Sunday, January 10, 2010

just memories.

you know how you think about all those who asked you out in the past and laugh at how immature they were or how immature you were?
well, i was talking to the second boy who ever asked me out in my jss3 this morning and we were talking about how he asked me out and the events that took place and we were laughing.
and i was telling him about the other boys who have asked me out since i left nigeria,and trust me some of those stories are hilarious and he was telling me about his girlfriend and stuff.
after a while, the guy asked me if i remember a poem that he wrote me a couple of years ago..he sent it to my email...i vaguely remembered but the thing is when he told me about the email in my ss3..i marked it as read and never read i read it this morning and here goes:

just memories
I breathe moments of desperation; they're breaking me down inside,
and all the scenarios where you promised forever, pull me in with the tide.
I had my hopes up on a cloud, and now they're crashing to the ground;
little by little, the melody in my life dies down; There's no sound.

Darling, I know.
There's no reason to lie anymore.

Tarnished memories; I can still picture both of your forbidden lips -
Crashing into a lie; meeting in a sin so great, as my heart suddenly rips.
You once whispered to me that you could never live without me,
Well, I'm standing in front of you, and your heart can still beat, I see.

I hope you're proud of yourself,
because I can't stand to look at you.
Now every moment we spent together,
becomes a dream that won't come true.

Slow, acoustic love songs and old love letters are a thing of the past,
They're simply a remembrance that what we held onto didn't last.
Lines and lines of poetry are being written, only to burn them into ash,
and more and more songs are being played, only for my memories to clash.

Stop. Just stop.
Because all of your lies are running together -
and they're holding me back in the memories of yesterday.

he sent me this: Saturday, February 23, 2008. 7:14am. in my ss3 to be exact.

i asked him whats up with calling me a liar?he said: i dont necessary lie...that my body language does...that i lead people on, give them the confidence to ask me out then i say..'no'. according to him, i enjoy letting boys down.

why am i talking about this?cos i was going to write a post about 8.5 before i had that talk with him and i thought of how many times in my old blog where i raved about someone and suddenly told you guys i didnt like him again?
well, my feelings for 8.5 is.....seriously fading...i still spend time with him and hang out with him...he cooked for me yesterday and we saw orphan together...but its just not the same anymore...i get irritated most of the time, i hang out with him cos i dont want to hurt his feelings.
in this 2010, im swearing off boys, many of my friends have been claiming i lead boys on and then go all prudish on them by refusing to be their girlfriend..when a lot of people complain about beginning to 'know' that im the problem here...i'd rarely write about boys here in my blog...except those i absolutely have no interest friends who have boyfriends...or my friends who are boyfriends.

p.s: if you are looking for an indian movie to 'kuch kuch hota hai'..awesome.its on youtube. watched it in my jss3 and i found it yesterday.
have a great sunday...christians go to church, muslims enjoy the day, if you are undecided sleep.

fave fb status: "LOL" no longer means "laugh out loud" it means, I have nothing else to say.


Myne Whitman said...

Wow, that was a powerful poem. The guy sure can write. The joys of youth, he's over his broken heart now. About 8.5, all I can say is lol(your fav FB status, LOL).

ps...Kuch Kuch is a great movie. Search for Khahbi Kushi Khahbi Ghan. The greatest of them all.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...


The Girl with the Red Hair said...

The poem is really powerful and beautifully written. I feel you on the 8.5 Issue.

24yearOldTeEnAgeR said...

Wierd..:( Nice poem i guess. Lol on the LOL joke. Like real "lol"..*i think


Leggy, in ur post u said 'In this 2009...........' i thot we were supposd to b in
I love Kuch kuch, dats like d only indian movie i'd love to see over n over again....

leggy said...

@myne...ive def seen that too.

@nkaytchee...i just realised edit it.

..Moyo said...

Haha, I noticed the 2009 thing too.
But eeyah, he liked/ still likes you sha. I hate catching up because I start feeling strong things again like we both actually had a nice time together but things changed and then when you see them again - FEEELINGS. They come rushing back and all that. Gets you confused.
Sometimes, when i think about this stuff, I'd be like I dunno why but i know i'm going to end up with one of the boys in my life and past life.
I can never swear off boys o. Not in an ashi way it's just I need members of the male specie in my life. They make me the man that I am today :)

24yearOldTeEnAgeR said...

Wierd..:( Nice poem i guess. Lol on the LOL joke. Like real "lol"..*i think

My world said...

LMAO at your PS.......I loved the poem too.
I'm no indian movie freak but I'v watched both-bcos ma cousins wouldnt change the channel-but a powerful one-Zaara-is really nice and so unlike the normal storylines...

My world said...

LMAO at your PS.......I loved the poem too.
I'm no indian movie freak but I'v watched both-bcos ma cousins wouldnt change the channel-but a powerful one-Zaara-is really nice and so unlike the normal storylines...

shorty said...

Nice poem.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is a nice movie.

miss b said...

OMG I loveee the poem! the guy can write! and i DEFO get you on allowing guys this year!

TayneMent said...

You ain't never lied about the lol.

BBB said...

beautiful poem, he sure can write

i think what it is, is that u should take ur time b4 getting involved with another guy, genuinely like him for who he is, dont go out with someone thats just like u, be with someone thats interested in other stuff but still in sync with u, u cant get bored then.

leggy said...

@BBB, the problem is i get bored before getting involved with them.thats why ive never had a bf, cos i get bored easily during that 'just talking' period.

Anonymous said...

That poem is so beautiful and sad, but I gotta say I've gotten the shorter version of it before and I realized mine is actually a translation of yours into simpler English.
Translation = you teased me and broke my heart. I never want to talk to you ever again (a phrase like "you lying b***** is totally optional)

Tisha said...

u and ur friend sure rocked in sec sch (with writing that is)

about 8.5
don't know why its fading.

uh hm, i remembered what i was going to say, if you are sure you no longer like 8.5. you can stop hanging out with him and by the way, anything you don't say with ur mouth doesn't matter.
is body language admissible in the court of law?
i am pissed...

muyiwa said...

lol,i have nothing else to say

Barefeet said...

I feel u joo...i think i wud rather not visit those guys i refused cos boi ...many of them definitely do act like they still got the feeling but who can tell...abegi let by gones be by gones!

sweetness said...

Legg it must be really funny and annoying to hear guys call u tease when ur just being nice and friendly

that was a nice poem, he sounds like a cancer, there is something about that star sign, i know cos id do da same if i was a guy in ss3

I love KK hota hai

am stealing dat FB stat :)

sweetness said...

Leggy * :)

Azazel said...

Lol leggy honestly mehn its time to consider whether u are gay or not..
Not that it wud be a bad thing if u were, but u just need to consider it buddy..
Lol till today I still do not understand poems

histreasure said...

lmao @fierce..that short version

this 2010, dear, confusion will reduce on top all thses boy matter..hmmm as u shall finally ''fall in love''..ah, i await the day..

and lol @ the lol fb status

leggy said... always make me u really think ive not considered it?lol.i love boys mehn, im just scared of commitment.

Andrea said...

I love kuch kuch,, awesome movie

Suru said...

OMG!!! Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is like my fav indian movie ever!!! Guys *sigh* always a complicated situation lol

Timlou_x said...

I have an insane desire to steal your poem! Can I can I can I? I promise not to pretend it's mine, even though I do want to! Lol...okay, maybe I'm not quite laughing. *Smile*