Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dear crush.

i got this from juicegal, who got it from burramint.
i'm going to write my letters but not in that particular order. im going to write all the 30 letters, i'm just going to write each one as the words come.

to the boy i have a crush on.

dear boy-i-have-a-crush-on,

i want to kiss you like vows unbroken --> bassey ikpi

i like you. like really like you. i like you like i like the strawberries dipped in chocolate that you brought me for lunch in school and then made a big deal about it not being a valentine gift. i never told anyone that because i haven't liked anyone in a long time i dont want to jinx it.
i like you how i like omelet even though i might be lactose intolerant.i guess this is my way of saying that even though i really like you i still think that you are really bad for me. i like you like i like taking walks which you insist i do because i dont want to burden anyone by asking for rides and then you show up at my door every sunday to prevent me from walking the 30minutes to school. i like you for that.
i like you the way i like badly written books but i cant stop reading them because i can't believe that the editor was so stupid as to publish them. i dont even know what that means.
i like that you text me when you are drunk. i like drunk you, you say things sober you would never say. i love especially that when you read our conversations in the morning you always send me the same exact text: "i'm sorry i texted you drunk again, i guess there are some things better said when one is intoxicated that one can't get one's self to say sober".
i like your excessive use of the word 'one'. i like that you tell me secrets and just know that i wouldn't tell anyone.i like that you trust me like that and i love that i can trust you too.
i love your friends. i like how you are around them and how they always think that it is their right to embarrass you every time i come over by regaling me with embarrassing stories about you.
i like that you like me for me. that you like my weird humor and you compliment me every chance you get. girls like compliments, you would think that every boy would know that but they really don't. seriously.
i hate that you are shy.i hate that you have never given me a real hug but always complain that i skip you whenever i hug people. i like that you apologise whenever you do something that you think even remotely made me mad. i like that you have absolutely no idea how to be romantic, so that when you actually do something romantic i know that it is very genuine. i like that we have that unspoken secrecy.what we talk, text or facebook about remains totally between us. i like that you know that i only jump into the bathroom when you call me to tell me that you are on your way to my house, i like that you dont whine about having to wait for me. i like that you like me. for me.just me.

with love,

so i got everyone's suggestions. i got adele's 21 even before i read someone's suggestion to get it. it is a very good album. see?i blogged without anyone asking me to.yay me!!!
i can't drop my tumblr on here, i already have too many nigerians in my school reading my blog and discussing the details on it that i dont want to have to censor my tumblr too. i love my tumblr and wouldn't want anyone assuming that the pictures and texts i reblog is about them.
but you can send me an email or something and i can send you the link.
so how have you guys been?
you guys can leave suggestions about what you want me to blog about and i'll pick a topic each week and try to sincerely blog about them.

soundtrack to this blog: peaches by new heights. this is my best song ever.

hopefully,i'll see you soon.ciao.