Saturday, March 6, 2010

who i am now.... exactly who i want to be.

when i look in the mirror, unlike some people i do not see perfection.
i think im too thin
i'd really really like an ass
..maybe bigger boobs.
i'd like to be a wonderful dancer,
and i'd like to have a great voice but im tone deaf:-(
i think my eyes are ridiculous,
i'd like not to be too competitive,
i'd love to learn to loosen up a little and have fun
i think i talk too much when im nervous
i cringe when people curse around me, save the f-bombs for emergencies will you?
i hate the fact that most days my happiness depends on my grades.
wish i didnt have a huge commitment phobia
i wish i could be more tolerant
less reserved
i wish i could be more friendly
..but i dont have the time to be
i wish i could like someone for more than 4months
i hate my belly, for a thin person it is big.
saving is a huge problem for me
i dont usually try to make a good first impression unless im interviewing for a spot...
so people who like me are those who decided to turn back and take a second look
im an acquired taste,
im scared of the dark,
my greatest fear is dying and marriage
sometimes i feel like a very heartless person when i hurt people that i could have avoided hurting,
i dont care what you think but i dont think fat is healthy.
i dont think im better than anybody but i know noone is better than me.
am i proud, arrogant or confident?sometimes i dont understand the difference.
i love my laps cos they are the fattest part of my body.
i'd rather eat, sleep and watch movies all day than study but the happiness i get when i see that A can never compare to anything.
i dont always love my dad cos i think he is psycho.
im very hard to understand and guys say im complicated.
people say im hard to figure out but what are you doing trying to figure me out?im right here if you have a question,ask it.
i dont like my lips so much cos sometimes i think they are big.

when i look in the mirror i do not see perfection people.
no, i do not.

i see a very beautiful girl staring back at me with problems and flaws.
if God wanted something perfect i doubt he would have made human beings, we are more entertaining this way.

i may not be the prettiest girl in that party, i may not have the biggest butt around, i may be a horrible dancer and tonedeaf.
but thats exactly what makes me leggy, the fact that i have flaws mixed with beauty, brains and greatness.

i would never change anything about my physical attributes, i may not like them but they are part of my identity.i dont think high self-esteem is claiming that you love everything about you but knowing and accepting the fact that you can never be perfect and loving yourself regardless.

when i look in the mirror i do not see perfection,
i see a pretty girl who loves herself,
flaws and all.

the girl i am now? is exactly who i want to be.

hey people.its been so so so sorry but my classes have been crazy, ive had so many interviews to do and i still have a lot to do before the month runs out, i have tests all the time, quizzes...ill try and keep up with my blog though. i still do blog runs and all. i love reading your blogs and comments.

i saw alice in wonderland in 3-D and it was awesome.i'd def recommend it.

best facebook status: He was a great patriot, a humanitarian, a loyal friend; provided, of course, he really is dead.

best twitter update: #Dear Hi5. kindly stop sending me friend request notifications and reminders. I've moved on. So should you.
2.) when do you stop chasing a woman? when she finally gets tired of running.

i hope you guys have a great weekend.and a great week ahead. i cant wait for spring break to get well and sleep well.ciao.


Suru said...

I don't see perfection either and we have some things in common. Good luck with your interviews


very lovely piece leggs!! i cld av a 1000 flaws........but then i still love! all d best in ur academics

24yearOldTeEnAgeR said...

Lol @ the fb status. "He was a great patriot, a humanitarian, a loyal friend; provided, of course, he really is dead." Funny stuff.

enziga said...

Ugh that facebook status is to old joh..
Moreover I feel u @ the grades part mehn.
I get depressed if I have bad grades

lahlah said...

nice, reminds me of one TLC song i think
if there's something you don't like and u can change, then change, if not accept and move on. I like the facebook status reminds me of the whole michael jackson thing and when he died people started "rediscovering" his music and forgot about all the "nose falling" jokes

Anonymous said...

"I am an acquired taste". Love that. I totally agree with your summary of self esteem- loving everything about oneself is delusional because it assumes that one is perfect. It's the acceptance of your gifts, as well as your flaws, that truly makes you strong. Nice post.

The statuses you mention always crack me up. The fb one is hilarious and oh so true...

Rene said...

so we have a lot in common #weird
I totally agree with the high self esteem part. I always joke about things i wish about me but i love me the way i am.

neefemi said...

i saw the 1st one on twitter today too....and we have a lot of things in common, interesting....very nice and honest post, me likey

2cute4u said...

Your posts always hold me spellbound.. you write well,goodluck with the interview.. and yeah.. you're ok the way you are..

Sting said...

I like this, leggy. No one is perfect leggy and i'm glad u love urself regardless.

TayneMent said...

good luck on school and stuff.

Fragilelooks said...


Fragilelooks said...


Tisha said...

i love me exactly the way i am. i would not want to change a thing. not because i am perfect or that i think i am perfect but i know that God made the best me and i am glad about it.
Finding out God loved me exactly the way i am set me free forever and broke my self esteem issues totally!

NikkiSho said...

i love this post.its exactly the way i feel about myself @ the twitter updates.

Myne Whitman said...

Perfection is overrated but self love? Now we're talking. Really nice one Leggy. Good luck with school.

muyiwa said...

ok,nice round up about yourself,the twitter update is funny

Original Mgbeke said...

This post gets three thumbs up. I love it! I'm all for loving oneself, imperfections and all...

Mwajim Al said...

Reminds me of Gavins's song: "I don't wanna be anything other than i ave bin trying to be lately..." nice.

Sugarking said...

Leggy u have really matured as a writer these days!! ur write-ups are just phenomenal. I love being here jare. Thunder fire devil!

chayoma said...

Just when i decide to break out my tape measure for my body stats measurement...

4 stars......

Repressed One said...

"i dont think high self-esteem is claiming that you love everything about you but knowing and accepting the fact that you can never be perfect and loving yourself regardless."

This is very true! and for a lot of people it takes alot of work to get there but, get there, we must.

Mr.Funnyhoneymoney said...

I dont think im better than anyone yet i know no one better
loooooove that line
You make a lot of sense girl and i love you for that

NBB said...

Nobody is perfect. All we try to do is to attain perfection. Only God is perfect. I like ur high self esteem.

cici said...

this is the best post uve ever it

Issey, Alice, Uche said...

Have You asked yourself,who created the standard for perfection? The answer is an imperfect human like You and me....
We just have to love ourselves and accept our imperfections as part of what makes us perfect and sometimes some people love u for your flaws.
lol@ the twitter update...who still uses hi5????

Femiluv said...

wow...amazing post.
We have a lot in common, but I guess loads of teenagers are thinking the same way.
I'm also flawed, but I love me.

Curious me said...

it was a very beautiful piece, describes me too,in some way. i could def relate to this anytime!!
n hey leggy, do u mind if i get yur email address?

leggy said...


BSNC said...

i loved this post. You are you and that's all you can be. the leggy we know and love : )

Anonymous said...

You know, little one, you are very wise! This makes me very happy. :-) have a fantastic week and enjoy being beautiful, it lasts forever!

Single ~Girl~ Swag. said...

Wow...cnt believe im jst seeing this i can soooo relate to dis note in fact most of ur notes... nice 1 leggy. I guess we r all imperfect in our own ways!