Tuesday, March 16, 2010

perfect stranger

keys tingle as glances and eyes meet
roses go into full bloom and the sun smiles from the skies
open hearts fill up with hope and dreams for the promise of tomorrow
subtle signs of teenage love make the heart grow younger
stars with full purpose go into overdrive

my perfect stranger....
i just havent met him yet.

im going to be back to put up a decent post pretty soon.im just sooo backed up with school work plus im supposed to be studying for an organic chemistry exam for tomorrow. just needed a break. bought a new set of journals, so im going to be writing a whole lot nowadays so check in regularly.
last weekend was really fun and i wanted to share it with you guys but had to study for my math test on monday and so lost track of time.im sorry for not posting regularly but as soon as my school work load lightens, ill be back fully.
the little writeup above was the first think i wrote in my journal when i bought it.
i dont know why.dont even know where that came from.

ill see you guys very soon.

fave fb. status: FUCK SCHOOL!!!
i chose that cos i thought that that was really articulate and thats just what i feel like telling school.

have a great week ahead.


Mwajim Al said...

fiiiiirrrrsssttttt!!! lol. Gud luck with jacking for Orgo... knock 'em dead! N yah i feel u on that status :)

Mwajim Al said...
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Myne Whitman said...

Good luck with your tests and school, lol on that FB status.

shorty said...

All the best in school work.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

School is a drag... we shall survive...

flabby said...

I like the way you articulate your thoughts.


Fragilelooks said...

the best with school. @fb status: lol

Imoteda said...

Dude.. good luck with school. I think its crushing all of us right now.
Bought a journal a few weeks back. I write in it in pencil and sometimes I think about transferring it to my blog but the idea of all that typing depressing me lol.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

All the best in your test and that fb status sure is really articulate.

2cute4u said...

Kpele about the stress..
Share your thoughts about the guy you've not seen..
Goodluck with your test.. Either way, your post is always great,just so you know.

muyiwa said...

All the best

Azazel said...

Hurry up and come share it....

Tisha said...

you swearing...
it's obvious you are not you

when i go thru stress
i have what i call a refreshing time
i read my bible
it works for me

it could work for you too
(I just always wanna know the truth without it being interpreted.)

The naked truth, lol

Miss Natural said...

lol i share your pain about school! i love the facebook status!! How are you leggy? ps I love the writeup Im watching true blood now so its sooo appropriate :)

histreasure said...

ah, school stress..the As make them worthwhile..pele dear.

journaling doesn't work for me,i dunno..just cant seem to get on with it day after day it, it just isnt my thing, i guess..

BSNC said...

lol school story of our life. Lord help us..

Gee said...

tisha noice advice
dont worry u shall survive!
i see dis weekend must hve been really fun, can perceive it in dis post--let us hear sha!

Nice Anon said...

School is already fucked so what else is new? I tire jor

Azazel said...

Can't think about anything..
Never wore lipstick
Never used mascara