavelength so to speak.

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Unknown said...

No comment
Just to say that everyone has a background
people who will be razz will be razz
people who will have class will have class
just be YOU

Rape can never be right
Society views it the way they want
Have an opinion and live your life.

Geri said...

Internalized misogyny.
Unfortunately, a lot of our fellow sisters severely suffer from it. It's baffling when we are all affected by the propagation of straight up bull.

If a woman, let's say a prostitute, is butt booty naked and walks into the midst of men, lies down and spreads her legs- if she hasn't verbalized or affirmed her own intentions for herself, no one else has the right to even breathe on her.

SMH @ the entitlement of men.

SMH @ it's perpetuation by women.