Friday, August 10, 2012

the universe is freaking bringing me a man y'all

So, i was talking to my friend recently and she was telling me how the universe gives us everything we want if we're just bold enough to ask and put it out there (which is funny because i've been asking for money since forever but okay). So, she told me that she met her boyfriend a week after she wrote a list of everything she wants in a guy and put it up on a board in her room, looked at it every morning so as not to forget, and just let the universe bring him into her life. Viola!! 7 days later, honey walks into her life. I know her boyfriend, he's amazing and he's everything she's ever wanted but still, the universe? sigh. i'm quite skeptical to say the least. Did we suddenly stop believing in coincidence around here? i laughed so hard and she said i should just try it and actually try to believe that the universe will send me my heart desires. i'm really liking this universe, people. this universe doesn't even ask for much, just write what you want people and leave it out for the universe to see and send you exactly what you want. she even asked me to do a vision board which actually sounds interesting. I believe in this as much as i believe in astrology which is not at all.
then she goes the whole 'what if it actually exists?' route. sigh. it doesn't hurt does it? so i wrote what i want. do you think the universe takes height and weight requirements too? gosh, i really hope so. can't have the universe sending me a short man y'all.

this is the list i wrote:

- kindness: i want a kind boy. kindness is very high on my list, i want to be with someone who i know is kind to people. you can tell a lot about other people by how they treat strangers and close family. kindness is so underrated these days. i swear, especially on twitter, people lash out like they have a quota of meanness that they absolutely have to dish out a day.

- friends: i absolutely want someone to be my friend. anyone i can talk to and feel comfortable around, i know i can absolutely marry. i'm one of those people who can absolutely do without being head over heels in love with someone. i was giving my very close friend advice about her ex-boyfriend and she threw the classic 'you're only saying this because you've never been in love' in my face. yes, i've never been in love and i don't think i want to be either.

- sexual chemistry - i guess this is pretty important.

- ambitious: my dad is probably the most ambitious man i've ever met. i can't imagine ever even being friends with someone with no ambition talk more of marrying this said person. people with absolutely no ambition in life need to stay away from me, universe.

everything else is pretty negotiable for me as long as he is not short(ha!!).

i'm just asking that the universe wait a couple more years, 20 years and counting and i'm still enjoying being single because of reasons. so yeah, if you're single and getting old, it's your fault, obviously. the universe has just been there waiting for you to write it already, the universe is not going to beg people. it's not.

i hope y'all are having a good summer. my summer was horrible. i'm applying to grad school this upcoming semester, i really hope i get in and get an assistantship or something.

let me know what would be on your list to the universe. you never know, i guess.



JUGZ said...

Hmmm..... to think that i've had d universe at my beck and call all these years and i'm stil single!! looking for A4 size paper to write my

EDJ (Ego Du Jour) said...

Leggy, you wont go and find husband. Your mates are finding husband and you are there waiting for the universe. When it will bring you an alien that is when you will know.

I am happy for your friend, though I can't help but wonder what happens if that new boyfriend doesn't work out. The universe has return policy, right?

Summer said...

the universe has been sending them to me for many years now and i still havent made a perfect choice. my current single-state is by choice too though. and yes i have a list too :D

Shanahfication said...

I don't have a list for what I want in a man!! I should look into it.

Nutty J. said...

You and your friend no just well at all... hahahaha

Cant help laughing at this universe thing

@adebsrk said...

Thank the Universe 'cause here I am

Tisha Smith said...

the universe did not die on a cross for you
i certainly don't want the universe to send me one
God is already sending me one
I am wondering how on earth people can believe in
universe and refuse to believe in God? Very weird!

Fragilelooks said...

well said Tisha. and Leggs do not forget, that as a man thinks in his heart , so is he. what u believe will produce the result you want it to see. the power of your thoughts.