Sunday, June 12, 2011

one frog too many

so last semester was an awesome semester, i made really good grades and also had a ton of fun with awesome people, eliminated certain people from my life and basically was an all around blast.

last semester, i was also a serial dater. i went on tons of dates, some of them didn't even have a second. my friends fixed me up with so many people, it was a blast and it's even more awesome that i'm now friends with all these people especially my awesome friend carl.
the fact is: no matter how many people tell me that i'm lying, i do like being single. i am just 19, i believe i have a ton of time to get in to a serious relationship, i do not want to be tied down to a guy at this crucial time in my life. i really don't but i've learnt a ton of stuff this past semester.
my friends didn't hook me up with people they thought i was going to like, they simply did it for really selfish reasons.

- my friend hooked me up with a guy in her boyfriend's fraternity so that we could go on double dates if i liked the guy. the guy was really cute, he had the most gorgeous eyes i've ever seen, tall, blond(but you can tell that shit was bottle blond). anyway, this dude had no clue where nigeria is on the map, he asked me if 'nigeria is in europe?'. the fuck? are you serious? immediately he said that, i just got so turned off that i ended the night early by telling him that something i ate did not agree with me.
now everytime i hang out with him and his friends and we are having an argument, i always go 'this from the guy who didn't know that nigeria is in africa'.

- another memorable date i went to was with this really really cute black guy. let me first say that no matter how my friend tried to deny it, i know she set me up with this guy just because he is the only black guy she knows cos we did not have anything in common.
first of all, i have to say this guy is a nice guy and i will recommend him to any of my friends. he is unlike any other black american i have ever met, he held doors open, the way he talked about people, his pants were pulled up, he is just an all around sweetheart. the fact is i do not like push overs. i do not want a ridiculously nice guy.
okay, don't get me wrong. i do want a guy to treat me right, and be nice to my friends and i and all that mushy stuff but dude was too nice for me. i know this is a contradiction but i just couldn't handle or stand this guy anymore.

- i can't talk about this without mentioning Carl. Carl and i did not have any chemistry at all, at least on my side. we became friends right away. first of all, we got into an argument on how much social networks are important cos i said i was on facebook, tumblr, twitter and even blogger but get this: dude wasn't even on facebook. ha ha ha. i was like what?!
after that we got into an argument about Nigeria, dude knew too much about my country which was so refreshing, it showed that he had actually done his research on this girl he supposedly wanted to meet. i have to say that this is not the first time i met carl, i met him once before and he apparently asked his friend to set him up with me.
during the course of last semester, i set up a facebook account for carl who then changed his password and then refused to add anyone besides me on his facebook. so carl has only one friend on his facebook, namely moi and he spends all his time spamming me.
this dude once wrote on my wall:'*insert nickname* do not marry a nigerian, i can learn ibgo and love you in ibgo'. dude misspelt, igbo.
he is the most annoying guy i've ever met but i love him anyway. he graduated this past semester and i'm going to miss him so much. he wasn't that cute though, he was just about my height, black hair and just brown eyes but he was the funniest guy i'd ever met.

- lastly, the date with the guy i actually have a crush on. i have a huge crush on this asian guy. he is such a hottie, i swear all my friends want to kpansh him. anyway, dude and i met up for lunch, after lunch he drove me home and then we texted through out the day, he picked me up for dinner and we went to this sushi place. it was so pricey, i kept mentally checking the amount of money in my bank account cos i just did not want to be that girl who plain assumes that the guy is going to pay and then ends up embarrassing herself when the guy says:'please put on different cheques'. please note, dude and i have just been friends for the past year and a half so i wasn't going to just assume that dude wants anything to be different cos we have been talking so much lately and catching feelings. i have made myself realise that just because i am catching feelings doesnt always mean the other person is. it could be that they just enjoy your company or any of that crap.
sha sha, bill came and i just grabbed for the purse but asian guy asked the waiter to put it on one bill and asked me not to worry about it. i was so happy. usually, i ask the guy not to worry about it. i always try to pay for my stuff but to say i was broke that week is an understatement. anyway, after dinner we went laser tagging. let me say this: i suck at this game, like really suck at it. i got to loosen up though, i had a blast then on our way home we stopped over for icecream.
dude, paid for all these things oh. that day was probably the best date day i've ever had in my life.

so to say that last semester was a learning experience for me is an understatement.

have your friends ever set you up on a date before? how did it go down?!

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i finally blogged!! yay!!!



My life said...

lol @ Nigeria in Europe dnt any of my friends have set me up been on a couple of dates though

My life said...


soul child said...

lol...abi...who doesnt know where nigeria is abeg?

DIDI said...

Alot of people still think Africa is a country,we can`t blame Glad U had an awesome semester,try not to push the Good guys Away oh i beg. Nice post though..

kitkat said...

i've never been on a blind date but i'll love to do that. LOL @ the dude that didnt know where nigeria is on the map! like pssh! we are frickin glob trotters, we reside in every country on earth, if u came from namibia or sumn, i wld understand a bit lol.
It's always refreshing to see a really cool black american dude :)

Blessing said...

Nah wa o...only u???

Sounds like fun!!!

Aww @ Carl...and the asian guy...and the blk guy...

Have fun jare...ur still young!

Congrats on ur grades!!!

Etoile Oye said...

Yesterday, someone asked me about irrigation policies on the Nile river and about his friend in Uganda, all in one breath. After I had told him I was from Ghana, West Africa. smh. When I was 19, I was single too, and not even going on dates. Take all the time you want in the world, dear.

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said... do I say this without sounding really old???

Okay here goes - (If pretend dates with my hubby dont count) then the last time I went on a date was 1992 !!!! LOL

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm popping you on my blogroll so I'll be back

BSNC said...

I have never been on a blind date before. You make it sound fun though.

Gee said...

Mehn that guy dat thot Naij was in Europe takes the cake mehn! Like 4real????

Barefeet said...

wow is the word...sounds like a blast but then leads me to think sooo all these guys took u on dates and didnt want anything back like being ur ...a kiss...cos boi especially the asian guy spending so much...usually the notion is if they are spending so much there must be some reassurance that ull be their girl or something..anywhoo glad u had fun if only all guys are willing to spend and date and no string attached lol

Laurenta said...

Never been on a blind date before
i wish i had friends that will set me up lol
You make it sound like fun
People always ahve horror stories

you still have a lot of time to catch feelings jare enjoy

doll said...

i never went on a blind date before! but i set my colleague up with my friend and they are engaged now

Fragilelooks said...

i love carl. lmao @ i will learn ibgo.

yeah, my friend set me up with her friend and it was a total disaster.

Tisha said...

My friends have tried
I am too much trouble