Saturday, June 12, 2010

8 years ago....

so a friend and i were having a very interesting conversation last night and she asked me:'out of all the boys you've met in your life, if you were asked to choose someone to marry from them, who would you choose?'.
i thought about this for a very long time and i came up with so many suggestions and many 'i definitely know i cant marry that one's and then after reaching an inconclusive answer we laughed and dropped the phone.

10 minutes later...
he calls.
he rarely calls me,
most times i do the texting.
met him 8years ago come september..
first day of class i thought he was cute but never gave him another glance
he called me 'stockfish'..
that was to be the first of all the 'stockfishes' that were to come..
he called me that all through high school.
last night we talked about secondary school
and we laughed and we remembered
we talked for 2 and half hours..
he was soo smart...i was smarter
he was sooo shy in high school..
just to make him feel very uncomfortable and get him all flustered up and shy...
i called him sexy..seriously.i did.
i was in ss2...jss3 girls hated me cos they thought there was something between us.
but there wasn't..i just honestly thought he was sexy
ss3..he really became sexy..
and he got a girlfriend too..
i remember telling my bestfriend that i was going to break them up
ha ha ha ha...conceited much?
but we just stayed friends..
he told me about his relationship
and i told him about my lack of one
'i just can't seem to be able to get into one', i said.
'you will when the right person comes around',he said.
he once asked me if i liked his girlfriend
i said:'i dont really know her so i cant say anything'.
what i really wanted to say was: 'i really don't'
end of ss3.
both of us.
his girlfriend:in another country
they are still in an LDR...which i hate
he came to see me here recently with his family
thought:he's still sexy.
we talked for two and half hours yesterday and in the last 15minutes, we talked about his girlfriend..and in those 15minutes, i couldn't wait to get off the phone.
when i did get off the phone.
i texted my friend: if i were to choose a husband from all the boys that ive met in my life...i'd pick *inserts his name here*.
but thats not happening anytime soon, i think.

so yeah, if you were to pick someone you've met in your life already to marry, who would you pick?and if you cant tell me the person's name, can you please tell me five reasons you picked the person?

p.s:i won!!thanks to everyone who voted for me and all those who messaged me telling me congratulations.and congratulations to all the other nominated blogs, you guys are good writers and finally, good job to the organizers. very well done.
thanks once again.thank you.

couldn't find a fave fb status because everyone was talking about the

sleep well. don't diet.if you want to loose weight...just


miss.fab said...

Interesting question. All the guys that would've made the short list for me are lacking in some non-negotiable way... right now at least. If T.I. was available though I'd be married before you can say Blogger. (I'm seriously in love with that man)


Mwajim Al said...

*Cute* and congrats :)

Jaycee said...

"That's not happening anytime SOON, I think" LOL. So you think it may happen, eh? Someone is crushing...

Maybe if he doesn't really love his girlfriend? Oh well...nice post sha! I pray you're guided in the right direction for your future :)

shorty said...

Congratulations dear!

Formerly stealth reader said...

congrats dear..........
I am scared now apart from imaginary celebs there isnt really anyone i could say "id marry him"

Adejoh Momoh said...

Florence: She makes me feel at peace with myself... She aptly illustrates a person most blest by God...

Adejoh Momoh said...
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neefemi said...


Myne Whitman said...

Congratulations on your win. I would be cheating if I answered your question so I'll just pass it on.

2cute4u said...

Congrats on your win..
Even if my selfish heart chooses anyone, I do not think any of the guys in the previous meet the criteria..
Except one..
But he is dead..
Everyday I hate myself for it as I blame myself for his death and all.
So, I just leave this now..
I had fun reading though,

~Sirius~ said...


I think I will be starving from today *big grin*

I started writing a post because of your last post,
I haven't finished it yet. i hope I don't change my mind and "shift delete it"

Sadly, if i could marry anybody from my past, I don't think I would (not that I have options as such, something was always missing)

Enjoyed every bit of this post.

Congratulations btw.

BBB said...

theres a reason why they are in d past

so i guess i should staff starving
congrats love

Fabulo-la said...


I know EXACTLY who I'd pick!
Cant tell u his name cause..well..never mind. are my reasons:

I have the best mind sex with him
I admire his drive and passion.
hell I want him to drive me with that passion..
He makes me want to be a better person..

Did I already mention the drive and passion?

Oh I forgot..the mind sex is awesome!!!


Oh wells...

Am I hallucinating?


histreasure said...

congrats on the win!
lol @ no fav fb status cos everyone's talking football...
on the ?, i'l pass..already got my past and future rolled into one!

Anonymous said...

Lol I'm beginning to think starving is the only way for me to loose some belly, but I love food too much!

Anonymous said...

"...if you were to pick someone you've met in your life..." sure you want to know?

Original Mgbeke said...

Congratulations lady! Nice post...maybe you guys might happen down the line. *crosses fingers*

Berean Girl said...

Boy dilemma? I'd have like an entire list to pick from if hotness were the only criteria required for a future partner.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

love this
If i were to choose, his name starts from W, but he is taken.