Wednesday, December 30, 2009


so 2009 is almost over...i thought about doing the meme going around on blogville but 2009 wasnt my best year and i really dont want to make it feel any special by doing a whole post on
so im just going to write totally random thoughts or stuff about this year.
- i got my very first kiss and my second kiss this year and my second kiss wasnt with the same guy.

- this year i almost got into a relationship and im so freaking glad that i didnt....and i almost got into another one yesterday and im not sure im going to.relationships are probably something i'd like to leave till after college but we'll see.

- i learnt to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you...focus on the ones that do and stop wasting your time on the ones that dont.

- ive learnt that my opinions are just opinions and i should accept the fact that most people are not going to like them but no matter what people think they are still my opinions.

- im really glad i opened a blog this year cos it has made me a much better writer and i hope the next year brings a lot more to the table. i was going through my old posts from the blog that got deleted and i realised that my most comments on a post that wasnt controversial was always whenever i wrote about 8.5.that made me smile.

- ive realised that not everyone is going to like what i write on my blog, im just going to have to focus on those that do.

- im a music freak.i listen to rock when i'm sad, i listen to christian music when im in a spiritual mood, i listen to love songs when im extremely happy otherwise i cant stand them.

- i realised this year that i dont know how to save money..i spend on useless things...i got a megavideo subscription cos i hated waiting that 54 minutes.:-(

- i absolutely love money and by God's grace im going to make lots of it.

- although this year was called the year of gaga..i seriously didnt get into her. i loved pink this year.i think this year was my year of pink, the earlier months though i loved beyonce.

- i dont understand a group of friends that gang up on one person simply because someone in that group and the person had a fall out. im the kind of person who..if you dont do anything to me then i sure as hell isnt going to hate on you simply because one of my friends has a problem with you. i cant stand people who cant think for themselves.

-my school work is always my first priority and thats just the way i want it.

- i moved into a new country in 2009 and i survived one year in it. im also absolutely glad i took summer school this year, im so getting out of college early.

- i absolutely love dallas and everyone in it. no, despite the numerous text messages ive been getting cos of my christmas fling post, i am not having a fling.

- this past semester i made a lot of friends who arent nigerian and at some point this semester, i was super glad i did.

- this past semester, i differentiated my friends from the people 'i just talk to'. and i wasnt surprised to learn that a lot of people i rolled with were just 'people i talk to'.

- this year i left facebook a whole bunch of times and came back everytime.
a friend of mine put on this status on facebook recently, i guess he was talking to his girlfriend or something, he said..'just because i flirt doesnt mean that i'm interested' and i absolutely loved it and im going to start using that.
my fave status that i put up this year was..'when a guy sweeps you off your feet, he is in the perfect position to drop you on your ass'...that status still makes me crack up.

- i learnt that a lot of people that i know read my blog and for the most parts i dont really care. people are always going to see similarities with people i talk about here and themselves and again, i seriously dont care. some people i know are going to read my blog and say..'what a nice read!' and some are going to read it and go 'what a bitch!'. either way, i seriously dont care.

thank you for everyone who has ever read my blog, commented on it..i love your comments..i think thats the absolutely best part of having a blog, having people you dont know from adam give you feedback on what you write, i thank everyone who followed my old blog and is following the new one now. thanks guys and i absolutely hope you have a nice new year.
sleep well, dont diet, eat fruit, drink water and hopefully we wont die in

p.s:someone asked me about 8.5 in my last post. 8.5 is still around. next year, ill write a post about all that has happened while i was trying to put my blog back together.its so funny how im saying next year, when its just like two days away.


bonnie said...

lol at your facebook status.
and i loved what you said about how people will always be negative. it's true. just do you sweets.

soo um the post about 8.5 will be ready in 2days? great. lol.
happy new years!

BSNC said...

Summary of the year, mine wasn't that good too. I am still grateful to God.

Happy New year in advance, its barely hours away.

Admin said...

yeah Happy new year in advance ,enjoy

TayneMent said...

aww, your first kiss was cute.

we go fight oh!, Gaga is wassup!:D

wow @mega video subscription.

Yes, we are friendly and cool like that in dallas. It's a shame I am not in time, I might have picked your brain small.

Re:relationships - i've learned that life is what happens while making plans, just do you and see what happens.

CerebrallyBusy said...

i also dont see any big deal abut gaga, but this year i loved pink, avril and some other people sha...

loved the red hot chilli peppers in the beginning but now they're such a bore, sheesh

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

good to know you found a way to
do YOU!!!
and you seemed to apply calculus to
your life...hmmm???
Happy New Year!

Nice Anon said...

Have a lovely year ahead!

Bubbles said...

do you watch this girl on youtube
called 'community channel'
because she says that whole 'stay well, eat fruit...' blah blah

LMAO @ your megavideo subscription!
lol you are something else

happy new year love

scarletboy said...

trust me, ur summary of the year's tight, i couldnt even type mine...
looks like you had a real intresting year, happy for that and im praying that you have an even more eventful and blessed 2010

leggy said...

@bubbles..yes oh..i def got that from her.i love her so much.happy new year to you too dear.

@everyone..thanks, have a lovely year ahead.

miss.fab said...

Keep doing you then! Hope you have a better 2010.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

The best thing that happened to me this year was meeting boo and coming on blogsville. 2009 is soooo not okay for me.

Happy New Year in advance

Harry said...

LWKMD @ d picture and keep counting your blessings

juiceegal said...

You seem to have realised a lot of things this year, good for you. Happy New year girl

Ms. 'dufa said...

Lol@your megavideo subscription. enjoy 2010! happy new year in advance!

Anonymous said...

You certainly learnt a lot this year..nice!

Have a good 2010 as well then.

downtheaisle said...

Thank God 2009 is ticking away, hopeful that 2010 wld be all dat you want. Happy new year.
I also want to read d update on 8.5

~Sirius~ said...

sounds like a pretty good year.
Better things to come 2012.

happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Wish u d very best in 2010, in ALL aspects of your life...cheers

shorty said...

Happy New Year dear.

Rene said...

loved the fb status

Myne said...

That FB status is so funny but true. I think I love the growth I see and I wish you even more progress in 2010. Give us more gist and maybe there'll be a 9.5 or even another 10!

Thanks for being a part of my blogfam and Happy New Year.

Blogoratti said...

Hey happy new year ms. leggy.
All the very best this decade..cheers!

histreasure said...

i echo blogoratti..happy new year dear

Anonymous said...

loved that status true... happy new year and keep up the soul searching!

Áine said...

Haha loving the facebook status and the funny drawing at the start of your post. Brilliant random list!! Happy New Year! :)

Fragilelooks said...

Love the FB status. Hapi twenty ten dear.

Dazzle! said...

- I think you should get into a relationship in college sha...u'll have the most fun..and its ok to make mistakes then learn from it...after college it becomes more like "courting"
-Haha...I have bn so tempted to get the megavideo much is it sef?
-Thanks for blogging so we can comment :P

Happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

lol at the mega video subscription I used to spend money like that until I got a job and now when I spend money I think about how much that is in hrs. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

you basically wrote most of what happened to/for me last year.. Im going to have to go all the way back because I like your blog already :)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year dear. Wishing you all the best this 2010 and always.

Andrea said...

happy newyear leggychukwu

velvet said...

happy new year.. how are you doing?

Unknown said...

you know that 2010 October stuff is hilarious right. hi and thanks for stopping by my blog, have a great year.

Barefeet said...

hey thanks for stoppin by at mine...erm i wish i cud remember half of the drama 2009 brought me...i guess the thot of sitting down and actually thinkin is such a far fetched idea...nice one tho...i never saw things the way u did ...but since reading ur blog ive come to know that peeps do actually think differently than i do..and if i hadnt read up on ur profile i swear i wuda thot ure a guy...propa straughtforward no mushy mushy feelings like most girls struggle with..