Tuesday, June 22, 2010

before the cell phone....

.....'toasting' was much, much fun.
cheesy lines made the days of 12, 13 and 14 year olds from the 'ill love you till sugar stops being sweet' to 'i stood by the ocean and cried and a tear fell into the ocean and until that drop of tear is found i shall never stop loving you'- wetin you dey do for near ocean in the first place abeg?
the letters telling you how they love you and want you to be their girlfriends..and they expect you to reply immediately telling them yes, no or maybe. of course before they hand you the letter, they show the subtle signs that they like you, pulling out chairs for you, always sticking up for you or copying your notes(i used a lot of boys in my jss days for this) then the letters come.
of course, you first read the letter then proceed to consult all 46 of your friends on whether you should say yes or no, now your answer depends on the class you are in, jss1 girls are still in that self-righteous stage where having a boyfriend is a 'sin' but if your friends have passed that stage, they'll proceed to tell you if they like or dislike him , or if he smells, or if he is a dummy.

you are officially a big girl if an upperclassman asks you out, omG, you become a celebrity over night, you are suddenly deemed worthy of womanhood, but if asked out by an underclassman..uhhh, your status falls like mad! of course, in high schools when we are still pretentious SOBs, we never ask out guys of course, oh sure, you can make out with them but never ask them out. of course, if no boy at all has ever asked you out...that means you are that person who no one likes or everyone thinks is so holy and wears that long skirt and long socks to school.

if you get asked out by an FBI, you are at an all time high, FBI in my school stands for 'fine boys international', these were the very, very, dreamy hot guys whose parents were of course rich and they gave the best girlfriend gifts and girls were always fighting over them and they were all in ss3.
i remember when this girl who was in jss3 when i was in ss2 asked out an FBI guy and the whole school started hating on her cos she did the most random things to try and get the guy, she bought him gifts(which he proceeded to return), hid letters in his bag, the whole school used to mock her and call her 'cheap' and all sorts of names until she couldn't take it anymore and transferred to queen's college. needless to say, we missed her.lol

if you happen to meet them on the street and they proceed to 'pfft' at you to stop and you so happen to stop they have to spit their best lines in order to get you to meet them again. most times the guys you meet through this process are razz and they'd proceed to spit up lines like: 'i want to know your name and your yard' or ' i just spy you from across the way and fell in love'--na so dem dey fall in love?

i miss those days when just a trip to mr. biggs would suffice as a date, when everyone was shy and valentine day was a day to show that you are a big girl and you are well-liked.

i miss those days when no one dumps you over the phone and they come up with really awesome lines to dump you, i dont think i ever heard the whole 'it's not me, it's you line' before, my friend's boyfriend in jss3 actually told her 'i have used you, now i'm dumping you'--->DEAD!!

then the cell phone came out and boys stopped using their brains to come up with lines, why should they when they sold a collection of sms recycled text messages for less that 100naira and parents started becoming suspicious and reading their kids' text messages(i had a parent come to my school to warn a boy off her daughter!!), and girls spent more time fronting and frustrating boys when yes, no or maybe used to be the only three options, then boys had to buy you recharge cards to prove that they actually like you and then letter writing took the back sit and nowadays when you meet guys on the street they proceed to collect your number instead of trying to convince you there and then that they like you.

i remember when an army man stopped me, get this, i was just 15, and he proceeded to spit all his rubbish and then gives me his card, as i turned and started walking home i dropped the card into the nearest dumpster, only to hear the man yell 'hey you!!' to which in response i pulled up my pants and took off!!

i'm a big sucker for technology but i miss my jss1 - jss3 days(i got a phone in my ss1) when i used to get letters and proceed to read them out loud to my sisters who in turn made fun of the boys.

a friend of mine who i went to secondary school with asked me out for the 9th time in 8years last week, like seriously, i keep wandering when this boy will give up, i didnt agree in jss1 what makes him think i'll agree as a junior? this boy has asked me out every year without fail.

i hope you guys are having an awesome week cos i'm not, i had to take a statics and physics test this week and then i have a paper due and an economics test on thursday.sigh.

p.s:i know this post is all over teh place but hopefully, you get the gist and all the things here are based off my school so dont get all personal if thats not how it happened in yours.

fave facebook status:
person on fb: i love him so much because he loves me too
commenter: must have a lot of love in him cos he's spreading it all out nicely to other girls.

yeah, do you guys like my template?im experimenting! :-)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

running through my head

i have a crush on a friend of mine who is in an LDR. he's very smart and he makes me laugh. we have an awesome friendship so im not planning on ruining it.

sometimes i have doubts. about the Bible, about many things some people believe i should just believe and never question. i try to be a good person, im very honest, i try very hard not to be rude to people and mind my own business. but still i have doubts. oh, i do believe that there is a God but sometimes, Christians make it so hard for me to believe that He is a merciful God.

i can so relate to that quote up there.

i believe that one of the worst ways to kill a girl with words is to tell her she's ugly so i try hard not to do it.that doesnt mean i dont do it....i just try not to.

i miss home so much. i miss my mum and my dad and my siblings. i miss my house above all. i miss mtn and glo...i miss credit sharing between phones, i miss...a lot of things and people.and food..dont get me started.

sometimes people who claim that they are outspoken are just plain rude, in my opinion.

the dark scares me. cant sleep with the lights off. im in college and i cant sleep with the lights off. i never dream, ever.is that weird?

i've liked and i've crushed. i want someone to love without the pain.

what would i do without my friends? they always fight for me first, then ask questions later in private. friends who fight and expose their dirty laundry in public are very immature.

Japanese boys are unnecessarily hot. me thinks. especially in my school. my friends think im attracted to asians, not really, i just appreciate.

i love tastefully done nude pictures. after reading debaucheries's post on sleeping naked...i feel like a hag.i sleep naked but ive never thought that.awesome piece.
p.s: hers was the first post i ever read on blogville.

this blog<---- inspired this post. she just writes for herself and i miss that. i like blogging but i miss the days when i LOVED it. im going to start blogging for the fun of it again.

fave fb status:It's 11:11pm Babe, make a wish. It’s sort of a custom of ours and I always ask to know what he wishes for and he always never tells me. I had yet another bad day today but I still went,“It’s 11:11 Babe, make a wish.” He took my hand, closed his eyes and then kissed me. I didn’t have to ask.

^^^a friend wrote that about her boyfriend, i thought it was sweet, my friends thought it was cheesy but i still decided to share.

have a great weekend. summer school is killing me.i love my poetry class though, its awesome.cant wait to take creative writing next semester.i always take 19hours in order to take these classes that have nothing to do with my major and doesnt count towards helping me graduate but i still always love these classes.
im taking statics, econs, poetry and physics(my last ohysics, thank God), this summer..its killing me.

have a great night.peace.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

8 years ago....

so a friend and i were having a very interesting conversation last night and she asked me:'out of all the boys you've met in your life, if you were asked to choose someone to marry from them, who would you choose?'.
i thought about this for a very long time and i came up with so many suggestions and many 'i definitely know i cant marry that one's and then after reaching an inconclusive answer we laughed and dropped the phone.

10 minutes later...
he calls.
he rarely calls me,
most times i do the texting.
met him 8years ago come september..
first day of class i thought he was cute but never gave him another glance
he called me 'stockfish'..
that was to be the first of all the 'stockfishes' that were to come..
he called me that all through high school.
last night we talked about secondary school
and we laughed and we remembered
we talked for 2 and half hours..
he was soo smart...i was smarter
he was sooo shy in high school..
just to make him feel very uncomfortable and get him all flustered up and shy...
i called him sexy..seriously.i did.
i was in ss2...jss3 girls hated me cos they thought there was something between us.
but there wasn't..i just honestly thought he was sexy
ss3..he really became sexy..
and he got a girlfriend too..
i remember telling my bestfriend that i was going to break them up
ha ha ha ha...conceited much?
but we just stayed friends..
he told me about his relationship
and i told him about my lack of one
'i just can't seem to be able to get into one', i said.
'you will when the right person comes around',he said.
he once asked me if i liked his girlfriend
i said:'i dont really know her so i cant say anything'.
what i really wanted to say was: 'i really don't'
end of ss3.
both of us.
his girlfriend:in another country
they are still in an LDR...which i hate
he came to see me here recently with his family
thought:he's still sexy.
we talked for two and half hours yesterday and in the last 15minutes, we talked about his girlfriend..and in those 15minutes, i couldn't wait to get off the phone.
when i did get off the phone.
i texted my friend: if i were to choose a husband from all the boys that ive met in my life...i'd pick *inserts his name here*.
but thats not happening anytime soon, i think.

so yeah, if you were to pick someone you've met in your life already to marry, who would you pick?and if you cant tell me the person's name, can you please tell me five reasons you picked the person?

p.s:i won!!thanks to everyone who voted for me and all those who messaged me telling me congratulations.and congratulations to all the other nominated blogs, you guys are good writers and finally, good job to the organizers. very well done.
thanks once again.thank you.

couldn't find a fave fb status because everyone was talking about the football.lol

sleep well. don't diet.if you want to loose weight...just starve.lol.peace.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

the other woman

forgive me father for i have sinned...

i really do love him
despite all the missed holidays, the times stuck at home and the unreturned phone calls
despite the broken promises and the wish that he would just leave her
despite five years of loving him
five years of watching him love her
five years of stolen kisses, sighed conversation, lost memories, uncried tears
uncried tears...i never cry.
the happy memories fill in the cracks of our relationship.
the few happy moments fuel my tide and carry me through
i am the other woman and i watch him love her
twisted with fury but bound inside by love
that ever so pure quality,that ever so gentle quality...
soiled by the acts between the sheets
when he is wrapped all around me and i can feel his breath heave and his heart beat speed up.
his nails tear into my back with passion while his tongue sears mine in rage
in that 10 minutes of raw human passion;
i can pretend
i can pretend that i'm the only one
that when he looks at me, it's actually me he sees
it fuels my heart
i spend my time hoping that maybe tonight he will fall in love with me
but i keep hoping that every time we spend together..
he falls a little each time
i stare at him naked in bed as he scrambles for his clothes
he looks at me for a minute as he drops some money on the bed and tells me he loves me
i know what you are thinking...
maybe one day i'll get the strength to leave
maybe one day i'd have enough
of watching him love her
maybe one day he'd get tired of watching me, watching him love her
as the society tears me apart
with ridicules and finger pointing..
i walk with my head upright as i march through this life assigned to me
you may not understand,
you may shake your head and judge me
but i still stand and hope he'd love me
it might happened today,
it might happen tomorrow..
might never happen
but i wait...
heart filled with love and rage,
waiting patiently,
i'm the other woman...
don't judge me...
i've done enough judging myself.

hey blogville, long time. i can't say i've been busy cos i haven't.i've just been too lazy to write.
anyway, i used to like a friend of mine who had a girlfriend back in high school, i never acted on it but sometimes, i used to feel like the other woman.thats what inspired this post.
so have you ever liked someone who liked someone else?do share.

p.s:thanks for nominating me for the nigerian bloggers' award..i appreciate it.this might sound cliche but it really is just an honor to be nominated, that's why i haven't campaigned for votes or anything.just thanks for nominating me.love.

fave fb quote: When you kiss, take your time; savor the moment and enjoy the connection..