Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy :-)-->totally random

i'm feeling so much better thanks to you guys.
i spoke to my dad today and he made me laugh so much that when i dropped the phone i realised that i have so much to be thankful for.
so what if im a little tired of some people? there are still many people out there that genuinely care about me and want me to stay happy.
its been so long since i did a random here, so im going to do a random today!!

- its funny how everytime i want something unnecessary from my dad, i say:'well..unless you cant afford it..' and the man will reply saying 'expect it the day after tomorrow'.my dad has soo much pride eh, i actually learnt that trick from my mum who uses it like all the time! its funny how the man has 5 girls plus my mum who use this trick on him and he still hasnt caught up.*shakes head*

- i love music.sometimes, i'd listen to a song and think:'thats exactly how im feeling'. songs make me realise that someone somewhere has already gone through what im going through and that my problem isnt unique.it helps me a lot.
i also just realised that johannes brahms' lullaby was the piece that my mum used to 'sing' and my dad used to whistle to me during bedtime when i was little.
im currently hooked on secrets by one republic.
i dont really like rap cos apart from 5 rap artists that i actually listen to(jay,eminem,TI,kanye and drake), others dont really make sense.i just cant listen to something that i cant really say 'this is what this song is talking about'.im starting to get into B.O.B though.

-i'm a big book fan.I'd read anything.
someone actually advised me to lose myself in a book because of my last post and i took your advise and read sidney sheldon's memories of midnight.it was okay.
i'm a huge harry potter fan-->i cant count how many times ive reread those books.
random fact:the only book more translated than the harry potter series is the Bible.

-i'm not a very religious person.i go to church, i strongly believe in God but im just not that religious.i try to pray often though and i try to be a good person.i really strive to be good.
i try very hard to at least obey the golden rule:'do to others what you would like them to do to you'.
i dont understand people who would do something continuously to someone and then when people turn around and do the same to them they act surprised.
i once heard someone say:'because of the way i insult people, these people are now ganging up to insult me'-->what did you expect?!that they'd lie dormant while you insult them?smh

- have you ever had a crush on someone for like forever and suddenly you just snap out of it?!
i used to like this boy and when he asked me out i just realised:'gosh, i dont want to date him!!what did i see in him in the first place?!'..i let him down easy though.i didnt actually say that i dont like him.sometimes, i think he thinks that i still like him.*rolls eyes*

-19 is the age that my dad would let me have a boyfriend.it used to be 20 until we reached a compromise.a lot of people wonder why i kept to this age thing when my dad is like 3000miles away and wouldn't know if i had a boyfriend.i'm really close to my dad, trust me, he'd find out.i can't keep things from my dad,he always finds out.plus i just feel like my dad has sacrificed so much for his girls(thats what he calls my sisters, my mum and i), if this is the only thing he wants in return then its fine with me.its not like i even want a boyfriend now sef,
purpose of this particular info:im turning 19 in a little over 2 months.
i dont know if i should be excited.shrug. 19 is such an unimportant age.

-A lot of times when i say that ive never worn weaves(and dont see myself wearing one) people think im dissing weaves.nope, i dont care what anyone does with their hair cos frankly, no matter what anybody says its your hair.i just prefer braids or wearing my hair out thats all.

- in a lot of ways, i feel like if i had stayed in nigeria for college, my life would have been a whole lot easier and better.more friends for one. i dont really have close friends here, whenever i have issues i still call my old classmates who are all scattered around the America. i cant wait to move out of my apartment complex though.im tired of everything here.

currently listening to: daughtry - september
i really like my poetry class.i had to write a 7 paged essay and it's worth 20% of my grade.if i make an A in it then im guaranteed an A in the class so my fingers are crossed.
my physics class on the other hand isnt going too well....one of the things that is seriously depressing me.
so apparently, im underweight. i'm trying to gain 10pounds so ive been eating a lot of meat which i really dont think is going to help because thats all ive always eaten and i never gain weight.
everytime i pass a mirror or a reflective door, i look at my reflection, does that make me vain?
i have this really good friend of mine who is becoming to matured eh, its now such a pleasure having a conversation with her.

have a great week,


Myne Whitman said...

Glad you're feeling better. Your dad sounds like such a cutie, wound round your little finger, lol.

I love books and music too. Next of course is movies. Very therapeutic when you need them.

ps, abeg add weight o before breeze carry you comot. :)

BBB said...

awwww am like that with my dad too

love d randomness of this

histreasure said...

so u r wrapping the big man round your lil finger? that's y he's ur dad tho..

Blessing said...

Ur dad's so cute! I'm a daddy's girl 21 ;-)

I'm glad that ur feeling better!!!

Good luck wit your classes dear...hope u do well!

Azazel said...

Lol very interesting psot, ur dad is nice..
Lol @ am not religious but I believe in God..
Haha ur the second person that has said that to me and it always cracks me up

kay9 said...

Been a while since i came around; hope you're totally outta the blues now.

Went through your older posts, left me chuckling all through. U r ok, girl.

@azazel: umm, she didn't exactly say it to u.

Azazel said...

Kay9 since when did u become leggy's mouthpiece?
Mind ur bizness abeg.

oroque said...

okay, so i saw you read my blog post and i followed you here. you write better than i do and i totally feel young again just reading the openness in your words.

lovely post. don't ever stop putting those thoughts down. :)

kay9 said...

@azazel: dude chill. it was an observation.

Miss Natural said...

And she's back!!!!! good that you're feeling much better. I love books too! Your dad is soo cool, dads are truly awesome! I always thought you were religious, but I completely agree with you if what i'm thinking is what you meant to write. Religious as per affiliating yourself with a particular group without the spirit. Once again i'm glad you're cheered up now

♥Blu Yamamoto♥ said...

lol..i just like the randomness of this post, I really feel you on the music thing some times when I get a certain feeling a song comes to mind and I just listen to that song...funny how no matter how much I like a book, I can never read it 2ce...lol.

neefemi said...

i loved memories of midnight...sidney sheldon is one of the few writers whose books i rbr by name...io tend to read books and not care who writes them...

nways, having a great relationship with one's dad is an awesome thing...

2cute4u said...

Hmmm, Loved the life trip...

Original Mgbeke said...

Awww you stayed true to your pops, that is wssup. Well 19, knocketh so who are the prospects? hehe.

Anonymous said...

Haha I can't believe your dad hasn't caught on till now! Nice one :)

Vanity said...

Aaaw glad you're feeling better.