Thursday, December 17, 2009

murder thoughts

my friends think im picky...with guys.
i dont think im picky.i just think i cant wrap my head round the relationship stuff.
my friends should really limit their boyfriend stories to the honey moon stage, all the other stuff horror stories should never be told to a single friend.
so, yeah.back to picky.
most of my friends dont think i want to be single, they think im just picky. and everytime i start talking to a guy they start getting excited. and within a couple of months when the boy asks me out and i say no, i avoid their calls because THEY are the ones who get broken hearted, THEY are the one who i have to talk through the process of letting the guy go..sigh.
my friend leslie asked me yesterday:' leggy, arent you scared that one day all these boys who have been asking you out will stop coming and then you'd be alone with your cats?'
and i said...'but do i live in a mansion?'.
im not taking the fact that men dont hold my interest for that long lightly...leslie said i need a psychiatrist, berry says..well, berry doesnt say anything at all, yeah i think berry just has more things to worry about than my love life.

leslie has the low down on me.according to her..
'leggy, i think you just like the attention these guys give you, you dont actually like them. if you go out more often and get your nose out of your books once in a while you'd probably have more fun.'
now i could tone out leslie, but it doesnt help that im in dallas with her, sharing a bed with her, so whenever she gets this 'great idea' on how to 'cure' me, she turns around..WAKES ME UP and gives me the low down of the 'great idea' she just got.

now, i love my friend leslie but sometimes i feel like hitting her in the head with something huge. i used to hear that when your friends get hooked up they want everyone around them as happy as they are but leslie has an obsession.

her greatest fear is not getting greatest fear is being poor.
give me money any day baby.leslie says im a money whore..i wont even lie i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee money, i cant imagine what it feels like to grow up poor and i seriously dont want to know.
thats why i study hard sweetie, so that when i grow up(ha ha ha), there will be no passengers on my plane hun.

this is a very scattered post, id prolly come back and do a new one..but its 4:19am and leslie just finished reading my textmessages and yabbing about how i never reply text messages that that is why i will remain single all my life.
she said ill make a horrible girlfriend(a fact im def not denying)...she said ill soon get ugly and no man would want me(ooh, baby i know), she said that when i get older my long legs will disappear, im going to get fat and my fresh face will be filled with pimples...sigh.
she is driving me crazy....she is tryng to convince me to meet her boyfriend's friend here in dallas...who i know ill not like.granted...i havent met him and i dont know what he is like or what he looks like but i have this gut feeling that im not going to like him....i dont like her bf, why will i like his friend?
**i just said i dont like her bf cos my friend is psycho.i dont even know the boy.

this post is so scattered cos i dont think you write coherently when you are having murder thoughts.


Tisha said...

where's everyone on blogville
hardly ever first
merry xmas dear and have a great new year.

P'sy-A-wana said...

my last post is kinda similar...hmmm who knew i was haveing murder thots....

Rene said...

why exactly are you having murder thoughts? Is it bcuz of this boyfriend ish?

muyiwa said...

umm i feel you,but find a good guy oo,merry xmas in advance

leggy said... just thinking of killing my friend leslie cos she never lets me sleep.

My World said...

LOL @ the cartoon above...your post makes a lotta sense.
Happy hols!

Andrea said...

Merry christmas leggy...

juiceegal said...

Lol....i can imagine her talking 24/7 about finding you a boyfriend..i have a friend like her, or almost similar, her greatest fear is being
But you can't help but love annoying.
Just meet her bf's friend for peace's sake and who knows, you just might end up liking never can tell, don't knock it till you've tried it leggy.

Nice Anon said...

LOL Leggy nwanne.. you are still oh so young. No go be like my sister who is your age as well. her and her bf celebrate their anniversary every month. I don tell dem say dem no get work!

shorty said...

This is really a scattered

Sugarking said...

I understand why you want to kill that Leslie sha. See the way she's beefing you sef! lol

Azazel said...

I like money toooo ooo..
hahaha i seriously love money no be small

Ms. 'dufa said...

Maybe you should try out her suggestions, then if/when it doesnt work, she'll prolly let u be

Beauty Goodone said...

Follow your heart and get a BF when you are ready. Don't yield into peer pressure and regret it at last.

Merry xmas. How is the weather in Dallas?

Myne Whitman said...

Forget about thoughts of killing her, just ignore her. Be yourself and a BF will come when you're ready.

Hope you're enjoying your holidays? Did I remind you that you're the next to contribute? The votes are already speaking for Chinedu, LOL...

Bubbles said...

your friend Leslie
sounds just like me!
I say that to my sister all the time...
funny my sister is skinny and has long legs!

haven't been on your blog for a while

Happy holidays

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

lol, you'll be fine!
enjoy your stay in dallas and
have a good weekend!

Repressed One said...

Oh my word that friend of yours sounds hella annoying...sheesh!!

Like nicey said that uall are still rather young so hopefully your thots about relationships get better the older you get.

Mwajim Al said...

LOL... your post definitely made my day... and i do agree, friends shld limit their r/ship stories to the honeymoon period.

histreasure said...

just smiled reading ur post..friends like that are there to make u laugh..whenever she comes up with her plans, smile and tell her you've heard..getting exasperated only makes them 'work harder'

enjoy your holiday ..have fun

Fragilelooks said...

@nice anon: lol
@leggy: babe dnt wnt u goin behind bars oh. dnt mond ur friend oh. just be u jare.

Smileyfreak said...

Omg that post is so funny!! :) Thanks for the laughter :)

Suru said...

eventually a relationship will happen you probably haven't met one worth being in one with. You might also have commitment problems. nicely scattered posts. lol

Nita said...

I thought I was the only one having murder thoughts lmao! Some peeps are around to make you smile..despite the annoying bit of constant bugging and in this case, the bf wahala :)