Friday, March 23, 2018

Last Words

It ended
and look,
You're still alive.
The days are still stumbling by,
life did not end.
He left,
and you did not fall.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Just Love Me

I don't know when love began to smell like you
But it comes and curls insanely around my legs and refuses to let go
This love is a love that does not beg or want to be noticed
this is a wake up on a wednesday morning and go to work kind of love
this love just wants to lie on a couch too small for two bodies, legs tangled, 
watching bad television.
I know that you're only visiting this body 
but who wouldn't want to vacation from their real life here?
with me?
I'm trying to be a good host,
i'm petitioning the sun to shine a little quieter today.
the earth to slow down on its rotation around the sun
Everything has been quieted darling,
so what are you waiting for?
please, just love me.


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