Monday, December 21, 2009

voices in my head

ive been doing a lot of thinking lately.things to do, things not to do in the upcoming year and you know what i just decided this morning...i dont care anymore, im just going to let 2010 take its course and just go with the flow.

if you havent seen avatar yet, im not talking to you
that movie is the ish, be sure to see it in 3-D.
james cameron is the ish men.
cant believe he made this movie in more than 3years!!3 years?!
thats dedication right thurr mehn.
i loved it and i hope he gets another oscar for this movie.
and i want him to say.'im the king of the world' in his oscar acceptance speech again.
cos mehn, he really is!!at least in the world of sci-fi.

ive been waiting for my dad to send me my christmas shopping present.
i need to shop my ass off.
i love dallas mehn.
i feel like just staying here and not going back to my school.
ha ha ha.if wishes were horses...

so i deleted a lot of numbers from my phone recently
just a bunch of people i dont want to enter 2010 with.
baggage i definitely im done carrying.

i thought about home a lot this weekend.
i miss it a lot.
i just want to go home and eat rice and chicken on christmas day.
my elder sister just graduated from college
im so proud of her.

i hate it when people ask me if i dont want to get married.
marriage is something that will happen if it will happen
its not an institution that is an attractive venture for me.
well, unless someone pays me to marry them...that'd be super cool.
im 18, marriage is a thought that barely crosses my mind.
ill cross that bridge when im done living my life and feel like i need an extra hobby.

i hate it when people put 'lol' after insulting you.
and when you call them out on it they act like your the one who doesnt get the joke.
douche bags.
and why will you say something that you definitely know will offend me
and then you think saying 'no offence' will justify what you just said.
ha!!i pity the next fool that will say that to me.
lol..empty threats, i really need to stop that in 2010.
ill soon get into trouble for telling people ill beat them up
when they are like 100pounds heavier than i am.

im done with the obnoxious people in my life.
those people who insult you behind you and pretend to be cool infront of you.
cant stand them anymore.
there is a difference between being confident and arrogant.
people seriously need to start getting over themselves.

i retreat.
thats what i always do when i get fed up of the self-importance of people around me.
i retreat and stay alone.
i dont get fed up of being with me.
i love my own company a lot more than i love any other person's.

i miss a friend of mine that went to nigeria.
i miss her insults even though i tell her its plain disrespectful the way she talks to people.
shes smart too and isnt obnoxious about it.
im going to miss her sister too when she graduates.

a friend of mine is spending mad money on her bf.
a bf who has never given her a dime.
who treats her like thrash.
shes about to buy him these pair of jordans that arent even out yet.
i mind my own business.
she says shes in love.
okay, good for her.
im not even tripping.
im just kinda jealous...of the boyfriend.
i wish there was a guy out there i could treat like thrash and he'd still spend mad cash on me.sigh.

dont forget to read the interactive story coming up on the myne whitman blog.
the next contribution is by me.
hope you guys love it.
have a beautiful christmas and an ass kicking new year.
thanks for the comments, the followers and everything.

p.s:i met leslie's boyfriend's friend on saturday night, thats tori for a whole new day.


FASCHE said...


It is something that will happen if it will hppen...Didn't you just summarise me there?

marilyn said...

Marriage will come wen its time.No price if you rush.
Merry xmas and ass kicking new year.I Like that.U 4 come naija ooo.

TayneMent said...

I hear Avatar was 15 years in the making.

What area of Dallas are you in?

Nice Anon said...

Who is this bf? Can you come and spend money on me too? I loved Avatar! Brilliant movie. Simply brilliant!

tunrayo said...

i think that might just be the most important resolution of all...getting rid of excess baggage

I also retreat when i get tired of people's self importance. but unlike you, i dont enjoy my own company. what to do?

...i'll be looking out for ur contribution to the story.

tunrayo said...
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sweetness said...

Imagine if he actually says "I am the king of the world" in his acceptance speech
U know i think am guilty of using lol a lot but i am always careful wen i use it after insulting someone, if i am truly insulting you, the lol shall not be present in da sentence just so u dont miss da point

christmas present, shopping... sigh
waiting for ur part of the interactive story

Tatababe said...

Looking forward to ur contribution on myne's blog as well. Hopefully ur friend will wake up and stop spending excessively on dude wey no send am....merry christmas to you and have a fabulous 2010 :)

Myne Whitman said...

Eighteen is sure way too early to think about marriage though not so much for igbo girl like you. I know some of my classmates in sec. school got married in out uni first year at 17, 18, 19, smh.

Avatar took over 10 years and I bow for the guy men. It was supposed to be summer blockbuster but they moved it to Dec. I know it's for the Oscars and sure they're gonna sweep it. Plenty of fantasy movies next year would have given them more competition. Have you seen Prince of Persia preview?

Fierce said...

Oh I love this post!! Were you just reading my mind? I was just thinking about like... almost everything you posted about... except the girl spending on her boyfriend of course (that one I knew nothing about lol). Nice un-resolutions for the new year

muyiwa said...

hahahah,is someonee forcing you to get married now or what?

leggy said...

Uhhh.I don't actually know anyone who's gotten married in their teen years and no, noone is asking me to get's just that when my friends and I talk and I say something insulting about marriage they start asking if I'm going to get married.

@taynement,i'm in north Dallas...I think.

bonnie said...

loool i was cracking up at this..esp the lol part and 'no offence' hehe!

but yea marriage..i feel like any guy i wantt to get into a relationship now, has to be someone that is worth spending a coupled of yrs with and eventually marrying..i dont know why. hmm. and im def not much older than you.

owell happy dallas times to you.
happy holidays etc. lol at the numbers too. lol leggy your funny.


Gee said...

word! concerning avatar movie---though i dint c it in 3d--i loooved it.
nd i soooo agrreeee wid u on pple putting lol after insultin u--dats jst crappy

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

merry christmas and happy new year!

shorty said...

Marriage will come when its time.I havent watched avatar,would watch after my last paper.

Happy holidays,keep on enjoying dallas.Waiting for the other tori

Repressed One said...

Have a great Holiday!!!

Fragilelooks said...


BSNC said...

this babe you have changed your add again.
How have you been babe.
Compliment of the season

chayoma said...

U just have to c it period!
2010 movie list
iron man II

Usually i have my 2010 accomplishment list but not this time around. Going with the flow with my eyes open ofcourse b4 flow carry me for river.

Have a wonderful xmas oh

Original Mgbeke said...

Randomly random. Gotta love it! I wish I was in Dallas to enjoy some warm weather. It is soo cold here.
Abeg when you find that kind of boyfriend forward his replica to me. LOL

Tia said...

hhmm is Avatar really THAT good? Everyone I know says to go see it contemplating but maybe I will give it a try. Happy holidays to you hun!

histreasure said...

'i wish there was a guy out there i could treat like thrash and he'd still spend mad cash on me'.sigh... for real every woman needs some man like that at least once in her life,it's pure