Thursday, August 19, 2010

google is definitely my friend

so, im a hugeeeeeeeeeee failure at comforting my friends' broken heart and seriously, im single.what the heck do you expect?!i've never been heartbroken so i definitely have no clue what they are going through and to tell you the truth some of them just get on my nerves.

they cry and say things like:'i'll never find happiness again'.please, you're 19-20..freaking snap out of it.

'he said he'd always be there'- sigh, seriously?do i even need to comment?

'i cant believe he slept with her, he said he would wait for me to be ready'--thats how he kept himself busy while he waited dear.

'she's not even that pretty'---yeah, sweetheart, im sorry to break it to you, she is.

'he didnt deserve me'-sigh, the classic line.

and then the famous facebook breakup because if its not on facebook, its not official yet.
so and so went from 'in a relationship' to 'single'.
and then ofcourse the girl's friends will comment and go
'he didnt deserve you anyway'--ummm, why didnt you tell her before she got into the relationship
'oneday, you will find someone who will cherish and love you'--oooo--kkaaayyy.
'i cant believe he went into another relationship 5mins after you guys broke up'--amebo, wayy to rub it in.even i am not that insensitive.

i love my friends so ofcourse these are all what i think not what i say.
so i say things like 'dont worry dear, you'll be fine'. recently, we were like a team of 4 and someone stole my line!so you know how everyone says something and then you're left there cracking your brain, so i googled..'things to tell your friend when she is heartbroken'.
so i personally had the best line that night...i quoted the genius that yahoo answers be:
is he really worth all these tears?one day you're going to look back and wonder why you even wasted those tears.

and she burst into more tearsmeaning i did succeed in reaching out to her.

results:blowing up my phone in the middle of the night whenever she cried.sigh.i should have stuck with my classic line 'you'll be fine' cos they always turn out to be anyway

how you guys doing?
this is a little rushed and i couldn't proofread.


Saturday, August 14, 2010


i waited 17 years for the perfect first kiss
most of the time, i regret not waiting one more year
to atleast kiss someone i actually really like
now that i've met him....
.....i cant wait to be 19.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

i'll tell her..

that this life is hers and noone should tell her how to own it.
i'll remind her that God gave us the rainbow to view the world because it is never really black and white.
that she should never not doubt because doubting doesnt make her weak, it makes her woman enough to take the truth.
and when those eyes stare her down and feed her disappointment she should learn to accept.
she should be as elastic as the vagina, learn to accept and to give and when the world decides to try to rape her of her innocence, she should learn to heal.
i'll tell her not to be afraid to cry, the tears wash away the hurt, the heartbreak, the failures, it prepares a venue for time to take its course.
and then i'll call her honey to remind her that sweet things never come easy, that just like the bees the world won't hesitate to sting her where it hurts most.
like a lighthouse, i'll lead her to safety.
and just because love like snow melts away easily, it doesnt mean she shouldn't reach out and grab it.
i'll make sure she knows that her caramel tinted skin is God's way of making sure the earth has a little flavour, remind her to treat every man with the same respect because this reality show called life is too short for her to be the judge, she should learn to be a participant.
show her that these feet should be able to carry her to the reality of her dreams but she shouldn't think running is the only way to walk.she should learn to enjoy the sand that keeps her from walking too fast and the water that runs onto shore to wash her scars away.
i'll make sure to let her know,that the millions of words in the dictionary doesnt describe her, how could they possibly begin to describe her uniqueness?
let her know that the birds and the bees cannot begin to describe the chemistry that brought her into this space.
remind her that her tears at birth is the beginning of the duality of good and bad, she should learn to accept each.with open arms she should embrace circumstances but also remember that they do not define who she is or who she would become.
i'll let her realise that the beings that will attract her and make her create her own sexual chemicals do not define her.let her know that love is filled with numerous flavours and she shouldn't be afraid to taste them.
i'll make sure to let her know that her mother isn't perfect, and neither is she.

decided to give you guys a little snippet of what i'm working on.i hope you figured it out, if you didn't...this is a writeup to my unborn girl. tell me what you think.

how you guys doing?