Friday, April 30, 2010

walk a mile

take a minute and walk a mile
walk a mile in these shoes of mine
you think my life is perfect?
wear my shoes and find out how hard it pinches
feel the blisters and the sores
feel the hot grounds through the shoes
then wonder how i've walked for this long
you take out the time to judge me
mapping out the way you think i should live my life
thinking i should have said this, done that
walk a mile in my shoes and feel the heartaches
then next time you decide to judge me
let the hands of memories lay on your chest and remind you
you may think that you can live my life way better than i am living it
but have you walked a mile in my shoes?

i'm not going to be self-righteous and tell you that i dont judge people..cos i do..a lot.
i think 'why the heck is she wearing that?'..'why is her weave like that?'..'why the heck is she even wearing a weave?'...'why doesnt she ever smile?, why is she such a slut? why does she always curse? why cant she ever be nice? and then i think 'why does she always judge people?'

BUT...i try my possible best to remind myself that it's none of my business and move on with my life. i try my best to remind myself that i have no control over how someone lives their life or how they eat, talk, whom they sleep long as it's not affecting me one way or the other then its really none of my business.
this is easier said than done..especially when you are with a group of your girlfriends and you guys are having fun it's really , really hard not to talk about other about what we heard about their love lives, talk about how we think that girl is a whore, or how that one is dumb or what we saw on's really hard.
well, since i can't control what i think most of the times, i try very hard to control what i say..i try to keep my thoughts within me and try not to share them with friends either if i know that its prolly going to hurt someone when it gets out.
most of the times, people say stuff that hurt others and they say that they are 'calling you out on your BS'...uhhhh, most of the time the BS they are calling out is probably none of their business...
so yeah, i'm not here to tell you that im perfect and that i dont judge people...i've just decided to try and be a better person.try to be the kind of person that i would be proud of anytime and anyday.
so before i judge people, i walk a mile in their shoes...
sometimes i still go ahead and judge them
other times, i stop myself before i do.
either ways, i'm trying to be a much better person.

anyway, i wasn't going to blog till after my exams which are like in two weeks but i changed my mind for a couple of reasons.
school is seriously killing chE classes are just too time demanding and i hate my chE programming class...i did my last programming homework for the term and then when i ran the program ,it wouldnt this morning after my class, i met my teacher and we spent two hours trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with the program only to realise that i didnt type one letter and this particular homework is worth 10% of my final yeah.
school is taking six classes now, and i have four more scheduled in the summer, sometimes i get so tired of trying to graduate early.sigh
on a lighter note,,i did get into the honor's fraternity that i rushed for this semester and made a whole lot of friends in the process so it was cool.
i hope everyone in blogville is doing good. didnt have time to proofread so please ignore my mistakes..and i have 94 followers already..thank you guys for helping me build my blog back after i lost it.

fave fb quote: atheists piss me say that you don't believe in God means that you have to acknowledge the fact that there is a God, not to believe in.

i actually heard that phrase in a poem on def jam and then saw it on someone's status the next day, go figure.

have a great weekend. you can tell i just put together this post in a few minutes...forgive me. i'll be back soon properly.

Monday, April 5, 2010

finally!!!a boyfriend!!! - golddigger alert!!

did you actually rush to my blog thinking leggy finally got a boyfriend?
did you think..'wow, so she really isnt gay?'
wow, im so disappointed.
anyway, my friend and i have been talking about boyfriends a lot.
berry is my sweet, dearest friend and im chilling at her place in maryland for spring break.we are both single so we are determined to find each other a boyfriend.
i decided to show you guys the list i made her,i mean seriously, i said i wanted everything on here from a-z.
now before i actually write it down, no azazel, you are not allowed to tell me that ill never find such a man, leave your pessimism once you enter this
okay, here goes:
- i want some one who has a car.i mean seriously, i need a car in my life.i need someone who will be driving me from point A-Z.let the gold digger taunts come on. im just tired of getting into my leggedes benz every morning.

- if your surname is a street in some faraway country, the merrier.if you stand to inherit a lot of stuff, the better. if you are from a country, far, far, far away from nigeria. just keep getting better.if you've got your face on some currency...i have no words!!!

- if you like throwing away money and spending a lot to prove to me that your father is some rich baron where you are from, my guest.just make sure the money gets thrown my way. if you boasts a lot and talk a lot..not a problem, ill get a lot of ear plugs and just stare at the currencies while you talk your mind off. don't worry, it will be very much worth it.

- if your aunty or your mum works for a shoe place that comes with a label and if they get samples and free stuff which they have no space for in their closet and then proceeds to send you free stuffs for your girlfriend.uhm, yeah, i want those shoes too!!!

- if you somehow in all your awesomeness are impotent. wow, i love you already. impotent and rich?where do i find such a guy?

when my friend finished reading this, she hissed and asked me to be serious for once..seriously?be serious? why is it when i say this people think im kidding?what if im actually really, really serious?
i mean what if i want some rich old irish guy who is about to die and who will leave me all his wealth?why must i be joking?
i started making that list and decided to write the grossest stuff on there and by the time i was finished i wondered where all that came from and seriously, i think there is some kind of golddigger gene embedded deep down within all of us.
so im begging you guys to unleash your imagination and tell me the most golddigger-ish thing that you have ever thought of or dreamt of?i would really really like to know.and i want to hear the most outrageous stuff..if its really really outrageous and makes me laugh, ill write a post on absolutely anything you want me to.

best fb status: she is bringing sexy back? honey you're the reason sexy left in the first place!

p.s:that k'nan is real drool material.i love old is he?
im so glad maryland is sunny now, cos i really hate the cold, if God intended us to be cold then He would have given us furs.