Monday, October 25, 2010

dear heart,

dear heart,
we had an agreement.
why someone so awesome?
why someone so hard to resist?
why him?

i really do wonder what you see. you make me brought me strawberry lemonade and a croissant cos my facebook status said that i was too lazy to get up and get lunch this afternoon.
you worry about my obsession with spongebob, i worry about your obsession with arrested development.
i told you that zoe can make me gay and you said :'wow, my competition is a woman?'
you tell me i'm awesome every single time we talk.
YOU make me feel awesome.
and when you turn to smile at me right after i hit you for saying something really silly, you just turn, stare at me and laugh and make me like you even more.

you put up with my mood swings, my headaches, my depression and make me smile all the time.
it worries me that we would never date.
the only thing standing between you and i is reality.
and my skin.
and your eyes.
wake me when society fades.

i raided tumblr and i loved those quotes.

i hate mutual crushes.
they never end well.



Gee said...

hmmm this boy leggychukwu!
he must be reall doing things o---LOl!
the part of bringing luch for u cuz of ur FB status is very thotful.
I smiled at that one.

Myne Whitman said...

Love does not ask why, who said that? Enjoy it dear and let society go jump in the well...

Nutty J. said...
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Nutty J. said...

hmmm...someborri is in love here!!!

Good for doesnt ask doesnt think twice

You become more adult when u stop thinking about what society thinks of you...but rather start thinking of what you think about society.

Oh you've got me all mushy in the office...the post is lovely (*sniffs*)

2cute4u said...

Why Leggy, this is lovely!

black panther said...

oohhhh, so cute. kinda makes me miss having a crush -.-

Lara said...

Society can like to jump inside gutter, go for it girl

Mwajim Al said...

"Mutual crushes never end well" Maybe. But then again, Maybe not.

Tisha said...

enjoy the ride...

i think!
whatever happens
you will turn up fine.

Anonymous said...

lol, thats so cute. I have crazy crushes from time to time oh, havent acted on any of them yet though.

Repressed One said...

lol...i love the way you wrote this.

:(@ "the only thing standing between you and i is reality"

Vanity said...

I let out a lone tear with this one. Society cannot define your life.

Ms.O said...

Aww Leggy, Never say never dear....its all still very possible

Miss Awesome said...

i totally love this one! a huge fan of your blog and i stalk it so much probably more than u visit just basically blogged about my life right now...

Anonymous said... sweet! pls let ur guard down and enjoy ds love, and like Myne said, let society take a dive...

Miss Natural said...

leggy leggy this was so sweet. Enjoy and embrace it. Stop pushing it away for a myriad of reasons. We've got your back (lol in the blogosphere at least). Mutual crushes do end well, isnt that how most relationships start ;)