Thursday, December 10, 2009


RIP to the people who died in the sosoliso aircrash.
i feel so guilty that i didnt remember.
i feel so guilty that the pain is nolonger there.
i remember when their dad called my dad to let him know that there was a plane crash.
that day i cried like i would never recover.
but now i barely even remember them.
and is it selfish of me to be grateful that no matter how close we were to the okafors my parents never let us go to loyola?
thats all i could think about when i remembered.
and i feel so guilty for that.
RIP chidinma, zikora, the mbas, chidera and many other people that i cant think of.
i sure hope that you are in a better place.
i sure do.


Myne Whitman said...

It's been how many years now? It's so strange how time flies and life just goes on? I pray and hope their families are still bearing up, that was one of the worst tragedies in naija...

Gee said...

Amen to them being in a better place....

TayneMent said...

Man, life just keeps going doesn't it? RIP to them all and sorry for your loss.

shorty said...

May their souls rest in perfect peace.Ameen

Adeboy said...

God will give u the strength to hold on

~Sirius~ said...

Wow, Another year again.......don't feel guilty.....signs of you healing, and that's not bad.

Think about it.....they don't expect you to feel bad for the rest of your life.

they know how you feel......and that's all that really matters.

Deep down, you remember them everyday.

Miss Natural said...

aww you knew them too.I was so sad, a lot of people I knew were there too, i cried alot that day and to think I was travelling to the US that day. May the souls of our wonderful angels rip.

Fragilelooks said...

its been 4 years and it still feels like yesterday. i pray they r in a betta place.

Lolia said...

You knew Zikora? That makes me really happy..He was one of my best friends :o)

iMiss them all so much and sometimes I get a headache trying to figure out why that happened but I guess God knows why and that's good enough for me..

So do you live in PortHarcourt?