Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 things

- i can't remember the last time i cried.i really can't. i just hold all these things inside me and one day it just gets too much and i end up pouring all my anger on someone who did something very little thing to me.

- a lot of my friends want to know if i'm presently in a relationship and i haven't said anything confirming or denying it because a lot of my previous alliances didn't work out cos i couldn't bare having people in my business. i know people are going to comment and tell me that people are always going to talk about me.yeah, but i've learnt how to control what they get to talk about.

- i'm not a very spontaneous person. i over think things. one day, i'd just like to let go and do what i feel not what i think is right.

- a guy i almost dated told me recently that i'll never find someone like him. isn't that the point? i told him: 'dude, if i wanted someone like you i wouldn't have turned you down'. like seriously people, just because you asked me out and i said no and you finally get a girlfriend doesn't mean you immediately become hot commodity. i did not want you then, i certainly do not want you now.

- i know a lot of people are talking about this whole 21st thing. i know a lot of people are making fun of it and i think its phony but i am still low key scared. i think deep down everyone kinda is.

- a friend of mine suddenly stopped talking to me recently. like he just up and stopped talking to me. i don't know why. he texted me out of the blues yesterday and when i asked him why he said and i quote 'you are quite distracting'. he wouldn't explain. i simply decided to take it as a compliment.

- there is an article that states why black women are less attractive than any other race. this is why my kids will NEVER grow up in america, not because of anything else but just cos of self esteem. that article didnt bother me cos i grew up in a place where black is generally considered beautiful so a few words won't wipe off 17 years of living in nigeria. even if they are born here, i am shipping them off to a school in nigeria. in my high school so many yankee and jand kids were shipped back home to go to my school so i will definitely do that to my kids. i don't know why you would think telling an entire race of women that they are inferior is needed for the advancement of science.

- i want to get rid of my black berry, i do not like that phone. i can not wait for the iphone 5 to come out this summer, time to upgrade my iphone!!!

- i have a friend who i've known forever and i've had a crush on him forever. i know we will never date but flirting has never done anyone bad. we like each other, we are just not compatible at all!! he is cute though, like the sexiest guy ever. in HS, we used to call him sexy, yes, that was his nickname 'sexy'.lol.

- have you ever asked a guy out? like to the movies or anything? if yes, i'd like to know how that went. just curious.

i'm so sorry i haven't posted in a while, but it's summer so i'll definitely step up my game.

it's so good to be back.

~ a good poem is like finding a hole in a palace wall, never knowing what you might see - tukaram.