Tuesday, November 17, 2009


this week has just been crazy.
found out i wasnt so annon as i wanted or thought.so i decided to take a break from blogging, i proceeded to delete the blog because google promised me i could get it back in 90 days if i changed my mind.and i was going to come back after a while but when someone gave me a better idea on how to prevent unnecessary people from reading my blog,i decided to come and undelete to no avail.
yinkuslolo offered to send me all my post cos she has it on google reader.
i have four tests this week, i have finals immediately after thanks giving, the hours i work just increased.
my laptop broke down monday morning oh, i was in bed and the thing was on top of my bed and i rolled over and the thing fell down and now everytime i turn it on it says operating system not found.
my dad has been pushing me to tell him where i want to spend christmas and frankly i have no idea, my two very good friends are having problems with each other and because i refused to take sides or chip in anything in their quarell, one of them isnt talking to me.
i have two papers and a final project due by thanks giving, its getting so cold now i miss naija'!!
lol.with all these going on im going to be scare on blogville but i got you all on google reader(hanks yinkuslolo)....im going to probably be stalking your blogs and leaving comments.
its 6:45 and im here in the library typing this waiting for 7:30 so that i can go take my test.seriously, i don tire.

if you guys havent seen the 'christmas in lagos' video, then you are on a long thing.i personally think its hot.
see you guys on your blogs.


shorty said...

All the best dear.Hp you get your laptop repaired soon.We would miss you.

Sugarking said...

Leggylicious Leggy! you 2 mush jare. Your PC can't find its OS? That's just Wicked!! lol. Hope it has some good warranty tho?


oh you poor thing! Was just at Yinkus's blog and heard of your plight! Kpele. Laptop issues, blogger wahala and tests? Keep your head up. You will look back at this time and laugh.

Will be back. By the way, there are a couple blogger sites that discuss various blog tips and tricks. bloggerbuster, bloggertricks...there are a whole bunch of them. If you send me a Tweet I can corral a few more links for you, okay?


Check this link out in the meantime -

Smileyfreak said...

Hope the laptop stops being a pain.Good luck with the tests :) I saw your comment on another blog saying your not that excited about the arrival of New Moon,me too! lol :)

sweetness said...

sorry bout ur blog dear
This week hasnt been your week at all
but look at the good side it can only get better!
Are u talking about The all stars video
I just searched for it
am gonna watch it as soon as i fimish commenting
Gudluck with tests exams and all

Bubbles said...

you should take it easy.
if you count all the things that you gotta do
or all the problems you have... they are gonna seem like really really huge
deep breaths!

sorry about your blog and laptop
and I'm spending christmas here... working
if that makes you feel better

Azazel said...

Wow so sorry leggy..
This is real sad..
Which one is christmas in lagos?
I want to see it..

~Sirius~ said...


only you!!!


Be easy.....

PS: what's Christmas in Lagos?

Anonymous said...

That is a lot for one week but pele, you'll be fine. Oh should go home for Christmas if you miss home that much, it's always fun to see family :)

Good luck in your tests, I'm sure you'll ace them anyway..

muyiwa said...

Hey how did you lost your blog, i wanted to enter but refused,thought you finally made up your mind,so how come?,maybe we can find a solution

blogoratti said...

Hey hang in there..all the best as you try to move ahead.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Just Hang in there!!!
all the best in your exams

chayoma said...

Christmas in Lagos.
Wish i cld say that too..

*Nice vid by the way*

Good luck

histreasure said...

oh dear, so much on your neck i must say..
be strong and hang in there..don't let the frustrations keep you down..

all the best in your exams

Miss Natural said...

I could have sworn I commented. I spent ages looking for my comment to realise it wasnt even there. Pele, we all have these moments and we all rise above them, your story wont be any different. I hope you do get your blog back! Ill check out the Christmas in lagos video too.