Wednesday, November 18, 2009


thanks for your comments on my last post made me feel so much better.
i removed the follower application on this blog cos looking at it makes me just want to cry, from 122 to 1follower.sigh.
i had a funny picture for you guys but this computer at the library wont let me post it, so just laugh like i really did put it off.think of how funny it would have been and laugh.

anyway, since ive been writing this blog, do i seem gay to you guys?a co-worker today told me that she always thought i was gay!!!



do i come off as gay?
i do love a woman's body..and i google it a lot..maybe cos people dont get as prudish when they see you looking at amber, as they get when they see you google a guy.hiss
so incase you've always thought that im gay.
no, im not.

you know the kind of friend i dont like?
that one that always ask...'do you think im attractive?'
when i think of how many of those kinds of questions that ive gotten from girls, i think maybe they do think im gay.
but no, besides that, please dont ask me that.
i have more problems of my own.
or that person who tries to fish for compliments from you.
they go like...
'hey, you look so cute in that shoe, i dont look cute at all'
and then so that you dont sound rude you gotta say:
'aww, no, you look cute too'.

is it only me or does christmas actually smell like christmas in nigeria?
i cant smell christmas here.
im broke so the chance of buying a ticket is getting lower and lower.
yesterday, i was so bored that i talked to my friend for 4hours.
im such a loser.
i watched 'for the love of ray j'.
is it only me or are those girls psycho?
that thing is actually interesting.
its my shame show. that one that i dont ever admit that i like.
my roommate and i watch it and its our little secret.
sigh,im such a loser.

am i the only one who doesnt like it when people show up unannouced?
like seriously?
doesnt your phone work anymore?
when my house is all untidy
and i just finished cooking...sigh.
and there is a naked girl...or guy in my room..ha ha ha.
i should stop making such jokes.
and start paying attention to details
whisper:thats what she said last night.

a new episode of south park is showing today.
cant wait.
im a south park addict and since i lost my laptop to the dust.
ive been having withdrawal symptoms
so i hope it gets fixed tonight.hopefully.

sometimes i really hate this country and most of all my school.
sometimes i really hate the people here.
they never mind their own business.
always pokenosing into other people's business.
and if you meet someone who tell you:
'i cant tell you another person's business'
before you even ask.
hmmm,that person has a big mouth.
just saying.
but its not like ive not met some great people here.
i have.totally.but the bad people still outnumber the good.
like these two sisters i really love.
they are the few nice people ive met here.

you know that your friend that you cant hate?
yeah that one that you cant say no to?
i hate this friend,
i mean i love her, but i want to hate her.
two of my friends are quarrelling anf because i refused to take sides, one of them isnt talking to me.
girls and their drama.sigh!!

im signing out now, after today then im yours forever!!!
today is my last full class day.
im thinking of travelling to dallas for christmas.
and someone said she thinks i should go home if i miss naija so much.
i want to.
but my folks wont let me.
yeah, those people who try to make you miserable till you get married?yes, those people!!

have you guys heard about the genevieve and omotola film coming out called ije?
seems it will be really good.cant wait.
you should google..ije the movie.
p.s:im sure at the end of this post, i already sound gay-er than ever.sigh.
maybe i should really roll to the other side.
jokes like these are going to get me into trouble with my mum oneday...(or yours.)lol


sweetness said...

I heard about Ije
The pictures look nice
Oh n so does the christmas in lagos song u wrote about in ur last post
i hate when ppl come unannounced
i get cooold lol
then they say 'why are u moody?'
loool not like a gay kiss oh!
dats me being naughty

Myne Whitman said...

I heard of Ije, reminded me of blood sisters which they did together too. I'm sure this one will be even better.

So you can't recover your old URL? I'll add you on this one for now. Take care, OK, huggs

chayoma said...

heard of it. Hopefully is good!

South Park fan right here. Don't get why people don't love it :)

I DO detest unannounced guests.
My new motto: if i dn't feel like it, i aint doing it.
In plain English: if i dnt want u ova at my place, i am kicking u to the curb and apologizing later. :)

Have it all figured out.

U gay? interesting. where did she get that idea?

Fragilelooks said...

lol @ gay. where dida get that thot from?
i love suprises but that doesn't include turning up on my doorstep without a call. mschewwwwwwwwww

juiceegal said...

This post is so
You don't sound the least bit
Ugghhhh i hate people that fish for compliments, i make it my business to actually agree with them, like that your friend that was saying she was not cute, i would say yes you really are not cute..mchewwww.

Azazel said...

I feel u @ smelling like christmas in naija..
Idk i've always had that feeling also..
Southpark is the ish mehn, i remember it was one of the first shows i got into when I first moved overseas..

Tatababe said...

lol! this was randomly funny post...

FASCHE said...

awww, see how sweet ur randomness can be!

Miss Natural said...

simply true, well not the gay part lol. dont worry once you get a boyfriend and start rocking him (cos we rock boyfs lol) they will shut up. pple fishing for compliments makes me feel awkward, i rather not receive a compliment if i feel obligated to give one.

faB!! said...

Can u start putting those pictures on your blog again? So I can have something to look at and laugh!!
South park is crazyy mehn.... I've been watching it like stupid. And i have a test 2moro.
I just saw..'Death of Eric Cartman' and 'Ginger Kids.'
Cartman is so manipulative...omg, but i love him.

And yea, i can't wait for that Ije movie to come out.
And I think you should totally call that your friend that has refused to talk to you. That would be a good thing to do.... *just saying*

muyiwa said...


G-FUNC said...

Sorry about your blog and all
I was wondering if you got the posts yet from Yinkusolo *hope I spelt that right*

Anyhoos I gat them as well on the reader

and no I don't think you're gay


m1ke said...

xmas for naija for no bad but ticket money no dey. na boredom go wound person for this cold uk. and me wey ma gurl friend don fuck up, i'm coldly doomed. anyways are u serious about the sp new episode

Anonymous said...

Yay! you're back *dances around in a circle*
You don't sound gay... much... lol
Ije, ever heard of it but then again my mother never EVER let me watch naija flix.... for anything!
It pisses me off when people fish for compliments. If I thought you looked fabulous, I would'a told you before you asked, mschew, ignorant b&^$*
South Park... only the best TV show of its kind in the history of... well... TV.
I also feel you on friends that you would so love to hate because you hate that you love them... arggghhhh! its so annoying!

CaramelD said...

You can be as gay or as un-gay as you like! LOL! See I'm laughing with or without the picture. Keep smiling, I feel a touch of the winter blues coming from you. If you tell me where you are I will post you some boli when I get back.

CaramelD said...

PS Please put the follower app back so I can follow you. You know you are one of my top comment peeps :)

HYAW said...

Gay? Nawa oh. How can a female friend ask if you think she is attractive, what happened to her boyfriend. did you move again or what? sorry about your followers, we'd all be following you again in a Jiffy so i think you should put the thing back on.

Macy D'funk Labunk said...

To all of the songs I wish to write someday
With the details of sins I hope I get the chance to commit
There would always be the tale of the confused teenager with the beautiful legs
Who had good days and bad like everyone else
But was shy to the beauty she was
And shared with the rest of us eager bloggers
And how her words touched us, made us, and taught us
Or how ahead of the rest she was and how we dragged behind her
With the A's in her tests, and fixation on womens chests
She remains the tale that lasts for ages
Lives forever in our hearts and is passed on to our grandchildren.
The song for all ages, the no 1 hit I can't wait to write.

Macy D'funk Labunk said...

Anything to make someone as special as you smile dear. Always remember, what is lost now, is always repaid later tenfold...well except time (lol)

G-FUNC said...

Ok what email do I send it to?

and did I mention that you need to get rid of the word verification thingy?

Please it bothers me more than the average blogger not to say that I'm the only one but...You get the point.

Doja 2.0 said...

Please can anyone spare a second to vote for my girl Zoe as a next generation face of NEXT finalist? Only facebookers can vote though and please tell a friend to vote too. this is the link below.thanks

Sorry for off topic.

Afronuts said...

Nope! You are not gay. From all I've ever read about you on ur blog, you are not. Who the heck assumed like that so quickly?

And christmas isnt smelling much down here. Uh-huh. Not much.

Wish I could like south park...but I cant cuz its propaganda