Friday, November 20, 2009

friends:hate 'em?love 'em?

there are 2 kinds of friends:
-those ones you can tell the truth
- and those ones that you cant.

one of my friends like that, ive talked about her on my blog before so im just going to call her friend 1, this girl has more than 5 boyfriends, no kidding.
she nevers says no to a guy and she tells me about all these guys but i dont react or say anything bad cos well, she will burst out with insults.
everytime a guy asks me out and i tell her, she tells me to agree, that i should just agree, and when i say i lovee being single, she tells me that i still have secondary school diseases, and that ill make a bad girlfriend/wife anyway(im not denying that ill make a bad girlfriend but way to go friend 1, plunge in the knife deeper will you?).

she has boyfriends in every country in the world, okay im exaggerating but every country that matters....nigeria, UK, america, it!!
she has 3 in nigeria, just in nigeria oh, and these threee people live with in a 2hour radius from each other...sigh, she prides herself on being the major femme fatale and she says things like 'its not my fault that my body is killing these men'(does she really have to say this to me?when im already too skinny, no breasts, no ass, no nothing!!seriously?).

now, she has a new 'boo' in her school who is chasing her(or shes chasing the boy, i forget).
when i did my birthday, i sent her a birthday list and what i sent her was just a shoe to wasnt up to 25bucks, she told me she was broke and that she was going to buy it later, once someone tells me that the person is broke, i back off cos well, you dont pick money from the ground or trees...fastforward 2 days, exactly 2 days, she comes to me and tells me that shes buying that her 'boo' a present...a cake, a card and a very expensive set of perfume(you know the ones that have a cologne, and all those other ish)...uhhh...but you didnt have 25bucks for a friend?
you know, im not even tripping, now if this 'boo' was her boyfriend, men i'd just realise that we are different, but they are not oh.this boy has refused to ask her out!!
she walks him to class, spends money on him...and gives him bjs, lets him borrow her car....and this boy still hasnt asked her out.

on the other hand, there is my good friend berry, i tell her the truth and she tells me the truth. and i get along with her better cos well, we are more alike, we think about stuff in the same way, we just rock(actually we dont, but you guys dont know im such a loser in real life...sigh, the wonders of a blog!).lol
so my friend berry, tells friend 1 that she is spending wayyy to much time, money and strength on a guy who isnt even her boyfriend, and friend 1 sparks and goes into the name calling:
list of names:
-you are jealous that you dont have a real man in your life: lmao...real men?
- ashawo and whore: i dont actually mind these insults, cos when people call me this, it actually implies that im getting some action when im getting nothing at all.
-unattractive:..uhhh?serious?i dont know where this insult came from cos that my friend berry is HOT!!ask anyone!atleast shes hotter than friend 1
- noone wants her: this is a really sad insult for me to hear, sigh, cos noone wants me too(see why berry and i get along?we are both

my friend 1 called berry a lot of things that i fi tell you, you'd cringe, i mean seriously? cos of a boy that isnt even your boyfriend?mind you she has asked the boy about the realtionship part and the boy said that..'he wants to take it slow' but this same boy is the same boy that she has given blow jobs too(he didnt think of given the slow speech here) and this same boy told her that its about time they had sex(no slow here either).
im such a wimp, i could never say this to her cos i really really hate confrontations, i dont mind the quarrel that follows soon after cos if i may say so im a pro in quarreling(any respectable nigerian who had primary and secondary education there should be too), i just dont like the insult and name calling part cos there are a lot of things you can insult me a loser, im too skinny, i think sleeping is fun, i cant sing...and the list goes on.
so this blog is the only place i can feel brave to say whatever i want.
the people who made me lose my other blog are prolly reading this and i just want to say..'you guys made me lose 95 posts on my blog!'. if you are my friend and you find my blog, its pure courtesy to tell me that you found it and that you are reading it instead of reading it and then go about whining about how im talking about you, mschewww.get a life please, i dont talk about boring people on my blog.
anyway, im so over this blog thing.
technically this is my 98th post!!
im so celebrating my 100th post!!
and i put back the followers ish, i dont care, im just going to rebuild this blog again!!

so macy d'funk labunk wrote me a poem:
To all of the songs I wish to write someday
With the details of sins I hope I get the chance to commit
There would always be the tale of the confused teenager with the beautiful legs
Who had good days and bad like everyone else
But was shy to the beauty she was
And shared with the rest of us eager bloggers
And how her words touched us, made us, and taught us
Or how ahead of the rest she was and how we dragged behind her
With the A's in her tests, and fixation on womens chests
She remains the tale that lasts for ages
Lives forever in our hearts and is passed on to our grandchildren.
The song for all ages, the no 1 hit I can't wait to write.

sigh,dont you just love this?i feel so loved(lol).
thanks macy.made me feel so much better.



Bubbles said...

seems like your friend 1 has some issues!
there's only so much you can say to a girl like that. ignore her eventually she'll die away

shorty said...

Hmmn nawa 4 your friend 1,as bubbles said just ignore her.
Nice poem.

FASCHE said...

Errr...WOW @ "friends"

I empathize with u...I shall celebr8 ur 100th post as well with u!

sweetness said...

I see it this way
no two girls are the same
Thats why it can be a huge task when you have two close friends
or not
its either they complement each other
or they just dont blend
lol at the sloooow bj part
we all have our lil faults
how are u dear?
take care

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Nice one here...

Azazel said...

Mehn leggy forreal though, somebody made u lose ur blog? How did they do that?
cus that honestly sucks..
I feel u @ not able to tell some friends the truth..
Idk why, if I feel like am not able to tell a friend the truth about their lives, i tend to avoid them and just ignore them..

chayoma said...

celebration jalore!

Original Mgbeke said...

Friend 1 definitely has issues. Awww, you lost the old blog. My dear abeg don't even pay no mind to anonymous readers. Keep on blogging!

Mz. Eniola said...

u still have google reader. i have u on der too! frend 1..i hate dat stuff cuz i go out of my way 4 my frends so wen dey strt actn stoopid it annoys me! 25 box? hisss

Sugarking said...

"she walks him to class, spends money on him...and gives him bjs, lets him borrow her car....and this boy still hasnt asked her out.

-True Player for real!! I bet she'll soon say she's just with him cos he's good in bed!!!

Anonymous said...

*sigh!* here's what I think you should do: tie friend one to a chair and you and berry drill a hole in her skull and check if there's anything in there 'cuz I'm guessin' you'll come up empty. Or strike oil! Either way, I doubt there'll be any greys or whites in there (matter I mean).
That girl needs to take the isht outta her mouth so she can think with her head. Damn!
And berry sounds like a very good friend, hold on to that one!

musco said...

love ur 'spirit'!

nice blog(1st time here).

Rita said...

When I was much younger, I had this friend I did not like. You know why - she told me the truth! Very painful truths that I hated and I bluntly refused to listen to her.

Today, she is in the list of my few best friends because I realized 2 things 1)she wanted the best for me and 2) she did not let go though I kept myself from her (I did not want to hear any more truths).

Bottom line is, as long as you are giving constructive feedback to your friend No. 1, it is okay to tell her the truth. It may mean nothing to her now but sometime in the future, when the chips are down, she will remember the words you told her. We actually need to be our brothers/sisters keepers.

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders (hope I am using the right figure of speech) and you are objective, but you can take it a step further by helping ur friend not to get into too much trouble. Hope you don't get all the bashings that berry got if you open your mouth :-)

Good friends are hard to find. Do keep Berry and reciprocate the love.

Take care and be good.

sunnyside said...

lucky you.. nice poem

BBB said...

The conclusive truth is that friend1 is a MAGA abi MUGU or is it MEGE i forget lol,
she might think shes a playa but that guy has recognized her for who she really is-a MUMU-and he is sucking her dry....

tunrayo said...

i want someone to write me a poem :(

okay, i think there should be only one kinda friend: the one you can tell the truth to. and if the friendsip is true and you know your friend well, you'll know the right way to tell him/her what they need to hear even if they dont want to...and they would understand that you are not trying to be mean but that you truely care.

although, i dont like the sound of friend 1. but she's not my friend and im sure she has some good sides if not you wont still be friends with her. as long as she doesnt rub off wrongly on you and as long as she doesnt affect you negatively, i dont have much to say.

but berry sounds like a keeper

tunrayo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N.I.M.M.O said...

Stop saying stuff like ' .. I'm such a loser .. '.

No matter how much you try you can't disappear; people will continue to see you. The question is what do you want them to see?

Nice poem there.

Nice blog too.

leggy said...

lol@nimmo...that was actually supposed to be a joke.

ManCee said...

Question on m mind is "WHY do you hang around friend1? or let her hang around?"
You secretly admire her escapades or na wetin?
Congrats on the 100th...champagne popping...
*wink wink*

Dazzle! said...

hey Leggy! I'm the last to know you moved :(

@Rita: thumbs up

Ebony~!* said...

glad you are back!

Rita said...

@Dazzle!: Thank you.

bonnie said...

leggy you keep moving. i can't keep up lol! had to find out from yinkusolo.

Tisha said...

you are just so crazy

never never never
leave your blog for anyone
how are you?

Fragilelooks said...

ur friend must be a dodo head. all that madness for a guy that's not her bobo. tufiakwa.
so good to have you back jare. and as tisha said never leave blog for someone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rita's comment.

Nice poem there from your friend.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

friends come in all shapes and sizes as long as you know what each shape and size will definitely get no surprises.

bonnie said...

sorry about losing all your posts.

friend 1 is a weird don't even need that kind of a friend in your life to be honest. friends are supposed to elevate you..not bring you i dont even think she's your "friend"