Friday, November 11, 2011


i haven't been able to blog for a while now because i sincerely don't have anything to say. school has been so stressful but I'm doing really well.i am officially a chemistry and chemical engineering double major and my adviser told me that if i graduate with more than 150 credit hours i get two different certificates. I'm so excited. i have English and french minors too. i just don't want the graduation extension semester to be a waste of time.

life has been extremely boring, I've been reading every chance i get, sleeping, studying and hanging out with friends.
i have been reading the George R.R.Martin series- a song of fire and ice, currently on the second book. it's so long but it's worth it. i usually read it between books.
just completed 'the perks of being a wall flower' by Stephen, 'remember me?' by the writer of shopaholic, can't remember all the other books. but since summer I've been trying to keep my reading up no matter how busy with school i get.

boys are still boys. still riding solo. talking to a bunch of people but nothing major. i don't do major. it's been fun though. i do enjoy the attention and the chase, i just don't want anything to do with actually working at a relationship. lots of work, I'm lazy and school at the moment is really killing me.

movies. i haven't seen any good movies in a while. saw 'in time', it was good but not something I'd ever see again. Justin needs to make another album to appease some of his fans and then he can act in all the almost good movies he wants.

friends. I've been hanging out a lot with friends. this semester has been my 'do you' semester. i am exactly the type of person i want to be at this particular stage in my life. no drama, no gossip and even if there is i do not listen to it. i just filter them out. life is too short to be mad and bitter. please do you and let me do me. I've also learnt to be very blunt, not mean blunt, just FYI saying my piece blunt.
I've stopped forcing people to be in my life. if you feel like i subtract more than i add to your life, please be my guest. cut me out. I'm all for cutting people out of your life who you think are pulling you down, if i happen to be one of them then hey, by all means.
i have a guy friend who i used to talk to ALL.THE.TIME, he used to drunk text me, we used to talk about everything and joke about dumb stuff but shit happened and we haven't spoken like we used to all semester long. and thing is, i used to have a huge crush on him so it was really hard for me to just kinda move on and accept that we'll never ever be as close as we used to be but i did it. it took me a while but i moved on, stopped texting him, just last week i deleted his number and our 1 million text messages together, inboxes, everything just so that i won't be tempted to ever call him. am i mad? no. am i hurt? a little but nothing ever happened between us. it's not like he ever knew that i had a crush on him. but mad? God, no. i believe a guy has got to do what a guy has got to do. we weren't meant to be good friends anymore, i rolled with the punches when they came.

yesterday i spent the entire day in new Orleans with my Asian friends, i was the only black person and one of two girls in a group of Asians. i kinda felt uncomfortable which is something I've never felt before because i go to a PWI and my only black friends are very few Nigerians i talk to but still at the beginning i felt very uncomfortable but 1 hour into the trip we were making 'that's what she said' jokes. i had an amazing day and we have lunch at this viet place, dinner at an Asian restaurant..yes, Asian cos they had all types of Asian food and had beignets before heading back.
i went to go see Wong fu productions, i don't know if y'all have heard about them but they came to new Orleans and they are sooo cute. i was one of two blacks who went to see them, the rest were Asians. ha ha. i think they kinda felt sorry for me when i went to talk to them. ha ha. i had a blast though. got back to school around 3 am the next day. y'all should you tube them, their videos are so good and have very good quality.

umm...what else have i been doing?
i'm talking to an african guy. i haven't talked to an african for so long, i think i'd forgotten what it felt like. not that there is actually any difference. i've realised that there is really not that much of a difference between races if you meet the right guys.
i really, really enjoy talking to this guy, i cannot stress this enough but there is no way i am dating him. it's really nothing personal, i just think he is a do i say this nicely?..much. that is the only way i can describe it. my friends tell me that i might end up really liking him..maybe. who knows? i'm not one to say never. we'll see.
i'm a french minor and i'm getting quite fluent in it, i'm a bit slow when i speak but i can read and write really well. i spent all day recently texting with this dude in french and it was a nice change of pace from what i'm used to.

i think i've typed long enough. ha ha. so how have you guys been doing?

p.s: i should change my title. no longer a teenager.

with love,

Monday, August 22, 2011

just had the most infuriating argument on facebook about rape.

click on the pictures if you can't read them.
so, if you check out the first picture you get the scenario, now i'm by no means saying that the girl was right in going to the man's house that she does not know. you can't just pull up and go to see some man you have never met before without certain precautions. but does this justify rape?!

everyone was blaming her and ignoring the fact that said man RAPED a girl, what happened to chasing her out of your house?! if all you wanted was sex and she refused what happened to asking her to leave?!

if you look at the second picture, some person called nkem said 'it takes two'. huh?! how does rape take two? do i have a different dictionary?! don't even get me started on that stupid tina on the last picture.
this whole discussion just totally ruined my day.i was mad that i was the only person who seemed to have read the fact that the man RAPED her. it's irks me that majority of the people saying this are fellow women. the last woman excluded.

i'm sorry but i don't think anything in the entire world can ever justify rape. if a woman says 'no', respect her no. get permission. and this is what i personally will teach my sons if ever i get blessed with any.

tell me people, am i mad in thinking this?!

i'm so mad that this is what finally brought me out of my hiatus. school started today. retaking my thermo class. finally decided even though friends(even till today) tried talking me out of it. good luck to everyone that started today too.

it's 11pm and i'm in school typing this and ordering my books because my internet sucks and my roommate does not want to get another one. i mean seriously? what is the point of being in America if i can not have fast internet?! like warridis?

anyone who follows me on twitter knows how obsessed i am about korean dramas. i LOVE them.

soundtrack to this blog: songs by reckless kelly on my spotify.

peace and love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

music,school, 'like' and life in general.

i haven't left my house in 3 kidding. i've been reading novels, sleeping, watching Korean dramas and reading research papers for my professors....and this is the happiest i've ever been. don't get me wrong. i LOVE my friends, they are the most awesome people on the surface of the earth but i'm happiest when i'm by myself.

it was my very good friend's birthday on saturday and we all went clubbing. it was awesome. i love dancing. i might blog about that day some more on a later date cos a lot of things happened.

so music, decided to share my top 5 played songs on my itunes:
Guardian angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Is it true? - YOHANNA
Peaches - New heights
Raindrops - Bei maejor
1+1 - Beyonce..this tied with Lotus Flower - Radiohead.

So, i've mentioned on twitter and sometimes here, that i have a massive crush on one of my guy friends and it's been a very long time since i've had a crush. all the guys who have been interested in me, i've never really been into and i really don't want to admit this but i've been using a ton of them to pass time.
i've wondered what makes dude different.

i realised today that i might like dude because dude isn't a 'nice guy'. now, i do want a nice guy, i really do but what i don't want is a pushover. i do want a guy to disagree with me, i like a guy who has his own opinions and doesn't revolve their entire life around me. i like dude because dude doesn't text me everyday or try to talk to me everyday, it gives me a chance to miss him. i like him because he's funny and gives me funny, stupid gifts. i don't always want everything to revolve around romance, maybe it's just me but i'm not a romantic kind of girl...AT ALL. i hate good morning texts, they stifle the life out of me. i do not want to wake up to your stamp of approval on my new day, i know this is an effed up feeling but it's just me.
i like a guy who knows when to call me on my BS. i especially like this guy because no matter what i do he defends me in public and then lays it on me thick in private. have my back, don't call me out in public.
i like this guy because he is oblivious to how hot he is..he has one of the fittest bodies i've ever seen and he is taller than me. i'm 5'10", 5'11"...and dude is taller than me. that is a huge IN with me.
all my friends have commented on how hot dude is..
my friend told me how she once texted dude and asked him:'do you know that you're super hot?!'
dude:"i'm actually not, i'm kinda cold right now'.
girl:'want me to come over and warm you up?'
dude:'i actually just put on the heater but thanks'.

i'm not even kidding.
i like that he keeps everything between us. i can't stand people who tell my business. no one knows that we are 'talking'(which is why my friends keep telling me how 'they'd do him'.) well except for his bestfriends who are also his roommates, this is also another reason i like dude, dude's friends are AMAZING!! i've never felt so comfortable with any guys how i feel with them.

so yeah fingers crossed on this guy.

yeah school, so i was thinking of retaking an engineering course i made a C in last year..thermo between, this is the first time ever i'm making a C. i have never made a C, plus i worked so hard to make an A but i completely failed my finals. like no joke, do you know how you have to fail a final to go from an A to a C? yes, that bad.
i got the letter today from the chancellor permitting me to retake the class(if you made anything better than a D you need clearance from the chancellor to retake that class) but i'm still scared, what if i don't do better?
most courses that people find hard in my department i think is freaking interesting, i made an A in fluids and even the so called heat and mass, i thought i was going to fail last semester i made a B in.
i talked to my dad and he wants me to retake the C class since i'm extending my graduation date anyway. i just read ms. sting's blog and my resolve to retake the class is getting really strong. i've been staring at my 'schedule request' all day trying to decide if to schedule the class or not. if i retake this class and don't make an A i'm going to cry my butt off.

life has been freaking good. been emailing back and forth with my very good friend who is in Canada for the summer and in our minds we are freaking hilarious. moving into my new apartment for the next 2 years this weekend..i'm tired of moving. i move every damn year.
you know what i don't like? someone(who i'm not really good friends with) telling me that someone else is talking crap about me. i do not care. i don't think people realise the level of Fs i no longer give. all the nigerian drama in my school just flies over my head, i do not talk about it and i do not want to hear about it. the peace of mind i have had this past 1 year since i've made the conscious decision to change the people i surround myself with has been fulfilling. i'm not going back to that crap. i enjoy talking to nigerians, it's like home away from home but i do not want drama in my life. i've been there, done that. i will talk to anyone who is even remotely friendly to me as long as what we are talking about is about US, the two people present. i do not want to be dragged into stories of relationships i do not care about or all of your recycled dramas, that life is not for me. i do not care what people are saying about me, i just care what the people who i consider friends think of me.

definitely going to be blogging more often. might even join in the 30 day thingy going around blogville. sounds like fun.

beginning soundtrack: 3 Rounds and a Sound by Blind Pilot
middle soundtrack: Creep by Radiohead
ending soundtrack: Animal by Neon Trees.

my itunes is on shuffle btw.

love and peace,

Sunday, July 3, 2011

language blog

Audio Recording on Sunday night by leggy

"my name is leggy. i'm 19. sugabelly asked the people in blogville to come together for the language blog that will enable us to start speaking our native languages and to give it back the honor and respect it deserves.
i haven't spoken igbo in a while because i go to college in america and some of the igbos in my school claim that they can't speak igbo and so i haven't spoken it cos i haven't found anyone to speak it with. so i decided to write down what i wanted to say so as not to speak with a mixture of igbo and english.
while i was writing down what i was going to say it occurred to me that there are several words that i do not know in igbo like 'sex', i asked my friend who suggested that it might be 'stupid things(i don't know how to translate this)' but she wasn't quite sure.
another thing is that in igbo we say 'ifunanya' which means 'love' but 'ifunanya' literally means 'what i see'. I don't know why we igbos decided to go with that word for love because i do not think that love is supposed to just be what you see but that's a discussion for another day.
i don't have anything else to say, i just decided to participate in this recent traditional that sugabelly brought to blogville this week.
so it's me as always,

have a good night. "

please do this challenge and go to sugabelly's blog and let her know that you did it and also to check out those who already did theirs. you don't have to be perfect, but if you don't speak cos you're not perfect how do you expect to get perfect? i always sound strange when i speak igbo but just enjoy sha.

Here are the rules:

1. It DOES NOT MATTER how well you can speak your language. The goal is to speak regardless. So don't worry if you don't speak that well or you have to include lots of English words. ALL language levels are welcome.

2. Video posts or Audio posts are strongly preferred. This is because the point is to hear and enjoy the spoken language. Written posts are frowned upon but will be accepted too. ^_^

3. Please always provide a translation for your readers of other ethnicities! Translations should be in English and can be in the form of captions under a video post, or written transcripts for audio and written posts.

4. Please tag each participating post as - language challenge - and post the link here in the comments so I can link to it and make all of them easy to find.

5. Please encourage other Nigerian bloggers to post in Nigerian languages.

love and peace,


Sunday, June 19, 2011

leggy's nights out

so on thursday, i hung out with my friend L and her boyfriend S. i love them to death.
S drove us to the lake in my college, bought us smoothies and then left us ladies to our walk. we walked for two hours, just talking and then walked home also. we were sweating so bad, when we got home, he asked us to go take a bath and then off we went to wine loft.
wine loft is this really classy place in the city i live in, it's 21 and up but when we got there, i didn't get carded, they just let me go on which was awesome for me ofcourse. we met up with some of our friends who were already there and had a blast just talking over glasses of wine. the guy my friend came with kept fawning over me and telling me how sexy my accent is.
sometimes when i get asked out by a white guy, one part of me wonders how much of that attraction is because i'm nigerian and how much of that attraction is because of me. would he still have found me attractive if i were just african american?
the only african american girlfriend i have told me that white guys are attracted to me because they see me as being exotic. *kanye shrug*. i don't let it keep me up at night.

on saturday night i went out with my asian friends. a girl i met at an interview for an internship which we both had to turn down because of some legal stuffs when we were offered the job and one of her guyfriends..lets call him K.

p.s: to nigerians, *chinco* is a racist term, you have to effing stop using it.

anyway, we went to a bar somewhere around my school and just hung out but because it is summer and K was really trying to get laid but the bar was really empty we left and went downtown.
downtown has 21 and older bars,during school periods i always go with my friends who always know someone they never card me, they just let me go in. no such luck tonight. i couldn't get in anywhere. i hate being a bummer, i even offered to get dropped off so that they can go on but noooo...they decided to go to walmart and rent a movie, get a couple of bottles of wine and just chill at home which we ended up doing. it turned out to be fun, we watched the roommate which sucked balls and had so much fun insulting everyone associated with the movie. plus K paid for everything, i felt like i was back in nigeria all over again and K kept telling me types of asian guys i should never date.

the Asian girl i was with told us that she is not attracted to asian guys, i told her how i thought that was BS cos if she hadn't come to america, what would she had done? anyway, to each his own. i am not in anyway attracted to african-american men, maybe thats why the whole 'african-american men are not attracted to black women' don't bother me. i once had an argument with my african-american guy friend who told me he did not care for black women and i replied:'oh, thats cool with me, it's all about preference isn't it? i can't date an african-american guy either so it's all good', dude got so mad at me eh and till today still brings it up whenever i see him.
so it's cool not to be attracted to african-american women but when i say i'm not attracted to you, you take offense?
i told him, i'm only attracted to nigerian men and other races. sorry, you can not change my mind.

this wednesday we are stepping out again but this time we are going to be well armed with connections to get into we already planned ahead of time.

i'm a very confident person but i am by no means a 10. i have never claimed to be a 10 and probably will never be. i have never been the most beautiful girl in a club/place or the best dancer, i am most times the thinest but my point is, despite all of this, i know my worth. someone asked me in the comments in the past post if the guys i date or talk to do not expect more from me, as per sex or relationship.

i am very upfront with all the guys i date. i have never lied to them.

a) i always tell the guys i am 'talking to' that i will never be in a relationship with them. i clearly tell them that we are not dating, i am not his girlfriend neither is he my boyfriend and that he will never be. i am very clear about this earlier on. fact is, most guys i have 'talked' to go into this thinking that 'oh, i am going to change her mind' and when 6 months later they ask me to go steady and i say no. dude suddenly takes offense and suddenly twists the story to suit his ego. i am quite used to this scenario by now. yes, somewhere down the road i might meet a guy i want as a boyfriend but it hasn't happened yet and will not happen anytime soon. now, i am very happy being single.

b) i will not have sex anytime soon. my white friends do not know that i have never had sex. they just assume that a 19 year old virgin is non-existent, i do not correct them. i am old enough that i can talk sex, i can hold my own in any conversation. i have never lied to them but hey, noone has ever asked me explicitly if i'm a virgin or not.
for the nigerian guys, i tell them: 'i will not sleep with you'.

honesty is the best policy. i lay my cards out on the table and the other player can choose to withdraw or deal a hand. his choice.

soundtrack to this blog.
beginning - bei major - raindrops
middle - beyonce - best i never had
end - elvis - i can't help falling in love with you

hope y'all are awesome. how was your week?God bless you.

happy father's day to the best dad on earth!!! i love you so much!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

one frog too many

so last semester was an awesome semester, i made really good grades and also had a ton of fun with awesome people, eliminated certain people from my life and basically was an all around blast.

last semester, i was also a serial dater. i went on tons of dates, some of them didn't even have a second. my friends fixed me up with so many people, it was a blast and it's even more awesome that i'm now friends with all these people especially my awesome friend carl.
the fact is: no matter how many people tell me that i'm lying, i do like being single. i am just 19, i believe i have a ton of time to get in to a serious relationship, i do not want to be tied down to a guy at this crucial time in my life. i really don't but i've learnt a ton of stuff this past semester.
my friends didn't hook me up with people they thought i was going to like, they simply did it for really selfish reasons.

- my friend hooked me up with a guy in her boyfriend's fraternity so that we could go on double dates if i liked the guy. the guy was really cute, he had the most gorgeous eyes i've ever seen, tall, blond(but you can tell that shit was bottle blond). anyway, this dude had no clue where nigeria is on the map, he asked me if 'nigeria is in europe?'. the fuck? are you serious? immediately he said that, i just got so turned off that i ended the night early by telling him that something i ate did not agree with me.
now everytime i hang out with him and his friends and we are having an argument, i always go 'this from the guy who didn't know that nigeria is in africa'.

- another memorable date i went to was with this really really cute black guy. let me first say that no matter how my friend tried to deny it, i know she set me up with this guy just because he is the only black guy she knows cos we did not have anything in common.
first of all, i have to say this guy is a nice guy and i will recommend him to any of my friends. he is unlike any other black american i have ever met, he held doors open, the way he talked about people, his pants were pulled up, he is just an all around sweetheart. the fact is i do not like push overs. i do not want a ridiculously nice guy.
okay, don't get me wrong. i do want a guy to treat me right, and be nice to my friends and i and all that mushy stuff but dude was too nice for me. i know this is a contradiction but i just couldn't handle or stand this guy anymore.

- i can't talk about this without mentioning Carl. Carl and i did not have any chemistry at all, at least on my side. we became friends right away. first of all, we got into an argument on how much social networks are important cos i said i was on facebook, tumblr, twitter and even blogger but get this: dude wasn't even on facebook. ha ha ha. i was like what?!
after that we got into an argument about Nigeria, dude knew too much about my country which was so refreshing, it showed that he had actually done his research on this girl he supposedly wanted to meet. i have to say that this is not the first time i met carl, i met him once before and he apparently asked his friend to set him up with me.
during the course of last semester, i set up a facebook account for carl who then changed his password and then refused to add anyone besides me on his facebook. so carl has only one friend on his facebook, namely moi and he spends all his time spamming me.
this dude once wrote on my wall:'*insert nickname* do not marry a nigerian, i can learn ibgo and love you in ibgo'. dude misspelt, igbo.
he is the most annoying guy i've ever met but i love him anyway. he graduated this past semester and i'm going to miss him so much. he wasn't that cute though, he was just about my height, black hair and just brown eyes but he was the funniest guy i'd ever met.

- lastly, the date with the guy i actually have a crush on. i have a huge crush on this asian guy. he is such a hottie, i swear all my friends want to kpansh him. anyway, dude and i met up for lunch, after lunch he drove me home and then we texted through out the day, he picked me up for dinner and we went to this sushi place. it was so pricey, i kept mentally checking the amount of money in my bank account cos i just did not want to be that girl who plain assumes that the guy is going to pay and then ends up embarrassing herself when the guy says:'please put on different cheques'. please note, dude and i have just been friends for the past year and a half so i wasn't going to just assume that dude wants anything to be different cos we have been talking so much lately and catching feelings. i have made myself realise that just because i am catching feelings doesnt always mean the other person is. it could be that they just enjoy your company or any of that crap.
sha sha, bill came and i just grabbed for the purse but asian guy asked the waiter to put it on one bill and asked me not to worry about it. i was so happy. usually, i ask the guy not to worry about it. i always try to pay for my stuff but to say i was broke that week is an understatement. anyway, after dinner we went laser tagging. let me say this: i suck at this game, like really suck at it. i got to loosen up though, i had a blast then on our way home we stopped over for icecream.
dude, paid for all these things oh. that day was probably the best date day i've ever had in my life.

so to say that last semester was a learning experience for me is an understatement.

have your friends ever set you up on a date before? how did it go down?!

soundtrack for this blog post:
beginning: drake - marvin's room
middle: the red jumpsuit - guardian angel
ending: psquare - forever

i finally blogged!! yay!!!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 things

- i can't remember the last time i cried.i really can't. i just hold all these things inside me and one day it just gets too much and i end up pouring all my anger on someone who did something very little thing to me.

- a lot of my friends want to know if i'm presently in a relationship and i haven't said anything confirming or denying it because a lot of my previous alliances didn't work out cos i couldn't bare having people in my business. i know people are going to comment and tell me that people are always going to talk about me.yeah, but i've learnt how to control what they get to talk about.

- i'm not a very spontaneous person. i over think things. one day, i'd just like to let go and do what i feel not what i think is right.

- a guy i almost dated told me recently that i'll never find someone like him. isn't that the point? i told him: 'dude, if i wanted someone like you i wouldn't have turned you down'. like seriously people, just because you asked me out and i said no and you finally get a girlfriend doesn't mean you immediately become hot commodity. i did not want you then, i certainly do not want you now.

- i know a lot of people are talking about this whole 21st thing. i know a lot of people are making fun of it and i think its phony but i am still low key scared. i think deep down everyone kinda is.

- a friend of mine suddenly stopped talking to me recently. like he just up and stopped talking to me. i don't know why. he texted me out of the blues yesterday and when i asked him why he said and i quote 'you are quite distracting'. he wouldn't explain. i simply decided to take it as a compliment.

- there is an article that states why black women are less attractive than any other race. this is why my kids will NEVER grow up in america, not because of anything else but just cos of self esteem. that article didnt bother me cos i grew up in a place where black is generally considered beautiful so a few words won't wipe off 17 years of living in nigeria. even if they are born here, i am shipping them off to a school in nigeria. in my high school so many yankee and jand kids were shipped back home to go to my school so i will definitely do that to my kids. i don't know why you would think telling an entire race of women that they are inferior is needed for the advancement of science.

- i want to get rid of my black berry, i do not like that phone. i can not wait for the iphone 5 to come out this summer, time to upgrade my iphone!!!

- i have a friend who i've known forever and i've had a crush on him forever. i know we will never date but flirting has never done anyone bad. we like each other, we are just not compatible at all!! he is cute though, like the sexiest guy ever. in HS, we used to call him sexy, yes, that was his nickname 'sexy'.lol.

- have you ever asked a guy out? like to the movies or anything? if yes, i'd like to know how that went. just curious.

i'm so sorry i haven't posted in a while, but it's summer so i'll definitely step up my game.

it's so good to be back.

~ a good poem is like finding a hole in a palace wall, never knowing what you might see - tukaram.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dear crush.

i got this from juicegal, who got it from burramint.
i'm going to write my letters but not in that particular order. im going to write all the 30 letters, i'm just going to write each one as the words come.

to the boy i have a crush on.

dear boy-i-have-a-crush-on,

i want to kiss you like vows unbroken --> bassey ikpi

i like you. like really like you. i like you like i like the strawberries dipped in chocolate that you brought me for lunch in school and then made a big deal about it not being a valentine gift. i never told anyone that because i haven't liked anyone in a long time i dont want to jinx it.
i like you how i like omelet even though i might be lactose intolerant.i guess this is my way of saying that even though i really like you i still think that you are really bad for me. i like you like i like taking walks which you insist i do because i dont want to burden anyone by asking for rides and then you show up at my door every sunday to prevent me from walking the 30minutes to school. i like you for that.
i like you the way i like badly written books but i cant stop reading them because i can't believe that the editor was so stupid as to publish them. i dont even know what that means.
i like that you text me when you are drunk. i like drunk you, you say things sober you would never say. i love especially that when you read our conversations in the morning you always send me the same exact text: "i'm sorry i texted you drunk again, i guess there are some things better said when one is intoxicated that one can't get one's self to say sober".
i like your excessive use of the word 'one'. i like that you tell me secrets and just know that i wouldn't tell anyone.i like that you trust me like that and i love that i can trust you too.
i love your friends. i like how you are around them and how they always think that it is their right to embarrass you every time i come over by regaling me with embarrassing stories about you.
i like that you like me for me. that you like my weird humor and you compliment me every chance you get. girls like compliments, you would think that every boy would know that but they really don't. seriously.
i hate that you are shy.i hate that you have never given me a real hug but always complain that i skip you whenever i hug people. i like that you apologise whenever you do something that you think even remotely made me mad. i like that you have absolutely no idea how to be romantic, so that when you actually do something romantic i know that it is very genuine. i like that we have that unspoken secrecy.what we talk, text or facebook about remains totally between us. i like that you know that i only jump into the bathroom when you call me to tell me that you are on your way to my house, i like that you dont whine about having to wait for me. i like that you like me. for me.just me.

with love,

so i got everyone's suggestions. i got adele's 21 even before i read someone's suggestion to get it. it is a very good album. see?i blogged without anyone asking me to.yay me!!!
i can't drop my tumblr on here, i already have too many nigerians in my school reading my blog and discussing the details on it that i dont want to have to censor my tumblr too. i love my tumblr and wouldn't want anyone assuming that the pictures and texts i reblog is about them.
but you can send me an email or something and i can send you the link.
so how have you guys been?
you guys can leave suggestions about what you want me to blog about and i'll pick a topic each week and try to sincerely blog about them.

soundtrack to this blog: peaches by new heights. this is my best song ever.

hopefully,i'll see you soon.ciao.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


you know what motivated me to blog?
some one texted me to let me know that some nigerian was asking him about my blog and how i post stuff about him here. pause.
i said:"i really dont care what the african community talks about".
so i was like...'mehn, i should blog!!'.lol
i think tumblr is the website taking me away from blogville, i even contemplated shutting down my blog.
anyway, school is awesome. made a ton of new friends and i actually have a life this year.
- i might be going to disney world this year for spring break!!! my friends invited me but i'm thinking about it because i really want to go visit my friend in south carolina. decisions, decisions.
meanwhile, i have tons of test this week and then it will be mardi gras week!!!

- my fiction class is so hard. its much harder to write fiction than i thought, poetry is much better cos you can be so flexible with punctuation and grammar. sigh. it's fun though, my teacher is really awesome.

- i'm currently looking for an apartment and i think i found one. i don't want to move out but i'm thinking of trying to live alone. my roommates are awesome and everything and they want me to renew with them but i really want to live alone. so i might or might not be moving next year. ahhh, decisions, decisions!!

- a guyfriend of mine took me to walmart and he was pushing the cart and i was putting things in it and people were giving us these little smiles like 'yeah, we've really come a long way, a white boy and a black girl couple'.lol. and we are just friends. and it reminded me of myself, everytime i see interracial couples i just stare at them! i've never ever paused to think: they could be just friends you know. all i see is hope for a no-color world in the future.

- i do not like my blackberry. *dodges bullet*.lol. i swear i would return it to the person who got it for me if my sister didnt just get a blackberry. i dont like the tiny keys, i guess i've really gotten used to typing on my iphone.

- life has been really good!! uhhhh, i started watching this korea drama called 'dream high' that is so freaking awesome, it's like glee but better!!
also, i discovered wong fu productions on youtube. you guys should check them out, they are pretty legit plus they are the cutest asian guys you'd ever see. i kid, i kid. but they will give you the yellow fever. definitely. they are so dorky and geeky and cute. i am so in love with them.

- i think that if i enter my room in some 'dirtiest room competition' it would win hands down. i had some one over recently and my roommates and i showed him around but skipped my room. he kept asking why they skipped my room and my roommates were cracking up!!

- i liked naeto C's album-'super C season' but i still do not think it was better than MI's album.

- some of my friends just got engaged, ofcourse they are not my age!! i was so excited when they told me!!they are graduating this may and are getting married right after that.

- my friend participated in a marathon and lost a ton of weight. pretty legit huh?

- i hate it when guys called girl virgins 'innocent'. just cos i haven't had sex doesn't make me innocent. i stole a candy stick from walmart last week. thats pretty criminal stuff don't you think?

- i love the webseries going on on i've been 'ahh-ing' all over the place.

- i cried recently during a movie and my friends started screaming--'oh my God, she has emotions!!! she has a heart!! breaking news: she has emotions'.lmao. i think people just have the wrong impressions about me. i just think that people who are too emotional are crazy.

- i'm starting to realise that being the only black person in my group of friends has a lot of perks!!!

i said on twitter that i am going to be buying an album a week from itunes and i need your input. what album should i buy this week? i want something really good, an album that i can actually play from beginning to end without skipping any songs.
try to be unique, less mainstream, think more mellow.
put your suggestions in the comment box,
been talking to a lot of bloggers on bb, pretty amazing people. send me your pins if you want to talk
i'm really typing this fast cos a friend got me a gift card to the nails salon shop next to my house that is expiring today so i need to go get a manicure and pedicure today, no time to proofread!! have an awesome weekend guys.i'm going to be here studying all weekend.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

'it's complicated'

you know that boy you have liked since forever?
then you hear that he is breaking up with his girlfriend and you go..'yeah!!! finally!! someone else gets a chance' and then instead of changing their relationship status to 'single'..he goes the 'its complicated' route?
and you know nothing is official unless it gets on
..and then you're like...'dude, break up with the bitch already!!!!'.

yeah, me neither.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

happy new year

this year started right....spent my whole christmas in nigeria..just got back yesterday.
i extended my graduation date to dec. 2012 or 2013 may. not sure yet. i might extend it to 2013 just because i need to enter grad school in september not january..according to the so-called 'really good schools' that sent me their newsletters to apply for grad school.

i'm starting to enjoy my chE classes.. especially the fluids class i took last semester..i'm actually looking forward to my heat transfer classes this semester.

what else?
of course, nigeria was a whole load of fun. families, friends, boys-who-spend-money-on-girls, posing, gists. it was just plain awesome. i did the whole tour...abuja, lagos, aba, awka, owerri. it was so therapeutic for me. i'm back and recharged enough to start school.

i'll soon get back to regular blogging as soon as i put my life back together and get some order around here. i have so many bills to pay and what not.

someone sent me a blackberry curve as a 'forgive-me/merry christmas' gift. everything is in his name, even the line..therefore, he is in charge of the bills and all. me, i still love my iphone and will be upgrading to the iphone4 in march. the bb sha gets here in 3 to 4 days, according to the shipping schedule he sent me, i dont know what to do with it. like seriously.
my friends are already sending me their bb pins (thats what its called right?) like crazy. na so craze dey start oh.
when i get it and you want to talk, since its not a phone number or facebook and is still totally anon(right?), you can send me your pins or something through out this week.

new year revolution? i had none this year, i just want to be happy and to get back to my chancellor's list status. i need all that i can to secure a place in grad school cos i really want to go to upenn.

life has been good really. great friends, families and acquaintances.

i took a creative writing class last semester. i was going to post my poems here but i changed my mind cos my teacher wants me to send it in to newspapers and poetry journals to get them published and i can't do that if its somewhere on the web..sorry.

been listening to M.I's new album so much, i know a lot of people feel like its not up to par with his first album but i love it all the same. my favourite songs are number one ft. flavour (igbo kwenu!!), one naira ft waje, imperfect me and God bless you. i still love the whole album though.

this post is really just housekeeping. now off to do my blog rounds.

i hope you had a good holiday and you are having a great new year.

p.s: sorry if there is any grammatical errors, didn't feel like proofreading. i'll try to update every week this semester.

love and peace.