Wednesday, October 20, 2010

is it your money?

i cannot stand people who rant when rich people spend their money the way they see fit.
they made the money didnt they?did you make it with them?
i understand the need to contribute to charities and ish but seriously, if the person doesnt want to, its seriously none of your business. it's their money.they made it alone.
why dont you make your own money, enter forbes list then share the money to all the poor!!
freaking stop complaining about something that is none of your damn business.
i hate that some nigerians have this sense of entitlement towards rich people's money.
are you kidding me?
let someone contribute to charity or help you out because they want to, not because they are entitled to or because you feel that because you know the person that the person is entitled to help you.

freaking get over it.
the priviledged seriously owe you nothing.
stop freaking complaining when they spend THEIR money, that is why it is THEIR money, THEY worked for it not YOU so dont frigging tell them how the heck to spend the money that THEY worked hard for!!!

you can obviously tell that im so mad right now.
i cant stand it when people complain that rich people dont give to the poor, and quoting Bible for me. Jesus said 'give with a cheerful heart' not because some people want you to.
its all good and well to give to the poor but please do not detect to someone who worked hard all their lives on how to spend their money.



Molara Brown said...

No body has any right to dictate how people spend theit money...but I guess our people are used to depending on the rich to bail them out of poverty

Molara Brown said...

No body has any right to dictate how people spend theit money...but I guess our people are used to depending on the rich to bail them out of poverty

Unknown said...

I was here..

Vanity said...

I agree with you but I see things from both sides

Imoteda said...


I kid I kid

I see your point though but I am a big believer is social responsibility

Myne said...

Social responsibility is very important. Rich people should cultivate a cheerful and giving heart.

Unknown said...

Are you talking about me?
I am rich
I give because it was already a habit before i got rich.

Anonymous said...

While i agree that Rich people should spend thier money they want, Rich people like our various leaders and thieves shouldnt spend OUR money the way they like. lol

yosola said...

I see what you're saying.
That's true but some people do have a preposterous habit when it comes to spending.
Yeah, we are allowed to notice it because we are human. We just shouldn't always voice out our thoughts because you never know how people feel towards it so yeah.

Azazel said...

Lol I feel the post, if they earned the money they can do with it as they please.

Barefeet said...

yeh im with both sides tho they shud not be dictated to...and on the other hand it must hurt like bad to have a family member in the hospital dying of a terminal disease and u have a rich uncle ...i think at that point u might just think u have a right to tell them ow to spend helping u out...and sometimes they dont help....its at this point i believe ur sense of judgement thinks they shud spend their money on the family yeh we cant tell them ow to spend their money but sometimes u can tell them and hope they listen

Miss Natural said...

I kinda agree with you. It does hurt me somehow (maybe jealousy) when I see well off people spending money on useless things, at the end of the day money is money nothing more. It should be used to make a difference. But that's just my thought and ultimately you are right, its not my money, its theirs and they can use it to do whatever they want. no matter how silly it seems.

sleekiest said...

So long as you are not referring to the Nigerian rich, maybe I can concur. The people you call rich in Nigeria are all a bunch of they spend their money is a slap on the face of the average hardworking Nigerian.
The truth is that the truly rich people are actually givers. How you spend your money says a lot about you, so while I'm not hating.. I just may have little respect for you

Anonymous said...

Charity is an act of hypocrisy from rich people!
Most rich Nigerians base in Nigeria steal their money from the poor!
It is their goddamn fuck'n money but to help the poor is the least they can do for stealing from them!
I bet you are from a rich home, wake up one morning and find your world turned upside down then you will know how it feels to watch someone waste the money they blatantly stole from you!