Monday, September 13, 2010


i went from:

i can only date nigerians.


i cant stand nigerians, i doubt ill marry one.


i cant date other africans either. i rarely even talk to other africans.


i can't date someone of a different's a waste of time and my parents would kill me if i did.


what they dont know won't hurt them.


being invited to watch a movie with him after midnight on saturday. he rented 'something new'. subtle much?


oh.what the hell?!he's cute and i like him.ill just go with the flow.


we might be different shades of colours...
but i cant help falling in love with you (cue elvis presley's voice).

hey blogville.
i've been terribly busy this semester. i'm taking 6 classes, 19 hours and four engineering classes. but its been okay so far.just woke up to do my CE( i dont know why chEs are required to take a CE class) homework and decided to update my blog.
this is basically what has been going on in my life.

i never drink alcohol but last week during lunch at one of my oyinbo friend's house we ate with white wine and i fell in love. back home, i'd only had red wine(which i hate) so im glad i found a brand of alcohol that i actually like.

i got a macbook far i love it, i cant code in excel though cos apparently stupid mac excel doesnt support VBA.which is kind of stupid but the next excel office by mac is apparently going to.

sorry for the long hiatus people.

eat well(i've been eating like a cow lately), sleep(i cant remember the last time i got a good night's sleep), love(rolling eyes) and pray(i need to start doing this more often).