Thursday, February 4, 2010

my birthplace

i was born in Nigeria, did i tell you that?
that part of Africa where the sun sets
the land of the dark-skinned, of the Negroids
rhythmic scenes of childhood flash by
the sounds of the laughter and cries fill my head
familiar voices waiting to come into consciousness
scary dreams deep in the hot, dark night
the evil night that filled many childhood stories
memories of the many tortoise fables under the full moon
being passed from one hand to another,
pretty names, they called i, the little light-skinned baby;
lying through their teeth
i was born into a family where a baby was never called ugly, you see.

grew up in Nigeria, yes, i did.
father's scent fill my nose as i remember.
his legs tapping on the ground
as he tries and fails in vain to master the intricate movement of dance
mother's laughter ring out in my head
mocking father with a twinkle in her eyes.
the aroma of the soup boiling over,
feet stomping on the stairs;running for food
mother shouting in the beautiful language of the igbo tribe
yes, i grew up in Nigeria.
sounds beautiful doesn't it?
a life painted with the reflective colours of words
when i go back to the numerous scenes of adolescence
i laugh, i cry, i edit my memories like a pack of gum, i didn't like all the flavors
angry words spoken, the numerous tears shed.
they never understood me - mother, father and the whole world.

i left Nigeria, did i mention that?
numerous nights ago
and just as if i was the pillar holding it all together;
everything fell apart
the world turned their backs on us
our leaders use us as the pawns in their games of turmoil
the beloved setting of my childhood,
curses rain down on the land by her children.
we leave in trodes and large numbers
my beloved birthplace,
her trees like an old woman;s breast wither and die
her kids killing each other because they don't worship together
blood means nothing anymore in my birthplace,
corruption dances in the village squares,
while money has become a known orator.
hope tries to hold tight in the people's heart,
love left a long time ago without a backward glance.
i am Nigerian, did you know that?

as night approaches with silence,
i lay on the bed and waste in tears
praying for the better tomorrow
praying for the safety of my memories
in my beloved birthplace.
im nigerian, did you know that?

fave fb. status: Just be there for the rebound and dry her tears with your cock"

ill do the unique bloggers post for my next post.
tell me what you think about the poem.
have a very good weekend.
geaux saints!!who dat!!!


neefemi said...

Nigerian and the fb quote as well

Azazel said...

Hahahahhahahahahahah @ that fb status...
Omg hahahaahhaha and as for unique bloggers post..
Lemme just put it this way, if I don't appear on it..
The red sea will part again for the 2nd time. Jk
But yep, Nigerian and proud.. Whoop Whoop

Anonymous said...

Favourite line has to be "i laugh, i cry, i edit my memories like a pack of gum, i didn't like all/ the flavors"... Don't know why that one just got to me. I guess we all do that with Naija when we are not home. We remember the suya, the music and the friends but selective amnesia blurs out the power failure and the annoying policemen on our roadsides...

Looking forward to the next post (as always :D) LOL at the status as well... Jokers...

Anonymous said...

Word Leggy...
i am 9ja and proud..

Fragilelooks said...

wow leggy,dis is so beautifuly painted. i am fiercly nigerian and love my place of birth. DAT FB STATUS IS INSANE. LMSBO

Rene said...

love the poem.
Proudly Nigerian

Miss FlyHigh said...

my darling Long Legs..

I loved this ..Your are Nigerian ..U read to go back ?

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Love love love the poem!!! It felt like I was there...beautiful!!!

lmbo @ the fb status...lolllllll

Myne Whitman said...

Loved how it started happy and became sadder. Naija, what can we say? That fb status, smh, lol. Look forward t your next post.

Sumptuous said...

I love the poem, I love Nigeria. Repping naija anyday.

SHE said...

LOL. "I was born into a family where a baby was never called ugly.

Good poem.

~Sirius~ said...

Nice poem.

And LMHO!!!! @ that FB Status. WTH!!!

Quaggar said...

Nice poem... even nicer fb status.

Neo said...

this was really good leggy, rang so true.

eeeeeeeeeeew at that FB status.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

9ja for life!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh loved this, great post. You give me joy leggy lol.

P.S: I have joined the rest of the world on twitter, what's your name so I can find you? Mine's cliquechick. I know it sounds weird but practically everything else was taken lol.


shorty said...

Love this poem,permission to steal??
Yea Proudly Nigerian.

ha00050 said...

love love love the poem
fav line: 'the aroma of soup boiling over. feet stomping on the stairs running for food'

Sugarking said...

Damn it Leggy!!! I have seriously underrated your writing prowess!!!! Chai!!!

Anonymous said...

Really well written!! Kudos!..

Andrea said...

Leggychukwu baby.. this is good. lol @ facebook status.

Andrea said...

I had to read this again. very good."my beloved birthplace"

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

i rep naija all day.,..everyday

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Deep and profound!!! That fb status is rib cracking

Repressed One said...

You write really likey this mucho!!

LOL@ that!

~B~ said...

iLike the way you write, did I mention that??

Bubbles said...


Tisha said...

I am Nigerian
abi naija 4 life

My world said...

Nice girl!
I love!!!

Couldnt send over ma "why are you unique?" mail cos its so long,so I put it up as a could check it out!

la~pimpette said...

Don't think I've ever commented... but damn this was sooo good!! Loved it!!
& yes! Go Saints!!!!! I really hope they win!

muyiwa said...

yeah well written ,we all are bloody nigerian

histreasure said...

i co-sign ~B~..she wrote exactly what went through my mind as i read it...this was a great piece

yankeenaijababe said...

na you biko, love love this post...thanks for the get well wish. Miss ya Leggy

Miss Natural said...

leggy you are on my mind oh. hope you're good. anyway i have a backlog of comments lol...i will get there, working my way slowly. eventually.

Anonymous said...

aww i rlly luv dis!