Monday, July 1, 2013

you're not like other females and other ridiculous things.

i have been on my share amounts of dates and some things men do make me want to just scream. you're taking me out for the first time and here are a list of things you should not do because they grind my gears. 

- do not be mean to the waiter!! - this guy once took me to this restaurant and after we ordered, some couple that came in after us got their order before we got ours and the dude went off about racism and shit and let me tell you, i have never been that embarrassed in my entire life. do not be mean to strangers or you will definitely not be getting another date.

- backhanded compliments - don't insult a girl across the room just to be able to give me a compliment. don't call that girl across the room fat just to then tell me that "i'm glad that you're not like that, girls nowadays don't know how to take care of themselves". el oh el. seriously, just compliment me and leave out other girls. this is not a comparison, just give me a freaking compliment straight up.

- negging - "i guess you're cute", "you're not really my type but i decided to be open minded". "you're actually too thin for me, i like a woman with a lot more flesh on her bones". lol. i don't understand why men think that saying something insulting to you will make you like them more. negging does not work in this neighborhood. seriously, it doesn't.

- telling me "all african men cheat" while being an african man - i really think that this explains itself.

- men who make a big deal out of nothing - seriously, pick your fights. we don't have to fight about EVERY.SINGLE.THING. seriously. somethings are not worth it. if you cannot tell your boys what you're fighting about because it's so freaking ridiculous then maybe you shouldn't be fighting about it either.

- telling me that because i'm a feminist, i'm a man basher really doesn't fly on a first date either. it's your opinion but don't expect me to go out with you after that please.

- men who don't read and who tell you that because you're reading "you must have so much time on your hands to be able to waste it like this". yup, someone said that to me verbatim. i just couldn't believe it.

- traditional men. i love cooking. i will not marry a man who i do not love cooking for. i will not date a man who thinks cooking is a duty i have as his girlfriend. el oh el. you will starve.

what are the worst things you've heard on a first date? what are your absolute worst turn offs? let me know in the comment section!!! 

i hope y'all are having a good year so far?