Monday, October 18, 2010

i like being normal

i like being in like.
even if its with his slanted eyes and that secret tattoo on his back that noone knows about.
i like having a normal family
even if it means that i dont have any stories to tell
i liked having a happy childhood
even if it means i dont have any parents to blame for my failures
i love having parents who think im awesome
i dont believe any other person who tells me that im not
i love being past that stage where i care about what people say about me
i think i like having people talk about me
i like the fact that i've never had a boyfriend
noone ever asks me about my opinion on a relationship
i'm sorry that you think that i lead boys on
i dont have a reason, its just fun.
i like that i've accepted the fact that college is for experimenting
we wouldnt be here without it.

i like being normal.
even if it means i'm boring.

by the way, my statics test raped me big time just incase you were wondering.


Myne Whitman said...

Eh ya, pele on the test. Next time, you do the honors. I like being normal too. Drama is just too much stress.

lucci said...

Sorry about the test.
Loved your post,i miss being me, care free and goffy.
Haven't felt normal in a long time:-(

lani said...

I like posts like this; even tho ...
ran out words ... lol

ragarding the test; wa wa alright

Anonymous said...

You will be fine,take care

Anonymous said...

you will be fine in time-test

I love being normal too,i am at my very best when normal

Anonymous said...

you will be fine in time-test

I love being normal too,i am at my very best when normal

Tisha said...

I love being me.
I would never be comfortable being anyone else.

I hate having people talk about me as i like to be 'under the radar' but i'll cope since there is nothing i can do about it. I don't have to like it.

Nice ring to it, made me think

2cute4u said...

Your confidence intrigues me..
You go dear!

Anonymous said...

I really do love being me too. its sad when things just refuse to go right

Vanity said...

Normal is good. We like you normal

etoile Oye said...

Hell, no! u didnt just call me abnormal, did u? lol. like this. and u're blogging more. yay!

Miss Natural said...

We do like you normal, I mean what's the alternative, abnormal and psycho? heck no! ps you are not boring, anyone that thinks you are, ha. if only they knew.
Pele about your test. that's the way of life, we all get raped by tests at some point! BGG next time you'll be the aggressor lol

Ms.O said...

iLike you because you are normal too!

blogoratti said...

Great feel good post. How are you...