Saturday, February 26, 2011


you know what motivated me to blog?
some one texted me to let me know that some nigerian was asking him about my blog and how i post stuff about him here. pause.
i said:"i really dont care what the african community talks about".
so i was like...'mehn, i should blog!!'.lol
i think tumblr is the website taking me away from blogville, i even contemplated shutting down my blog.
anyway, school is awesome. made a ton of new friends and i actually have a life this year.
- i might be going to disney world this year for spring break!!! my friends invited me but i'm thinking about it because i really want to go visit my friend in south carolina. decisions, decisions.
meanwhile, i have tons of test this week and then it will be mardi gras week!!!

- my fiction class is so hard. its much harder to write fiction than i thought, poetry is much better cos you can be so flexible with punctuation and grammar. sigh. it's fun though, my teacher is really awesome.

- i'm currently looking for an apartment and i think i found one. i don't want to move out but i'm thinking of trying to live alone. my roommates are awesome and everything and they want me to renew with them but i really want to live alone. so i might or might not be moving next year. ahhh, decisions, decisions!!

- a guyfriend of mine took me to walmart and he was pushing the cart and i was putting things in it and people were giving us these little smiles like 'yeah, we've really come a long way, a white boy and a black girl couple'.lol. and we are just friends. and it reminded me of myself, everytime i see interracial couples i just stare at them! i've never ever paused to think: they could be just friends you know. all i see is hope for a no-color world in the future.

- i do not like my blackberry. *dodges bullet*.lol. i swear i would return it to the person who got it for me if my sister didnt just get a blackberry. i dont like the tiny keys, i guess i've really gotten used to typing on my iphone.

- life has been really good!! uhhhh, i started watching this korea drama called 'dream high' that is so freaking awesome, it's like glee but better!!
also, i discovered wong fu productions on youtube. you guys should check them out, they are pretty legit plus they are the cutest asian guys you'd ever see. i kid, i kid. but they will give you the yellow fever. definitely. they are so dorky and geeky and cute. i am so in love with them.

- i think that if i enter my room in some 'dirtiest room competition' it would win hands down. i had some one over recently and my roommates and i showed him around but skipped my room. he kept asking why they skipped my room and my roommates were cracking up!!

- i liked naeto C's album-'super C season' but i still do not think it was better than MI's album.

- some of my friends just got engaged, ofcourse they are not my age!! i was so excited when they told me!!they are graduating this may and are getting married right after that.

- my friend participated in a marathon and lost a ton of weight. pretty legit huh?

- i hate it when guys called girl virgins 'innocent'. just cos i haven't had sex doesn't make me innocent. i stole a candy stick from walmart last week. thats pretty criminal stuff don't you think?

- i love the webseries going on on i've been 'ahh-ing' all over the place.

- i cried recently during a movie and my friends started screaming--'oh my God, she has emotions!!! she has a heart!! breaking news: she has emotions'.lmao. i think people just have the wrong impressions about me. i just think that people who are too emotional are crazy.

- i'm starting to realise that being the only black person in my group of friends has a lot of perks!!!

i said on twitter that i am going to be buying an album a week from itunes and i need your input. what album should i buy this week? i want something really good, an album that i can actually play from beginning to end without skipping any songs.
try to be unique, less mainstream, think more mellow.
put your suggestions in the comment box,
been talking to a lot of bloggers on bb, pretty amazing people. send me your pins if you want to talk
i'm really typing this fast cos a friend got me a gift card to the nails salon shop next to my house that is expiring today so i need to go get a manicure and pedicure today, no time to proofread!! have an awesome weekend guys.i'm going to be here studying all weekend.