Sunday, November 14, 2010

i think he knows

she has been talking to him for a few months and life has never been better.
he understands her, no guy has ever understood her the way he does.
they all think they know her till she leaves and they realise that they never did.

it was quite rare that he knew almost everything about her which was surprising considering the fact that all the previous guys in her life told her how complicated she was but he had her all figured out.

she didnt know much about him, he knew plenty about her. what made her mad, what made her giggle. he told her that her fits of giggles sounded like rain drops in the middle of the night, that made her giggle some more at the cheesiness of it all.

he took her on drives in the middle of the night and had a million and one nicknames for her. sometimes, she asked him if he was just interested in permuting her name cos he had 100s of nicknames for her just from derivations of her name.
he thinks she's awesome and he tells her every chance he gets.
he gets her, he doesnt crowd her, gives her space and makes her want him..miss him.

he told her that he loves her, late at night.
it came as a huge surprise.
he was never serious,always giggling and laughing, she has never actually seen him serious.
they flirted with each other, told each other stuff and enjoyed each other's company but love?
he kept saying, dont you love me back?

he thinks she patronises him.
she has never answered the if she was available question.
it would never happen.
both of them.
oil and water never mix.
she thinks he deserves more than this threat of her as his girl.

his girl?
she just wanted to be called that.
by him.
to last her a life time of not being his.

he told her he loves her.
wants her.
he wants to know if she feels the same way.
she doesnt answer
but she does
she thinks he knows.

been wanting to post in a while but i've been busy.
this post is just that.a post.
take and make of it what you want.

school is raping me.i'm Chemical engineering why do i have to take this stupid civil engineering class?!
i cant wait for thanksgiving to get here.i need a break.
been doing my blogrounds, sometimes i dont comment but trust me, ive read them all.



black panther said...

wow, leggy, starte to wonder if your mystery guy told you the L word. hehe
oh, you going Chemistry engineering? i'm studying petroleum engineering, and yes, the course is raping me too!

- black panther -

~Sirius~ said...
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~Sirius~ said...

Leggy o!
Why won't she respond, especially when she knows how she feels about him?

Fret not.

Thanksgiving is almost here

F and M said...

Story of my life right here... Abeg jo... He's supposed to know... Gbogbo enu ko la ma fi n soro... :)

doll said...

how i wish she would just let herself go with the flow

Lara said...

She should let herself go with the flow...and someday maybe she would feel and say the L word to him.

Just...Toluwa said...

thnxgivin...ahhh! cnt wait!

girl in ur poem shld say wat she needs to if he already knows!

HoneyDame said...

LMAO @ F n Mz retort...."gbogbo enu ko la fi n soro", but if na the guy wey no talk am naw, na so so wahala e go be....Let her say it o, it won't add or remove from her!

Myne Whitman said...

You're just playing us with these posts that are just post, lol. Good luck with your course dear..

F and M said...

LOL Honey Dame... I know it's a double standard but screw it... Life isn't fair... Sometimes this stuff is hard to say and you just want someone who understands jo... :)

By the way, Leggy... I was thinking of a kind of collaboration... I have a story which is stalling and would like contributions from other writers to continue it. You write amazingly well and I was hoping you would be interested. I'm thinking of it as a kind of feature back on my blog or something... Let me know if you are in... :)

Seshe James said...

Goodluck with your new course. I enjoyed reading your blog. I am following you now.

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