Monday, October 25, 2010

dear heart,

dear heart,
we had an agreement.
why someone so awesome?
why someone so hard to resist?
why him?

i really do wonder what you see. you make me brought me strawberry lemonade and a croissant cos my facebook status said that i was too lazy to get up and get lunch this afternoon.
you worry about my obsession with spongebob, i worry about your obsession with arrested development.
i told you that zoe can make me gay and you said :'wow, my competition is a woman?'
you tell me i'm awesome every single time we talk.
YOU make me feel awesome.
and when you turn to smile at me right after i hit you for saying something really silly, you just turn, stare at me and laugh and make me like you even more.

you put up with my mood swings, my headaches, my depression and make me smile all the time.
it worries me that we would never date.
the only thing standing between you and i is reality.
and my skin.
and your eyes.
wake me when society fades.

i raided tumblr and i loved those quotes.

i hate mutual crushes.
they never end well.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

is it your money?

i cannot stand people who rant when rich people spend their money the way they see fit.
they made the money didnt they?did you make it with them?
i understand the need to contribute to charities and ish but seriously, if the person doesnt want to, its seriously none of your business. it's their money.they made it alone.
why dont you make your own money, enter forbes list then share the money to all the poor!!
freaking stop complaining about something that is none of your damn business.
i hate that some nigerians have this sense of entitlement towards rich people's money.
are you kidding me?
let someone contribute to charity or help you out because they want to, not because they are entitled to or because you feel that because you know the person that the person is entitled to help you.

freaking get over it.
the priviledged seriously owe you nothing.
stop freaking complaining when they spend THEIR money, that is why it is THEIR money, THEY worked for it not YOU so dont frigging tell them how the heck to spend the money that THEY worked hard for!!!

you can obviously tell that im so mad right now.
i cant stand it when people complain that rich people dont give to the poor, and quoting Bible for me. Jesus said 'give with a cheerful heart' not because some people want you to.
its all good and well to give to the poor but please do not detect to someone who worked hard all their lives on how to spend their money.


Monday, October 18, 2010

i like being normal

i like being in like.
even if its with his slanted eyes and that secret tattoo on his back that noone knows about.
i like having a normal family
even if it means that i dont have any stories to tell
i liked having a happy childhood
even if it means i dont have any parents to blame for my failures
i love having parents who think im awesome
i dont believe any other person who tells me that im not
i love being past that stage where i care about what people say about me
i think i like having people talk about me
i like the fact that i've never had a boyfriend
noone ever asks me about my opinion on a relationship
i'm sorry that you think that i lead boys on
i dont have a reason, its just fun.
i like that i've accepted the fact that college is for experimenting
we wouldnt be here without it.

i like being normal.
even if it means i'm boring.

by the way, my statics test raped me big time just incase you were wondering.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

nigeria and other countries

took a study break by 2:40am to read the BBA5 link my friend sent me...comments made after the uti win.
so, apparently, a lot of africans who commented said that he only won because he was nigerian...(ummm...duh!you think?!)

that because a lot of nigerians work at m-net so they just gave uti the money even though the other guy won.....(chee yah, try and get more of your people into mnet now).

that no matter what happens that nigerians are still known as crooks..(sure, we're crooks, but we're rich crooks)

that its unfair because we are the most populous black country in the world so they shouldnt choose by voting...(sigh...dont forget highest number of telecommunication networks in africa so we kinda have the cellphones to vote too)

someone even said something about the size of our penis..(yeah, just like d'banj said: we are kinda endowed like that)

big brother africa is nigerian..(this one cracked me up, i mean he doesnt have to be nigerian, we are crooks, we probably just bribed him.)

because we are rich we think we can dominate africa...(yeah...sigh..sorry but if it makes you feel better, obama didnt come to our country, he went to ghana.i think thats why hes approval ratings are dropping so much

someone said our anthem is such an irony..(yeah, we kinda used that literary device cos we are literary geniuses like that...side eye at wole soyinka, chinua achebe, chimamada)

if our girls are so pretty why did uti go for sheila(shes apparently another contestant), someone replied this comment and said 'because nigerian girls are ugly' ..(yeah, thats why we are the only country that has produced a black miss world who also ranked 7th in the universe..yawn, very boring fact ofcourse)

nigerians are manipulative..( know.)

some of the comments:
- All 9JA people are arrogant and shallow and they think they own GOD
- he battle was between Munya & Mwisho. They have been robbed. My take would have been Mwisho.It is 419 as usual.
- True guys south africa need to wake up nigeria make money out of us. It's not a an african show but nigerian. if you guys remember if those guys none of their countries voted where are thre other vote.
As far as I am concerned, this show is totally NIgerian, from producers, to Presenters to winners. It is in OSuth africa yet tehre is hardly any SOuth African srtists ever featured on teh show. Uti did not deserve to win, it was Munya;s win, except he is not NIgerian...

p.s:ofcourse you have to take their english into consideration.

dont you just love it when other african countries hate on us?
i didnt watch the show but just reading that thread gave me an idea of what the show was like.
so apparently ghana supported us-im still in shock by this fact sha.

i wish i knew how to do a screen shot. the comments were super funny.

back to doing thermo homework, studying for statics exam and writing a paper for my english class.
i hate school.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i like you, because

- i've seen you cry.
- most importantly you've seen me cry and i kinda need you near me so that you cant tell anyone else what i look like when i cry.
- you think im cute even when im in an oversized t-shirt and hair net.
- you thought i was gay the first time we met cos my friend mike told you so.thanks mike.
- you're private.i like that.
- you let me get away with not texting you back whenever i just dont feel like it
-you look so funny when you scold me that i always burst out laughing.i just cant seem to keep a straight face when you're angry.
- my accent cracks you up
- you're an awesome kisser
- you know enough to leave me alone when i dont want to talk
- you respect the fact that i dont want a boyfriend or to define our relationship but we do have an understanding.
- you're smart.i can have an intelligent conversation with you.
- you are sweet enough to send me lady antebellum's 'i need you' at exactly 1:15am.
- you help me crack my knuckles
- you believe in me

i like you, because, you are everything i need in my life and more.
i like you mostly because you like me too.
i'm also glad that you do not know about my i can write about you whenever i want!!

ive been really depressed lately.i dont know why.i cant cry.i dont know where my tears have gone. i dont even know why im depressed.

i love my creative writing class,it takes the stress off of all the engineering classes that im taking this semester.

i hope you guys are having a great week cos im having a horrible one.i just want to cry.ill be back with a proper post soon.

p.s:if you're following me and you want me to check out your blog.just leave me a comment on this post and ill check you out,thanks.