Sunday, January 3, 2010

a perfect year

i dont make new year resolutions cos i love surprising myself...i expect this year to be just like other years. me, going to school, coming home, being in my room for the rest of the day and then sleeping..and the cycle continues.
but if i were to have a perfect year...
- i wouldnt have to cook cos somehow i'd always get food delivered to my house and i wouldnt have to wash up either cos whoever it is that delivers the food will clean up after me after i eat.
*i love cooking but i hate washing up especially in that my little kitchen.

- i'd learn the concept of saving..i really need to learn how to save cos i cant keep depending on my dad for every little thing.

- i would weed my facebook friend list...can you imagine that i posted a picture of amber rose as my profile picture and i said i loved her body and some guys said i was gay?seriously?

- i would not reply text messages that comes to my phone more than 30minutes after i send people one. i never even send people text messages, they'd bother me and then when i take time out of my not-so-busy schedule and reply, you'd reply like one hour later.mschewwww.

- i would learn how to make a list before i go get groceries from walmart, i always buy what i dont even need and i end up spending a lot of money on useless things.

- i would stop holding things inside..when someone pisses me off i'd let that person know that they pissed me off and i dont like it.

- i would stop smiling in my sleep, my friends here in dallas say that i smile in my sleep...i feel like a good one though. sometimes i'd go to sleep so angry and i'd wake up smiling like something great happened during my sleep.

- i get scared easily...i need to stop it.when there is a reason to be scared i totally just ignore it and go about my business...but sometimes i'd just wake up from sleep feeling so scared or having a panic attack(ok, thats just jara).

- i want to start taking things at face value and stop over thinking things. i always see meaning in every simple thing someone does, it never occurs to me that it might not have any deep meaning that it just means what that person says it means.i always see a lot of gray areas.

- i need to get back to reading novels again, my library card is just going to waste..ill start using it as soon as i get back to school if i can find a regularly ride to the library.

- i would stop buying so much panties.. every time i buy something form victoria's secret(what exactly is her secret?) i always buy panties there and it drains my money. i just love shopping for under wears cos to tell you the truth..under wears determine when id do my laundry.

- i would stop making mental notes about people..whenever i see someone i'd make up a whole story about the person and the person's family and then everytime i see that person i'd burst out laughing..i'd get into trouble oneday.

but since we both know it will never be a perfect year, leggy can only wish.
happy new year everybody..wishing you a near to a perfect year as you can possibly get.

im tired...its almost 12 here and my hands are sore from texting all morning.
i had so many drafts to publish but i thought i should write something on the new year before jumping in to some serious blogging.
happy 2010 everybody..enjoy these early days where you are feeling like everything is going to go well this year because this is as good as it kidding. i too, im hoping the year will turn out to be the best so far.


Sumptuous said...

First? Unbelievable! Well we can only wish abi? Have a beautiful 2010.

Myne Whitman said...


I wish you a perfect year still. Some of the pictures are hilarious, and yeah me too I need to stop over-thinking stuff and take people at face value.

muyiwa said...

yeah good ones for you,compliment of the season

doll said...

Happy new yr

Anonymous said...

I would say nice resolutions but since you have no intention of actually keeping them then I gotta say nice un-resolutions.
Happy new year! and there's an award for you over at mine

shorty said...

Lol @ "i feel like a witch".

I don't make new resolutions too because i end up not doing them. Wish you a perfect year tho. Happy New Year!!

Tricia said...

Happy New year dear! So much you mentioned reminds me of me. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice potential resolution. U'd be surprised that you can actually get some of these done if you were so inclined! xoxo

*Diane* said...

Happy New Year Leggy!!!!
I make resolutions because I m a compulsive list maker. Lol. And I have half your list on my resolutions list. Smh. Lol. Here s to a fantastic 2010

*Diane* said...

Happy new year Leggy!!!
I made a few resolutions cause I m a compulsive list maker. I ve got half of your list on mine. Smh. Lol. Here s to a fantastic 2010.

miss.fab said...

Ha! I like this post lol. I was just thinking I need to springclean my fb friends list too. Yay for more than one cartoon in one post!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2010 girl.

I enjoy cooking as well but HATE cleaning up.Not so much choice when you live abroad - no helping hands.

Sugarking said...

I just love the way the pics compliment the notes!!!

sweetness said...

Lol am still laughing at the pictures
every single one of them!
Gay cos of an Amber Rose pic?
Whats wrong with her pic
How does liking Amber make you Gay?
you really need to weed out those friends lol
feel u on the message thing too

Original Mgbeke said...

Happy 2010 Leggy legs. I loved this post, I might even steal the idea. LOL
A perfect year indeed...well I hope that 2010 is as perfect as it can get for you.

Fabulo-la said...

Happy new year!
U make up stories in ur head too?

Why stop jo..some pple r more interesting in my head.

Fragilelooks said...

happy new year babes. no resolutions but suprises.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Happy new you non-resolutions...wishing you a beautiful year

Anonymous said...

wow haha interesting list. You are one of the few people whose long posts I can read all the way to the bottom...

Anonymous said...

leggy, i luv ur resolutions..
i h8 it 2 wen ppl reply my texts after so long...

Suru said...

Happy new year! I like your resolutions I think its funny that you sleep with a smile.

SouLBoutiQue said...

I do the same thing! when I see people I access them head to toe based on what they have on (main fact) then their hair, how they walk. and think up a whole story of their character. as per the smiling in your sleep. its good! you go to sleep angry wake up happy. A lot of pp, would pray for that capability. As per not depending on your father ie. parents. I beg jare enjoy it while it lasts cause once its gone....its GONE! At 25 I am dreading that day when Bank Parents closes!

Rita said...

The pictures are so hilarious, my favourite one is the pepsi guy.

Happy New Year. Please dont change the smiling while sleeping. No pls....

Andrea said...

you are too funny... I like that you smile in your sleep.. Its cute.

Bubbles said...

i like the pictures!
i HATE cooking
i love cleaning
but cooking... ugh

lailai said...

lmao @ the amber rose comment some people just feel they can say ish about people, but youre not gay sha? 1st time reading your blog, I will be bahck.