Saturday, January 16, 2010


i dont hate you the way people hate evil
they pretend they hate it but indulge in it.
but i hate you the way people love evil
private, hidden, secluded in the folds of my heart.

i dont hate you the way real people love
with conditions, ultimatums, lies
i hate you the way romeo loved juliet
wholeheartedly, forever, eternally

i dont hate you the way prostitutes love sex
cos most of them are there cos they have to
i hate you the way serial killers like to kill
perverted, twisted, distorted.

i dont hate you the way siblings love each other
that love just isnt strong enough to qualify
i hate you the way a mother loves her child
strong, virile, vehement

i dont hate you the way people love to hate celine dion
playfully, prankishly, mischievously
i hate you the way white people hate oj

i dont hate you the way nigerians love educational titles
unnecessary, needless
i hate you the way racists love to hate colour
cold,heartless, unfeeling

my smile hides the feelings of great hatred.
my words cloud the emotions buried deep down.
i hate you cos you can never be half the man that he is
i hate you cos i simply love hating you.

- so i loved the comments i got on my last post...they were so hilarious.thanks guys, you are the best.

- the poem is really nothing that personal...ive just never felt the level of disgust that i feel for this boy before in my life.i couldnt even write much about it cos this is the first time ive ever tried to write a hate poem before.
so i'd like to know if you have ever hated someone so much that your heart just wants to burst...cos thats def the way i feel now.

fave fb status:It's been so long since I made love,
I can't even remember who gets tied up.

i hope you guys have a great weekend. eat vegetables.


Nice Anon said...

lol@ eat veggies. This is your hate strong o!

Neo said...

never hated someone b4 (except random evil people). hating someone is just to exhausting, imagine all the energy spent beefing alone, talk less of hating...

Mwajim Al said...

This is some strong hate ooo... never hated anyone that much... disliked much but not hatred. LOL @ ur fave fb status.

Myne Whitman said...

LOL at the FB status, that's one twisted fellow, lol. Hate, that's such a tame word, what is higher?

Anonymous said...

In the Naija extended family system and all the intrigues it comes with, it is almost impossible not to have one relative that grates on ur nerves... Or fifteen... Not sure if I hated them...

Hmmm... Unprecedented level of disgust? Check.Heart wanting to burst? check. Getting angry even when they aren't there just cos u remembered what they did? check. OK, who am I kidding... :)

Some people deserve it sha... I'm with you on this one.

shorty said...

Lol @ the facebook status.

Never hated anyone this much.

ha00050 said...

FB status is hilarious. i've never hated anyone....its such an exhausting emotion and i simply find it easier to press delete.
indifference is one of my special skills

Rene said...

i have but i cnt remember who or what happened?

Bubbles said...

ahn ahn
heavy hate tho lol

bonnie said...

i didnt eat any veggies today...there's still

but hey this is a strong hate eyy...i have felt the same way

BBB said...

That's a really strong poem
I can feel the hate radiating
The fact that u took time to write this shows how much u obviously hate this guy
I pity him really.

Azazel said...

Damn leggy u be getting deep and deeper this days.. Loved this

Miss Loré said...

wow this is deep
real deep
but i like this

i've never hated anyone/anything before, actually scratch that i hate animals and fruits..except dogs and orange juice.

but this is really deep hate.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of hate you got there. I have to admit I have hated someone as much, maybe even more than you. I hated him so much that he just sort of became a cellophane man in my life. It's unkind, it's unChristian to hate that much but at the time I really didn't give a crap.
Have a nice day!


muyiwa said...

Hatred occurs through many things but not good for body,instead of hating someone,try as much as possible to avoid the person,thats the solution

Fabulo-la said...

Of course I hate. How could I not?
I hate him soo much my blood curls and I cant tell if i really hate him, or Im not over him yet :(

Tisha said...

hate is destructive.
don't hate
love instead
hating is for the weak.

Tricia said...

Its been the longest minute,for a first time hate poem;you nailed it. Never really really hated someone but i'd love to punch a few in the face

histreasure said...

real good lol @ that fb status

i gotta say ..word.. to Neo, she said my mind out right..i can't let someone hold my heart/mind to ransome so indifference works for me.. i still say it was a fantastic poem, well thought out, well writtten..i could feel it

Barefeet said...

ERM i dey fear to hate so i cant say i love this post ..on the other hand i beg to differ regardin that love like a mother...sometimes mothers have their favourites which make the other children get the burnt end of the stick..?...on the other hand nice idea tryin to express ur feelin tho it be hate,,,creativity!

Original Mgbeke said...

Deep hate indeed. Meanwhile I went back and read your last post, very hilarious stuff. Terrible terrible person indeed, hahahahaha.

miss b said...

As in babez, ds is too mad oh! u r one talented writer! and i always love ur cartoons, just mentioned u as one of my fave bloggers on my thank u post!

Suru said...

This hate is much o. Hope it gets better and remember that hate is a posion that poisons the one hating or so I've been told. Thank u for reminding me to eat my veggies lol


I hate him so much, i wish i cld wipe out his Seriously tho.... I've hated veggies since i was a kid...

miz-cynic said...

i dont mind veggies especially if i eat it with something.mayb rice, bread etc.

as for the hate i think thr's a very thin line between love and hate, i think u still love this person, else they would not even matter to u as in why waste such a huge emotion(hate) on anyone u dont care about.indifference woulda been fine.

Imoteda said...

Mayne.. this hate get as e be o...

I actually haven't hated that deep. I thought I hated the baby daddy like that but now Im just indifferent jare..

OMG!! I'm totally stealing that fb status lol

My world said...

I cant believe this!.......ok,like seriously???

FB status,funny.......your hair,u go girl!
N Gd luck with school.