Wednesday, August 29, 2012

self proclaimed nice boys.

there are few things i hate in life more than i hate self proclaimed nice guys. you know, those guys who think you should be dating them because according to them, they are nice. the fact that you think that because you're nice some girl is required to date you is so fucking stupid, it's almost delusional.
i've been asked out a bunch of times by this guy that most of my friends know and recently, i told the guy that i'm just not attracted to him and silly boy sends me a long ass email telling me how i'm never going to meet anyone that is as 'nice' as him and how maybe when i actually have a boyfriend and end up with a dick then i'll know what i missed and how 'nice guys finish last' and all girls are always complaining about 'dating arseholes when they choose them themselves'. so, this 'nice' guy thinks he's so 'nice' but he sends me a long arse email telling me how i'm going to end up with an arsehole boyfriend because i turned him down. wow. how nice of him to remind me why i should be dating him.
i have no patience for boys who parrot the whole 'nice guys finish last' stupid crap. no, that girl does not want to date you because she doesn't like you.
i was totally going to ignore said boy but i got on tumblr to tumblr away my anger and lo and behold, i find this bullshit of a facebook comment on my TL. so this boy thinks this girl owes him something because he has been 'nice' to her. he thinks calling her out on facebook and insulting her infront of all her friends and family is to show her how 'nice' he's been to her. obviously, all this niceness is obviously in his head because he just ended up being a dick to her on facebook.

self proclaimed nice boys are the fucking worse and no one owes you shit because you think you're nice.



Summer said...

i am quite familiar with this specie of guys. pathetic.

Myne Whitman said...

Not a nice look at all.

Nutty J. said...

What was the aim of that Facebook comment?

Original Mgbeke said...

Nice guys should accept thier niceness and quit walking around with that "nice men finish last" complex. Also, there is a difference between a nice guy and a pushover, they need to recognize that too.