Friday, December 11, 2009

3 kinds of people

as i walked along the road in the quiet beautiful night
the darkness seemed very soothing and the stars sure came out to play.
i heard a high note scream pierce the night
and as the wind didnt change course, the night remained beautiful
so i thought...Oooh, that must be a familiar sound to them.
so i continued walking far far down the streets of Congo.
a war was going on and you could taste the suffering in the air
the scream pierced the night again
this time followed by footsteps.
a lover's play?
i stopped and slowly turned around as he pushed her.
i freeze for a moment.
a father-daughter play?
as she struggled to get up from beneath him
he slapped her and proceeded to remove his belt
a father punishing his child?
i tried so hard to justify it
but he was taking off his clothes
ive never heard of a dad removing his shirt to punish a daughter
oh well, maybe its a culture here.

a sign of seriousness.??
but she screamed again.
he tore at her clothes and she screamed even louder
and i just stood there
transfixed on this ugly scene.
her screams made him even happier
he had this absurd look of esctacy on his face
and as he plunged his penis into the little girl who couldnt be more than 9
metaphors feel my head
the penis seared her like a sword
killing her integrity
her chance at self esteem
and i stood there and did nothing.
the girl's screams rose again filling the night.
and with every thrust,
with every thrust,
he ruined a little girl's life
with every thrust he became less human
with every thrust...
and as the girl slowly slipped into oblivion.
i looked around me wondering if noone had seen that and thought to stop it
and behold there was a crowd.
and as the man arose, dressed up and kicked the girl's lifeless body.
we all turn and walked away
as if we had just been in the theater
as if we were all saying
the show is over
and as i walked away with that girl's picture in my head
i thought...'one more person noone was willing to save'
and then i thought
you were right there
you could have done something

and as the drunken state cleared from my eye
i thought of the words of the great writer, speaker and nigerian chris abani:
'my name is leggy and i've been human and sober for a day'.

i read Azazel's blog..i want to link it but im just too lazy right now, he talked about the rapings in congo and i wondered why i had never even heard the news. but i thought to myself...'you never even watch the news'.so basically i read blogs for current events cos T.V is really not my fort. so thank you for educating me azazel.
when i read the stories, i told my friends...'mehn i would take corruption any day oh'.

i was watching a nigerian movie..'cindy's note' after reading that and there was a quote in the movie that i loved.
'there are 3 kinds of people, the first group sees something wrong and does and says nothing about it, the second group sees something wrong talks about it and does nothing about it, the third group sees something wrong talks about it and does something about it'.
so i talked about it and here is my doing something about it:

i found a charity that helps the congolese.

so thats a charity that works in the Congo area, you can donate 50dollars to them and save a little girl's life and even if you cant afford it, you can split it with friends or something.
p.s: you are not obligated to.
p.p.s: i finished my exams yesterday, cant wait to get to Dallas.
p.p.p.s: was talking to a friend and she told me that rapists usually get their satisfaction through their victim's screams so i also incorporated that into this story so i guess i have her to thank for that.
hope you guys are having a great finals week.
off to do blog runs.


Spesh said...

I cant be first on your blog.......or am I???
thanks for the link,wud check it out!

Miss Natural said...

i would have been the first!!!! lol. leggy very powerful and well written!!! the truth is otu there and its really painful!you've inspired me today to grow some balls nd try do something about the stuff I would like to change.

AliceDCL said...

Very very good,
i also didnt know anything bout the congo war...

shorty said...

Nicely written.I also dont know anyting about the congo thingy,thanks for the link would check it out.

velvet said...


Fragilelooks said...

truly nspiring lady

Azazel said...

Thanks leggy..
This was truly inspirtonal.
permission to share this with my friends?
And guys there is also this organisation called Plan USA.. U can donate 24 dollars a month, and you get to know your kid. I do donate. My kids name is Musa Oronbo, 5 years old and he's in Uganda.
Remember the world is a dangerous place, not because of the people who do evil but because of the people who do nothing to stop that evil. Apathy is a disease, flee from it.

Myne said...

this is so inspirational Leggy, well written and well done!

Admin said...

yeah i ve seen the story before,that country is known for that and killing albinos for rituals,nice of you

NoLimit said...

Wow,Leggy you're a prolifuc writer,great post and thanks for aking us aware of the plight of this kids!

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

nice leggy
this was well written
and i didn't know nada about the
congo thing...sad!!!

FASCHE said...


Isn't this just a master piece? Look at your literary devices and your structure!

Elizabeth said...

This is beautiful! :) I'm completely impressed :)

Check out my blog puhlease :) I think you might like it!


Elizabeth said...

This is beautiful! :) I'm completely impressed :)

Check out my blog puhlease :) I think you might like it!


Elizabeth said...

This is beautiful! :) I'm completely impressed :)

Check out my blog puhlease :) I think you might like it!


histreasure said...

this is simply brilliant.
the effect of the Congo war has been devastating, the hideous crimes and senseless murders there is appalling.

thanks girl for the reminder.

miss.fab said...

Wow leggy, I'm very impressed with this post. Amazing. You painted a vivid picture that is sadly a reality for thousands of people everyday. I completely agree with Azazel's quote. The world is a messed up dangerous place.

Ms. 'dufa said...

Very well written. You did an excellent job on this...Missed u and I'm glad you're here and U didnt run away on us :)

Áine said...

Wow that's intense. Thanks for the info. I think blogging is better than telly too lol :)

Fabulo-la said...

Oh wow..