Tuesday, November 24, 2009

to the woman i currently love

dont worry, im still not gay, still havent changed my mind.
anyway,yinkuslolo finally sent me all my posts through my mail and i was reading them over and realised that i rarely ever talked about my mum in my post..yup, there was a post called mummy said so but when i was reading it i realised that i never actually talked about what she was like, how i felt growing up with her. and i think the reason for this is because my mum is really quiet, while my dad is really loud, like in your face loud, like never shuts up loud(i still love you dad) so i guess in my memories my dad kinda overshadowed my mum and it probably doesnt help matters much that my dad calls me everyday, you;d think that man would give up by now.

anyway, my mum is such a beautiful woman and im not just saying that. my mum is gorgeous, everyone says so and my dad says so all the time, and my friends always tell me the same thing, my teachers commented, my dad's friends thought she was hot, everyone mentioned my mum's looks. i guess you now know without saying who i get my ugliness from...lol, dont mind me my dad is fine too, he looks like an older femi brenard and im not just saying that!!

growing up with my mum was like growing up with an adolf hitler but 100 times worse (okay, y'all know im exagerrating right?), my mum always got us to do what she wanted us to do with her eyes, i always felt like yelling ..'talk woman talk!!'...she'd look at you through her left eyes when you;d refuse to do something and then she'd turn and leave, im telling you noone has ever found out what she left to do cos that look always sent us running up from our beds.
my mum never gave us any of those sex talks, never mentioned marriage, still doesnt mention it...my dad handles all that. i know, i know, i come from a dysfunctional family and im proud of it(took years of therapy to get here but im proud of it now,lol). my mum is an only child so she grew up being pampered and ish but it never occurred to her to give us the same treatment ofcourse, sigh, parents!

but i still love my mum more than i do my dad, and even though my dad likes to think that we love him more, we really dont. my mum is the kind of person you can talk about anything with, shes the kind of mother that you come back from a bad day and cry to, my mum is always there for us, when i talk to my dad on the phone it reminds me of why i was so intent on schooling abroad, my dad is so over protective of 'his babies' but my mum gives us our space and i love her for that. everytime i speak to my mum on the phone i always feel like crying cos i miss her so so so much!!

my mum never picked up our phones, even when it'd be in her hands and she never read my textmessages even to check anything, and it really made me not want to disappoint her cos those little acts gave me a feeling that she trusted me and i loved her for it. she'd always let boys come to visit me at home and she knew all my guy friends by name, when she'd come to pick me up from school the boys of my class always went to greet her and she'd call them by their names and they'd talk and ish and it always made me so proud of her and made her look really cool to my classmates.
everytime i'd say that my mum shouted at me m friends never believed me and they always commented on the fact that im just saying that cos my mum doesnt look like she could hurt a fly....they always looked at my mum like some kinda delicate flower but my mum always killed us when we did something bad.

my mum would always tell us the truth, no matter what, she always told us the truth and maybe thats why we felt so close to her.my mum never argued, i dont know where i get this urge to argue from , but it sure wasnt from my mum, my dad would always argue with someone and my mum wouldnt even put in a word, when that person would leave my mum will be like.'you know you werent even making sense right?' and my dad would laugh and say..'i know, but that man has no spine, it felt so good'.if we couldnt afford something my mum would tell us that we couldnt afford it and till now i never have the urge to buy something that i cant afford, i'd be the first person to let anyone know that the main reason i wasnt going to buy something is because i cant afford it, my mum taught me to be proud of who i am and love my self regardless of other people.my mum was such a loner, she'd rarely go to people's house except very very few of her friends' houses and then the numerous places my dad always dragged her to to show her off.i got that from her, im a big loner, i can sleep for hours, i can go a month without talking to anyone, i dont watch lots of television and ive learnt not to run away from my own company cos if i dont enjoy me noone else will.

this post is getting kinda long, but bottom line, my mum is one hell of a woman and when im rich, she's going to get to do all the things she couldnt do cos she was taking care of 6 kids and one caring, sweet but really loud husband....and if i grow up being just a quarter of the woman that she is...

p.s: so yesterday, a guy from my lab called me, we had checked out our stuff from the lab when he asked me for my number, we were lab partners and we talked a lot while waiting for our chemicals to do what ever the text books said they were supposed to do.so anyway we got to know each other and so at the end of lab we exchanged our numbers and he proceeded to call me yesterday.meanwhile before that i watched this girl's videos on youtube and she said 'OOooh baby i know!!' and the way she said it was so nice that it stuck to my head all day and i kept repeating it in my head. so when this guy called me yesterday night and we were talking he now told me that i made an impression on him during lab class and guess what i said?yup...'OOooh, baby i know'. im sure now the guy thinks i like him but no, i really dont do vanilla but i still thought me just blotting that out like that was really funny and everytime i remember it i crack up!!

p.p.s: just started my thanksgiving hols, a couple of days of sleeping, ooh, bliss!!
~~ "All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."
-- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)~~
~~ "To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power."
-- Maya Angelou~~
~~the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world~~


muyiwa said...

Maybe i should also write to the man i love,lol

Tricia said...

To your mother and all mothers like her!

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Reminds me of my mum...LOVE U MAMA!!!

Quaggar said...

Aren't mums just the best? OOooh, baby i know!


Tisha said...

welcome back leggy...

lol @"o baby i know"
you know you are crazy right but thats why i love you.
(not gay sha! lol)

chayoma said...

Oh my goodness, my mum is an expert at the eye talking thingy. Wow.
Number one thing she detests is a lie.

Love you mama :)

FASCHE said...

MOTHERS, what would we do without them?
THE EYE TALK---Makes my soul do the cartwheels and my liver cringe!

Myne Whitman said...

Mothers are the good but I think I love my dad more. Good parents are the bestest sha, I love mine to bits and thank God everyday for them and my siblings. Nice write-up

Miss Natural said...

awww your mum sounds like one heck of a woman!! she reminds me of my dad, esp the loner part lol. my mum is exactly like your dad and mostly I love my dad more lol. I really enjoyed reading it, and in Jesus name you will make it and provide for your mum just like you want to. lol ooooh baby...who knows leggy, this might be the start of something new *wink*

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this write up Leggy. Mums are the best. I am glad you love your mum. God will keep her healthy and sound to enjoy you and your kids.Amen

My mum is my best treasure in the world. She is one in a million. I praise and thank God for her all the time. She knows that I love her dearly.

Fragilelooks said...

if u get mama, love ur mama.cuz mama no dey two. i love my mum too but somethings abt her i dread to find in me.

sunnyside said...

i totally get you on the eyes thing, sounds familiar. thank God for your mum anyway am sure she's the best

Rene said...

wtf? jus realized u lost ur blog and i'm angry cuz i probably didn't get to read some of ur post dt i missed.

ur mum really sounds nice and d eyes thing remind me so much of my mum

shorty said...

Mothers are just the best. I loveeee my mum so much,i keep on wondering how the world would be witout her.

Lol @ the ooooh baby i know.

Azazel said...

I loved this leggy, and ur momsy is splendid. And maybe more parents should definitely try to be like her. My mom always told us the truth, always. even when she did stuff that was wrong, she would come and apologise.

yankeenaijababe said...


aww such a sweet post dedicated to your mummy. I like, hope you have a fun thanksgiving, am off from blogging for the rest of the week. Stay cutie.

histreasure said...

moms are the best..they're just awesome..thus, a tribute to am mom is such a wonderful thing..

and Gawd,that side eye thing eh..'nuff said

bonnie said...

i love my mum soo much tooo.
even after all my rebelling when i was young..like after all my shouting back, getting angry and complaining that she doesn't love me, the same day she would still be the only one to stay up late at night with me when i'm scared...or take care of me when i'm sick.

she always said :"after carrying you for 9months, no mother can not not love her child"

and she always got me my fav presents.

My World said...

wow girl!!!

Afrobabe said...

Your mum sounds like a really lovely person...wish I could be like that...lol